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Berber, Turk, Aramic, Aramean, Muur/Moor, Negro, Colored, Afro-American, African American, Black, BLK, Hispanic, African, Jamaica & anything darker then the pale horse: Stolen Knowledge

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Cleaning up the misconceptions the mind has a round table discussion with special visitors. Why division in the household, community, jobs etc is so important to commerce. Why give the Schools the job of building... more

We discuss to stop them! Law = Contract was created to provide jurisdiction for a subject and matter. We will also talk about child support remedies.....and rights with King Bey. Those that have ears shall hear...those... more

The legal word for name is called Ens Legis, meaning artificial person. We will show you how to protect the security of this entity against any illegal to protect yourself and your property(name) against police and... more

Is your employer pimpin you? A summary of parts one and two.... Those that have ears shall hear...those that have eyes shall see. Listen in as we get it in right here on Fish Net Radio 9:30 pm!

Is your employer pimpin you? We will show you how to hold folks responsible to their acts of fvckery tune in to part two of this discussion and learn sumthin! Also Fish Net Radio 1 talked to another Agent of the Social Security... more

Wanna hear about how you are tricked into paying taxes...and becoming an American Slave? You'll hear a phone call from an Agent of the Social Security explain how they fraud people....WTF!!! Also the Health Department explains... more

When you have broken the law you have broken a contract. Contract = Law We will be discussing the ways to exist in a contract. Breaking down the spell of authority...or lack thereof. The explaination of Acceptance for Value and Return... more

The Employment of "Self" .within your own Government. Do you think you have to be famous to own your own name? The benefits of owning "your" name verses having the right to use it.... Those that have ears shall hear...those that have... more

We will discuss "Status"...and how it affects you.

WELCOME BACK FISH NET RADIO 1 Listeners! Who owns the Right and Who owns the priviledge? If you are charged with the "liability" then who is charged with the "benefit"? Title 18 USC Chapter 306 Section 4108 states verification of... more
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