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Straight From The E-Block is a forum where politics, media, societal critique and current events are focused upon through the eyes of urban America. Welcome to my block!

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We're talking online dating. Has it become more acceptable to young professionals? Straight From The E-Block Radio hosted by Monk Money and Hood Howard Stern. Produced by Hood Howard Stern.

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Some people swear that wealth will solve a lot of their problems. However, it is often said that money can't buy you love. Which one is true? Money does solve a lot of problems for adults, but what about for children? Call into the... more

Last week, the ladies were confronted with the question of whether they valued money more than love. The responses were on both sides, but most of the women asked "so what about guys?" So this week, we're going to flip it a little... more

Women have become more and more successful in our generation. This is a great feat considering that women have, and still do to some degree, fall victim to sexism in the workplace. Now that there are more successful women in the... more

President Obama's position on same sex marriages has somehow sparked a world of controversy. Some black churches have even publically denounced the President for his position and are encouraging their congregations not to support... more

Relationships are always tough. Of course we all realize that nothing is perfect. But when is it just too much to handle? Who was that? What are you doing over there? Who were you texting last night? Trust is one of the most important... more

Safe sex is just about mandatory these days. HIV, AIDS, and other sexually transmitted diseases threaten the well being of unprotected participants as well as unplanned pregnancy. The truth is though, that most people in committed... more

While social media sources like Facebook and Twitter are dominating our spare time, is it a good place to find love? Call into the LIVEST cloud radio show on the planet this Tuesday at 6:30pm EST. 760.283.4647 or tune in to our LIVE... more

The no-snitch rule has landed plenty of innocent people in jail and has scared many into obstructing justice. The unwritten rule of our culture is destructive in nature, but continues to be practiced. However ridiculous this unspoken law of... more

Sex is all around us. It's on television. It's in movies. It's on the internet. So what happens when sex is all around you.....BUT....not in your relationship? "Can you persue a serious relationship with a partner who is practicing abstinence?" Call... more

Finances and other circumstances often cause couples to decide that now is not the right time to have a baby. Sure it's easy to say that with all of the contraception devices available how could anyone become pregnant... more
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