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Flora M Brown PhD

Color Your Life Happy


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Welcome to my show page. I am Flora Brown and I invite you to enjoy over three years of archives in On Demand Episodes. My guests share ways to create the lasting happiness you deserve in all areas of your life. We discuss living a fulfilling life, increasing wealth, enjoying business success, following a spiritual path, making wise choices, creating loving relationships, balancing family and career, bouncing back from adversity, but most of all, being good to yourself.

On-Demand Episodes

Everyone has dreams. Without awareness of how to manifest what you want, however, you may end up frustrated and convinced that it's just not possible for you. Join me when my guests, Sonia Jackson, actress, counselor... more

The new year is a booming time for fitness programs, exercise equipment sales and smoking cessation programs. That's because at the end of the year most of us reflect on our lives and make a list of unhealthy habits we want to break... more

Astrology has fascinated us from the beginning of time. Even those who are not convinced of its power are still eager to know what their sign indicates for their daily and future lives. Equally intriguing is our fascination with knowing what... more

In recent years we have heard much about the law of attraction and how it can be used to create the lives we want, but for many this seems too good to be true. Join me when my guest, Peter Adams, coach, entrepreneur, Law of Attraction... more

Astrology has fascinated us from the beginning of time. Even skeptics who deny any connection between human behavior and the stars cannot deny that the sun, moon and stars appear in the sky in repeating patterns. And yet, what does it... more

Join me to hear from the 2011 Color Your Life Happy Gift Basket Design Contest Winner, Michelle Peruski, when she shares tips and ideas about her gift basket business and the strategies she used in creating the winning design. Her... more

Every business, no matter the size, is alike in one important way: each one must attract clients in order to create sales and enjoy profits. There are thousands of free tips and tools on the Internet, but it's likely you're too busy running your... more

Information products are the highest earning and fastest growing business opportunity on the Internet. They help you attract clients, establish your credibility and are easy to create and generate quick sales. Join me and my guest, Patsy... more

Have you needed to write a message to salvage a threatened business relationship or get the best results in a touchy situation? If so, then you know that finding just the right words can be a challenge. Join me and my guest, Lynette... more

Business gift-giving is an important part of smart marketing and building business relationships, and yet, many companies are not sure what is appropriate and what they should use as a guide. Join me and my guest, Shirley George... more
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