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Fish Net Radio ReSeasoned

Fish Net Radio (Re-seasoned)


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Berber, Turk, Aramic, Aramean, Muur/Moor, Negro, Colored, Afro-American, African American, Black, BLK, Hispanic, African, Jamaica & anything darker then the pale horse: Stolen Knowledge

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Morning of April 4, 2014 Durham Police Officer J. Sandoval contacted Winston Salem Police Department with information of a warrant for the parents. Winston Salem Police department did go to the Wilmington address with forced entry, the... more

Who gave YOU rights? How can you find out your rights? How can you revise your rights? Did you have a "say" when your rights were created? Where can you find your rights listed? Who is the keeper of your rights? Do you have a copy of... more

This show is for those with the heart to defend themselves in court! The building itself can be very initimidating, not to mention the grimy paint, metal detectors and not having the money for a fancy lawyer or dealing with a court provided one... more

Tonight we address the topic "Accept For Value" and its importance to jurisdiction in any matter, case or subject....learn the secrets of contracts. Catch the show at 9;30pm EST & 8:30pm CST!

We discuss the Government's role in terrorism, and other crimes. Also we will discuss how to use the Living Will and the UCC form #1 to GET YOU OUT OF JAIL NOW! Catch the show at 9;30pm EST & 8:30pm CST!

Tonight Fish Net Radio 1 will be discussing the "realest" fake person you know! The Strawman, the Slave, the Servant will get picked apart and put back together tonight 9pm EST & 8pm CST! Also we will be discussing the Power Of... more

Part two....as we continue exposing the 80% lie to get to the 20% remaining truth! We talk about the use of the word "Sovereign Citizen" when targeting or profiling certain ethnic groups. We also discuss the scams surrounding these "Social... more

Being Sovereign means being F R E E from any superior Authority.. . M E N T A L fear is how Y O U are being CONTROLLED. Agents are teaching their employees that being Sovereign means anything other than governing yourself.... more

We will show you how to get FREE health for you and your family. We will talk about the so-called "silver" filings Dentists use that constantly give off mercury gases ....and the reasons why Dentists will lie to you rather then lose... more
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