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The #1 weekly Hunger Games podcast, hosted by Adam Spunberg and Savanna New, along with the top fan sites on the web. Listen LIVE every Monday at 10pm ET.

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In Episode 114 of Fireside Chat, we talk with the incredibly talented creators of The Katniss Chronicles about Part II of their unofficial audio drama adaptation of the Hunger Games trilogy! We then go on to discuss Catching Fire's... more

(If you haven't read Mockingjay, you should probably stop reading this now.) In Episode 113 of Fireside Chat, we continue our series of Mockingjay casting episodes by talking about who we think should play/could play President Alma... more

In Episode 112 of Fireside Chat, we continue our series of Mockingjay casting episodes by talking about who we think should play/could play Annie Cresta and Tigris. We discuss fan favorites, our personal favorites, and YOUR favorites. Let... more

In Episode 111 of Fireside Chat, we kick off our Mockingjay casting series by talking all about one of the most important figures in the final installment of the trilogy: Boggs! We discuss fan favorites, our favorites, your favorites, and the... more

It's time to go unscripted again! As with all our "Unscripted" episodes, we have no plan or agenda in place for Episode 110. Instead, we spend the whole evening pulling all sorts of listener-submitted topics out of our grab bag. Feel free to... more

In Episode 109 of Fireside Chat, we dish on the brand new spring issue of Capitol Couture (the title of which is "Chroma Nouveau," hence the name of this episode). We also discuss a very important detail that was revealed on the bottom of the... more

In Episode 108 of Fireside Chat, we weigh in on the news that COVERGIRL has partnered with Lionsgate to launch an advertising campaign and makeup collection inspired by the Capitol. In light of this announcement and the lavish... more

In Episode 107 of Fireside Chat, we interview author and survivalist Creek Stewart about his new book, The Unofficial Hunger Games Wilderness Survival Guide. We also chat about the new Catching Fire poster, which was unveiled last week via... more

In Episode 106 of Fireside Chat, we kick things off by chatting with Kimmy from and Aldrin of Down with the Capitol about how YOU GUYS can become part of the official Catching Fire book trailer. Watch the video here for... more

It's time for another unscripted episode of Hunger Games Fireside Chat! We have no set plan in place for Episode 105. We do, however, have a "topic cornucopia" teeming with listener-submitted questions, discussion topics, Crackpot... more
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