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Real estate investing experts from all areas of real estate join the show to share their knowledge with listeners. Hosted by Mike Hambright of

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Every successful real estate investor that uses direct mail knows that it's the little, seemingly unimportant things that make a difference in your lead conversions. In this FlipNerd FlipTip, Todd Hutcheson, Founder of, shares a... more

A little known secret of many 'experts' is a big part of they way that they became experts in their field was to essentially assume the role. It's also much easier to become an expert in any given area by adding value to others, as karma is alive... more

There are many sources of funds to do more real estate deals. In this episode of the Flip Show, Scott Ferguson, CEO of Private Loan Store, gives us a lesson in lending, including how lenders evaluate you, and how you... more

Most agree that successful real estate investing has a lot to do with leverage. In this Flip Tip, Scott Ferguson shares a great tip for how to leverage the cash you do have to do more deals.... more

Many that are successful with direct mail will tell you it's because they found a way to get a list that few others are using. In this Flip Tip, Jack Bosch shares more about the power of tax delinquent lists.... more

When most real estate investors get a lead for land, they get rid of it as fast as a hot potato. Not Jack Bosch, he prefers land for the same reason...nobody else seeminly wants random land plots, so he has little to no competition. It's a... more

What if you cared about your reputation and brand as a wholesaler. What if you provided more handholding and service when you wholesaled houses vs. just throwit them over the fence to faceless buyers? Nate Armstrong with Calhoun... more

If you don't take a few extra minutes at every house you're selling or renting to consider what the first impression of a prospective buyer or tenant, you're leaving money on the table. Nate Armstrong tells us more in this Flip Tip.... more

If you're not making offers on bank owned properties (REO's) or short-sales, there are some tips to follow to keep you safe. Lex Levinrad, CEO of the Distressed Real Estate Institute, shares more in this VIP Flip Tip.... more

In a market as volatile as Florida, it's critical that investors know what they're doing. Lex Levinrad is one of the premier investors and investor educators in Florida, and tells us how to be successful in Florida real estate investing in this... more