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Healing Conversations with Mildred Lynn McDonald

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Welcome to our first show! 

This week's host, Mildred Lynn McDonald, of Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia will take you on a fascinating tour of the mind-body-spirit connection through a combination of healing conversations, “hands-on” personal growth tools, and a generous sprinkling of East coast humour and warmth.

Join her as she chats with:

  • Dr. Catherine O'Brien, an expert on living a sustainable, happy life (Catherine has been invited to speak at the United Nations)
  • Dr. Glenna Calder, a nationally recognized naturopathic doctor, who can help you find "Your Prescription for Balance".

Mildred Lynn will also share her:

  • Research on the surprising, self-reflective benefits of inspiring quotes and positive affirmations (did you catch that lilting accent?)

We’re excited! Give us a listen.

Firefly Willows L*I*V*E!  

Helping you Find & Shine, your Inner Light

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