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    Talking with Jenn Lormand

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    Learn about Jenn Lormand, owner of Ascension Fitness in New Orleans. She is also the founder of the Functional Mommy Assessment - a tool to help trainers better assess and help their female clients. 

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    For the Love of Fitness

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    It is important to stretch your muscles after warming up to get your blood flowing throughout your body.  When You don't you are more prone to injuries especially because most people are using muscles they have been inactive.
    For your free download of 5 Key warm up exercises to kickstart your workout, email me at: flolifefitness@gmail.com
    More about my company: F.L.O. Life Fitness is a dedicated to helping people of all ages become more active, eat healthier and live full lives through exercise and nutrition. We want to be a leader in the effort to eliminate childhood obesity and decrease preventable diseases. We are dedicated to changing lives one body at a time.

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    body weight vs free weights

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    Join me tonight as I describe the benefits of free andvbody weight. What I recommend and how to stimulate adapti

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    Amanda Goodman

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    Ben Kelly chats with Amanda Goodman about uprooting from CT and moving to AZ to become an athlete

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    Decide. Commit. Succeed.: Getting Beachbody ready with Coach Karen

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    In this episode we are talking with Karen Williams-DeCastro. Karen has been a HUGE part of my career in fitness. Infact, SHE is one of the primary reasons I decided to become a certified personal trainer and has also been an ongoing source of inspiration, education, my success partner, mentor and most importantly, my friend. Karen has a tremendous transformation story to share and I want you hear it directly from her mouth. 
    We'll be talking about what she went thru, how she got started in fitness as a Beachbody Coach why she still continues to go on as a Diamond-level Beachbody Coach. Please join us because I know this story will be like none you've heard before.

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    What's The Greatest Benefit Of Losing Your Extra Pounds? Not What You Think!!

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    Do you think the greatest benefit of losing weight is losing weight? Or being healthy? Nope!! They are great benefits for sure but there is a much greater benefit-actually more than 1 benefit-to losing the weight you know its time to get rid of. What is it?  
    It's the knowledge ov knowing you beat something that used to OWN you! The greatest thing about success in anything is that it is repeatable-if you are willing to master it!! How do you do that? That is the reason for the show tonight!! You will love the truth of tonight's show AND how it makes you feel! You will feel good about what you are capable of-if you just knew what it was you were capable of!! Make no mistake-this isn't some pump you up type show although I hope you do get pumped!! This is a show about priorities and abilities!! 
    See you shortly!!
    As always,

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    A Journey 2 Health with Marqus Taylor

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    Stephen Storey Interviews Marqus Taylor author/fitness warrior in the fight against obesity/motivator  who at one point was over 500lbs and has lost over 200 lbs over the past 2 years without surgery. Listen in as he tells us of how he battled obesity and is winning the daily fight.What made him not elect to undergo surgery and some of the obstacles he's had to overcome along the way.

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    Are you interested in improving your overall health & fitness? Are you interested in improving your athletic performance? Are you interested in losing body fat? If so, LEANDOWN FITNESS™ Virtual Gym is for you! As a member of LEANDOWN FITNESS™:
    You get workouts built by expert coaches Exercises have ‘points of performance’ instruction Exercises have how-to video instruction You can track your progress You can compete with other virtual gym members You can communicate with other members within the virtual gym You can communicate with expert coaches within the virtual gym And, all of this for ONLY $10/month or $100/year! Let us help assit you in achieving your helath, fitness and/or sport-specific goals. Become a memebr today and let's build Community, Collaboration & Competition™. We look forward to having you part of the LEANDOWN FITNESS™ Family! www.leandownfitness.com

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    Reintroduction: Frequently Asked Questions

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    In this episode of the SPARK Physio Radio Show Dr. Carlos Berio talks about the most frequently asked questions from the SPARK Physio Radio Radio Show, what SPARK has been up to over the past few months and upcoming guest speakers.
    Dr. Carlos J Berio, PT, DPT, MS, CSCS, CMTPT is a licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and a Certified Myofascial Trigger Point Therapist. In addition he holds a Master's Degree in Clinical Exercise Physiology. He has treated high school, collegiate, recreational, and professional athletes of various sports including baseball, softball, football, hockey, tennis, swimming, golf and the martial arts. His experience as a collegiate and semi-professional athlete as well as a professional baseball coach make him a sought after resource among elite level athletes on the field and in the training room. The concept of 'all the way well' in his work as a physical therapist and fitness professional is what continues to drive Dr. Berio to be the best movement specialist there is.
    Carlos remains active in several sports and is an avid agility training, power lifting and adventure race runner.  He is an advocate for his patients, clients and his fellow PT colleagues. He can be reached at cjberio@sparkphysio.com.

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    Supplement Knowledge

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    In this episode, Layla will discuss her new store and provide Supplement Knowledge on the new products added to SHOP Velocity. Tune in! Follow! Share!
    Enhance your ENERGY! Enhance your VITALITY! Enhance your STAMINA! Enhance YOUR LIFE SPAN through Optimal Nutrition and Supplementation.  

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    The MOE SHow!! 4-30-2015

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    This time around, in addition to Fitness news of the week,  and taking your calls at 347-857-2793, we'll be talking to Trish - the race director for the Indiatlantic Boardwalk Triathalon!!