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Firefall Talk Radio is home to the The Porch, an independent nondenominational ministry and the supernatural/paranormal investigative show Reflections In The Dark. Firefall Talk Radio committed to enlighten, encourage & inspire by shining the fire filled Light of Truth on current events, media, music and ministry. Just as the fire fell on Mt. Carmel to show whose god was God and fell in the Upper Room to infill Believers with Divine Power it also dispelled darkness in the wilderness for the children of Israel. Where ever the "fire falls" darkness is overcome and Believers are "overcomers"!

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Covering current events, news, media, the normal and paranormal Reflections In The Dark will go deeper into the shadows to reveal what is really going on out there. No topic if off limits and no corner will be left unexposed. Commetary, interviews, discussions and exposing what has remained hidden happens here on Reflections In The Dark. Ephesians 5:11 And have nothing to do with the unfruitful deeds of darkness but rather expose them. CONSIDER THEM EXPOSED. For questions or comments go to the SRT site - and use the Contact button. SUPPORT FIREFALL TALK RADIO Firefall Talk Radio can be found on iTunes where you can listen to or download Podcasts DISCLAIMER: THE OPINIONS OF GUESTS OR CALLERS ARE THOSE OF THE INDIVIDUAL ALONE AND DO NOT NECESSARILY REFLECT OR REPRESENT THE VIEWS, POLICES OR POSITIONS OF FIREFALL TALK RADIO, REFLECTIONS IN THE DARK OR IT'S HOSTS.
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As Believers in the Light of the World we are called to be light in the darkness. And yet, darkness seems so prevalent in the world today. Why is that? We will examine that issue in this session of The Porch. Getting back to basics by... more

Tonight we look at the Light and shadows of Hanukkah. We can we as Believers in Yeshua/Jesus learn from the Festival of Lights. Getting back to basics by examining the Word of God and, especially, the Book of Acts Church, The... more

Tonight's is the last show before the end of year break. Your hosts, Richard Grund and Joe Cetrone, will recap 2014 as only they can - freestyling it to a beat of their own making. Covering current events, news, media, the normal and... more

When we pray The Lord's Prayer we say "Your kingdom come. Your will be done On earth as it is in heaven." However, when His will is also His way we sometimes don't understand. Understaning His will His way is key for a... more

Robia LaMorte, the former actress known for her roles as Jenny Calander on Buffy the Vampire, is joining us on RITD to discuss her life's journey seeking revelaton and Truth. From dancer at age 16 to actress at 22 and retired from... more

As Believers in Messiah Yeshua, aka Jesus of Nazareth, we come to the life saving knowledge of The Truth. That Truth sets us free but it also subjects us to the consquences of our choices. The powers of darkness know this and take... more

For weeks now you've been hearing about the SRT Mission in Alabama. Well, it's in the books and we will share it with you tonight on RITD. Some of the newer members of SRT will be joining your hosts Richard Grund and Joe Cetrone to... more

Due to technical difficulties last night, we are doing a SPECIAL EDITION of The Porch. On a day when we give Thanks as a Nation we need to make sure we give thanks as children of the Most High God! Getting back to basics by... more

The end result of spiritual warfare and deliverance is seen at the end of Acts 16 when Paul and Silas wind up in jail for their actions. What can we learn from this? Getting back to basics by examining the Word of God and, especially, the Book... more
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