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Straight From The E-Block is a forum where politics, media, societal critique and current events are focused upon through the eyes of urban America. Welcome to my block!

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We're talking #Relationships and what happens when change is on the horizon. You're in a serious relationship and your mate has found an opportunity that changes their zipcode...what do you do? Call in this Tuesday and comment on... more

The friend of the court in it's essence is in place to bridge a disconnection between parents by infusing legal parameters to hopefully make co-parenting easier. Often times single fathers appear to be on the short end of the stick... more

"License, registration and insurance please..." Those are the three things that police ask for when you've been pulled over. With that being the case though, there are plenty drivers on the road today that ride from place to place with... more

Relationships are complicated and take time and effort to make successful. When cheating is involved though, it makes the situation even more complicated! Call in this Tuesday and comment on the HOT TOPIC ~ "WHICH IS... more

With the news of a teacher being fired from Pershing High School in Detroit after she used a broom stick to diffuse a fight that ensued in the mddle of her classroom spreading to the national airwaves, concern is brewing over the... more

Apparently numbers don't lie, but let's face and women do! Call in this Tuesday to comment on the HOT TOPIC ~ "ARE WOMEN BETTER LIARS THAN MEN?" Call in this Tuesday at 8pm 760.283.4647 to listen in and press the #1... more

The#SupremeCourt ruled in favor of banning #AffirmativeAction in #Michigan. Now schools that were presently accepting students on basis of affirmative in efforts to diversify the student body will have to continue to diversify while... more

Everyone has an idea of what they don't want in a relationship, but the real question is what characteristics and ideals comprise a successful relationship. Call 760.283.4647 comment on the HOT TOPIC ~ "WHAT ARE THE TOP 3... more

There are alot of single independent women in the world. Some women even proclaim to not need a man for anything. Then their clock starts ticking. They want a baby, but don't want to have a baby with any of the men they've been... more

Same sex marriage is being contested in some states and now what seemed to have been a decision etched in stone has become the center of National debate. Supporters say that its unconstitutional to restrict anyone who wants to get... more
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