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Join us for a fun and refreshing exploration of life, and the magic and mystery in the world. We’ll talk about health, purpose, and play at Firefly Willows L*I*V*E! Catch our anchor shows every Sunday morning - 10:30 AM Pacific Time and enjoy our wide variety of weekday shows. Our Sunday anchor shows: Healing Conversations with Mildred Lynn McDonald, (r)Evolution with HiC Luttmers, Convergence with John Carosella, and our On-Air Call-In show featuring LIVE readings! Our weekday shows include: What's Your Rx for Balance?, Amethyst Oracle: Divination with a Queer Twist, A Shamanic Life, and Evolve!. And we're always exploring new shows and topics to bring to you. Come and shine your inner light with us!

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John Carosella hosts Convergence, a journey into shamanism, science, and mysticism, exploring our beautiful world. John brings provocative, new perspectives to living, learning, healing, and discovery -- from the mystical to... more
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Peggy Black is a creative and recording artist, world traveler and lecturer, with thirty-five years of experience in the healing field. She is featured internationally on television, radio and in the print media. Peggy founded and co-created the... more

L*I*V*E Readings ... skype in or call 646.716.5510 to receive a reading on the air during the show. Join HiC as he welcomes this month's (r)evolutionary guest, Beverley H. Kane, MD, as she shares the power of Horses as teachers and... more

L*I*V*E Readings ... skype in or call 646.716.5510 to receive a reading on the air during the show. On this month's Amethyst Oracle, HiC and Charlie are joined by Mystic Arts and Spiritual Teacher, Lou Florez. Join us as we wander down the... more

Are you struggling with forgiveness? Is there someone in your life that "needs forgiving" so you can move on? Do you know why it is so important to forgive? Do you even know how to forgive? If you are open to shifting painful patterns of... more

Special returning guest Coralie Murphy, BSc. RMT joins the host of What's Your Prescription for Balance? Dr. Glenna Calder, BSc. ND to share the importance of the Shikimate pathway in our health. Coralie is a holistic thinker and is able to... more

This month on Firefly Willows L*I*V*E, we have a fifth Sunday - which means a Firefly Willows Extra. On Sunday March 30th, it's something even EXTRA special -- It's our two-year anniversary show! We'll be offering up some select... more

Welcome to Discovering Taoist Wicca. Our bodies and our psyches are profoundly influenced by the seasons. Find out how the wisdom of the seasons can help you unlock your potential and use this powerful energy to balance... more

Join us for L*I*V*E On Air Readings with our popular Firefly Willows L*I*V*E show hosts. • Tarot • Intuitive Coaching • Runes • Animal Medicine • • Shamanic Coaching • Psychic Messages • I-Ching •... more

In this segment Robin White Turtle Lysne, Ph.D. will be talking to Dr. Susan Ross, psychotherapist and Recreational Therapist at San Diego State. We will be discussing personal transformation, which is a topic both of us relish. How does... more
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