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An employment website specializing in flexible schedule, part time or telecommuting jobs targetted toward Baby Boomers and Stay at Home Mothers/ Caregivers

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We know now that our valued service men and women who have been returning home, are finding that it is very difficult to find a job and fit back into the civilian world. If you take into account veterans who have served in active duty since... more

We know that many people want a flex hour job. Having flexible hours is one of the most highly ranked perks that job seekers look for. The younger generations are prioritizing flexible hours even more highly than the older generations... more

The rough recession has really made it tough for many people who have had to jump from job to job in order to make ends meet. Maybe they have had gaps in their employment which might indicate that they could be unstable or lack the... more

Our population is changingso much that our workforce is going to be hugely impacted over the next ten years or so. All of the Baby Boomers are entering retirement age but continuing to work. So recognizing where the competition will... more

This holiday season, it's looking like a good time to take a pause. It's been such a devastating week with the tragedy of the Newtown murders, that job searchers may need a little time to regain their focus. The heartlessness of the acts of the... more

Today's Corporate Workplace Strategy often includes Flex Staffing. We all know that companies each have their own strategies of how they go about hiring, training, managing and assessing their employee's performance. A key study... more

If you are an older job seeker or a job seeker of any age, you might be asking yourself if Cover Letters are even necessary anymore. We tend to submit our resumes electronically and it's such a challenge in today's ageism to deal with... more

We alll need to be wary of "Work from Home" Jobs listed in any job description. With the high number of people looking for additional work opportunities or something they can do from home while tending to children or ill famiy members,... more

It' been an amazing week letting the results of the Presidential Election sink in and realize what all the results tell us about our nation. Women's issues took center stage much of the campaign, and really shifted the outcome of many of... more

The recent hurricane Sandy forced many of the country's largest businesses to close their doors this week. For the winning companies which embrace telecommuting and all of the benefits it brings, it was no day off. You might think... more
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