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Straight From The E-Block is a forum where politics, media, societal critique and current events are focused upon through the eyes of urban America. Welcome to my block!

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Domestic issues can get out of control in a hurry. When should you attempt to save a damsel in distress? Call in this Tuesday and comment on the HOT TOPIC ~ "When Should You Intervene A Domestic Situation?" Call 760.283.4647... more

Romney and the conservative Republicans believe that unless you are a victim of rape or incest that abortion should be illegal. So much for government not dictating our lives! Pro lifers ambush people with photos of aborted babies. Pro... more

With Kwame and his text message scandal fresh on the minds of Detroiters, another figure in Detroit is having similar issues. Police Chief Godbee has found himself in a similar situation with several alleged extra-marital affairs with... more

As of October 1st, Michigan will have put into place a state policy that will require families that are recieving cash assistance to ensure that children in the home between 6-15 are attending school full-time. In essence this means that if a... more

Relationships are complicated. Of course communication is the key to healthy relationships. But when is it not the right time to share? Call in this Tuesday to comment on this week's HOT TOPIC ~ "If you find yourself in a compromising... more

With the Presidential election approaching fast, there are some major decisions to be made. Are you prepared to be stuck with a President that doesn't share your same ideals especially when the opportunity to vote was right before you? This... more

Sometimes when things just aren't going your way, it can definitely seem as though the grass is greener on the other side. But the hard part is leaving behind what you're used to, especially when it means leaving the place you have... more

School is back in session! For some parents this is a major decision. Do you send your child to the neighborhood school or do you enroll them into that private school that promises the pinnacle in education. Call in this Tuesday at 6:30pm... more

In domestic situations, men are the first to be implicated as the culprit. But is that always the case? Call in this Tuesday to comment on this week's HOT TOPIC ~ "Why are men held more responsible than women in domestic... more

Shootings over Kool-Aid. Family picnics ending in violence. Children being killed in random gun-fire. Mothers giving their kids guns to settle a dispute with another kid. It sounds like the script to a bad movie, unfortunately its the way of... more
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