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Firefall Talk Radio is home to the The Porch, an independent nondenominational ministry and the supernatural/paranormal investigative show Reflections In The Dark. Firefall Talk Radio committed to enlighten, encourage & inspire by shining the fire filled Light of Truth on current events, media, music and ministry. Just as the fire fell on Mt. Carmel to show whose god was God and fell in the Upper Room to infill Believers with Divine Power it also dispelled darkness in the wilderness for the children of Israel. Where ever the "fire falls" darkness is overcome and Believers are "overcomers"!

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Getting back to basics by examining the Word of God and, especially, the Book of Acts Church, The Porch Online Bible Study is taking a deeper look into how the early church served the Lord. Our desire is to find and restore the priesthood of the Believer and the world shaking influence the Early Church had. By delving deeper into scripture we will find the Church the Lord intended and not the one man created. The Church Age is not over and therefore what took place in the Upper Room is as much for now as it was on the Day of Pentecost. If you know that there is more to your spiritual walk with Yeshua/Jesus and you want more then you are welcome to join us on this journey as we get back to basics! The Porch is an outreach of Solomon's Porch Inc. If you have any questions please visit the site and use the comment button. Firefall Talk Radio is a part of the Firefall Media Group, a 501 (c)3 Not for Profit. Please consider supporting our efforts to educate, edify and inspire.
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One of the ongoing topics for Reflection In The Dark is what is going on in the media that has the fingerprints of the fallen on it. tonight we will cover recent movies, tv and video games that might be more then they seem! Covering... more

Continuing our lessons on prayer we are discussing being thankful as a key element to prayer. Getting back to basics by examining the Book of Acts, The Porch Online Bible Study is taking a deeper look into the Book of Acts Church.... more

We are taking the night off from a new show and repeating a shjow from Summer 2010 called Into the shadows of the Fallen to set up next week's show. We appreciate your understanding and your support! Stand fast and stay strong!... more

We are staying on the topic of prayer and following up the last lesson on getting to a place of answered prayer. Now we will look at Biblical examples to follow and be enouraged by. Getting back to basics by examining the Book of Acts, The... more

The 13 Crystal Skulls were back in the news this week with their nation wide tour and ritual culiminating in Los Angeles this weekend. We will discuss their meaning, the tour and how it ties into 11-11-11. Covering current events, news,... more

Matthew 17:20(NKJV) So Jesus said to them, ?… I say to you, if you have faith as a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,' and it will move; and nothing will be impossible for you. What does it take... more

In a follow up to recent show we did on The Bohemian Grove Robert Hammond returns with his producing partner & associate Anthony J Hilder to discuss their new expose' on The Bohemian Grove and the Cremation of Care... more

There is the agonizing mystery of unanswered prayer. The people who suffer the most are those who truly believe that prayer moves mountains. So, why don't we get answers to prayer sometimes? We will discuss the obstacles to answered... more

It's Night 5 of Occultoberfest where we spotlight Halloween. Trick or Treat? Yup, you've been tricked and are the treat the powers of darkness feed on. Join us and guest Caryl Matrisciana as we expose the festival of death, the roots behind... more

We are staying on the topic of Prayer. Tonight we will discuss the aspect of perseverance to obtain answers to prayer. Getting back to basics by examining the Book of Acts, The Porch Online Bible Study is taking a deeper look into... more
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