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Straight From The E-Block is a forum where politics, media, societal critique and current events are focused upon through the eyes of urban America. Welcome to my block!

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If your mate is the object of someone's flirtation but does not react. Should you be mad? What are you going to be mad about? Call in this Friday at 6pm EST to comment on the HOT TOPIC ~ "HOW DO YOU HANDLE SOMEONE... more

Donald Trump has said plenty of things that are disparaging to people. So how is he going to won the black vote? Call in this Thursday at 7pm EST to comment on the HOT TOPIC ~ "CAN TRUMP REALLY WIN THE BLACK VOTE?" Call... more

Gender specificity and the roles created by these these thoeries are sometimes compromised by family and relationship structures. But to have a successful, healthy relationship, do these roles matter? Call in this Friday at 6pm EST to... more

With the Department of Justice doing investigations of police departments and finding issues with excessive tactics used when dealing with minorities, the question becomes whether or not America digests this information and actually... more

As a black person in America, as much as we try to avoid the conversation. it normally comes up. Not bout of curiousity, but out of necessity. The conversation about race. Inevitably, circumstances of racial inequality comes into play, but... more

DNA results and Maury Shows go hand in hand. There are a lot of parents who have children out of wedlock. Often times it leads to child support or hostile parenting. Sometimes the fahers don't even know that their fathers. But what if... more

Plenty of marriages and relationships fall apart due to infidelity. If you are a willing the person who the other person in a relationship is cheating with, does this lower your sense of value? Are you wrong for being a side piece? Call in this Friday... more

We're talking about marriage. But maybe not in the traditional way that you might think. We're talking about being married and acting single...but agreeing to do so! Call in this Friday at 6pm EST to comment on the HOT TOPIC ~ IS AN OPEN... more

Our first black president. We had high hopes and apsirations. Have those been forfilled? Are we letting him slide with things? Call in this Thursday at 7pm EST to comment on the HOT TOPIC ~ "HAS BLACK AMERICA GIVEN PRESIDENT... more
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