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Straight From The E-Block is a forum where politics, media, societal critique and current events are focused upon through the eyes of urban America. Welcome to my block!

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Social media exploded onto the scene years ago, but now it has grown into a way to make the world just that much smaller. People can see what's going on as far as another country in real-time. This access to information brings nations... more

After a recent incident where a bus driver chose not to intervene as three teenagers brutally beat a fellow schoolmate, the police department is trying to decide whether the bus driver should be charged with some sort of crime. The... more

The Program was a classic college football movie. Classic because it truly examined the roles colleges play in the lives of student athletes. As recruits, some of these players eventually become professional athletes and unfortunately... more

Ever since Obama declared that Trayvon could have been him years ago, the nation has turned it's attention to the black community. Bill O'Reily said that the president and blacks should stop blaming oppression for the down falls of the... more

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News of the George Zimmerman trial flooded the airwaves after the jury found Zimmerman not guilty in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin. Many are outraged. Some compare it to the OJ trial. We're going to talk about it!! Call in... more

With all of the things going on in Detroit surrounding politics, economics and unemployment, it would seemingly be vital to the restoration of the down trodden city to have substantial and effective mentoring programs. But what happens... more

Jay-Z And Kanye said Niggas In Paris and went platinum. Paula Deen said it and got all her endorsements snatched. Some people say she deserved it. Some people say that we make it seem acceptable because of the way we use the... more

People often use the term "skeletons in the closet" and most likely, if you're in a relationship you probably have one or two of your own. What happens when that secret is more than your mate can handle? Call in this Tuesday at 8pm to... more

The symbol of justice is a blind-folded woman with a scale. This gives off the impression that no matter what you look like or what your situation looks like, the scales of justice are only tilted by the weight of evidence in either direction.But is... more
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