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The NFL ratings continue to implode along with network profits. CBS admits their NFL viewership is down 17 percent. The others are probably down a similar amount, but so far they haven't owned up to it. Trump is winning this battle and... more

Ivan believes that Trump is more playing to his base and cannot withdraw from the agreement. It won't play well with our allies as well as the Chinese and Russians. He's probably not going to get anywhere with his threats. Let's see... more

In her newly announced but already bestselling book, Fatwa: Hunted in America, the woman known as "the Joan of Arc of the counter-Jihad movement," Pamela Geller, tells the story of how she became one of the world's foremost activists for... more

Brian's newsletter The Gold Newsletter is the longest running such publication in the country. He has been dealing with important monetary issues since 1971. +

Jason observes that due to the worldwide increase in wealth over the past several decades, there is now a shortage of high quality assets. This was foreseen decades ago by the infamous Michael Milken. Now where is this shortage as... more

Wayne Allyn Root believes that Senate Leader McConnell is ready for a fall. The sooner the better. The Senate and House have been the enemies of the people for many years and now Trump has totally unmasked them. What... more

Recently Heather was on Facebook, her first mistake and was friended by a young gentleman from New York, or so she thought. Actually, he was from Ghana and he had a deal for Heather. Just send him $6,000 and she could make over... more

John observes that the yield curve is flattening out. In the past this has been a sure sign of impending recession. Is this time different? Then we move to other ominous signs in Europe. Catalonian secession, a nationalist government elected... more

Monday with Andrew Hoffman: Bitcoin's massive breakout above $5,000 -nearly at the $100 billion market cap level where ALL global investors can participate -equally massive Bitcoin dominance surge vs. other cryptos -upcoming BGold... more

Nothing is as ever as it seems. All of us regularly experience total information overload. Facts rush at us from every source imaginable, radio, television, social media, the government, zillions of independent sites and of course... more