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#105 Fireside Chat: Unscripted 7.0

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It's time for another unscripted episode of Hunger Games Fireside Chat! We have no set plan in place for Episode 105. We do, however, have a "topic cornucopia" teeming with listener-submitted questions, discussion topics, Crackpot Theories, What Ifs?, etc. Update: A list of the topics we pulled appears below.

- Banan: When is the new trailer coming out?
- Satsuma: Did the Capitol doctors choose not to save Peeta's leg in order to punish him?
- Do you think Peeta was the same after he recovered from being hijacked? 
- Matilda: What happened to Beetee, Johanna, Enobaria, Annie, etc., after Coin's assassination?
- Crackpot Theory: Gale only existed in Katniss's mind.
- What if Peeta had been killed at the Cornucopia?
- Nicole: What if Gale had been reaped instead of Peeta?
- Ashley B.: In the book, [Finnick's death] was so rushed. What if in the movie they made him die in a different way or took out his death altogether?
- Crackpot Theory (from Lola): Did District 13 bomb District 8 in order to make a good propo?
- Maura: How did Plutarch, who in Mockingjay is on the side of the rebellion and working with District 13, become the new Head Gamemaker?
- Gregory: What inspired Suzanne Collins to base the arena off of a clock?
- Crackpot Theory: Cinna is alive.
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