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Woody O'Brien's recent picks on precious metals stocks have been doing quite well. And he believes they're going to do a lot better. China's Yuan joins the SDR (IMF's Special Drawing Right) at the end of the month and that could... more

What can you say about Bill Still? He a seasoned professional journalist, unlike many of us Johnny Come Lately's on the Internet. He's been all over this election, giving the best coverage of anyone, alternative media or mainstream.... more

What's Happening Next Wednesdays with Andrew Hoffman: "Japan's New Framework for Hyperinflationary Failure" https://www.milesfranklin.com/japans-new-framework/ Deutschebank stock... more

Former congressman John LeBoutillier joined us for a look at the latest election developments. He believes that Hillary and Trump are each making their share of unforced errors and that whoever makes the last error will lose. Who's going to... more

Joe Messina has no patience for sick Hillary. And he has no patience for the progressives who don't want to recognize the truth about radical Islam or the terrorist attacks we've been suffering for too long. He sees Hillary's campaign... more

Dr. Carol M. Swain joined us and she's a major Trump supporter. She believes that the democrats don't care about America or your safety regardless what your race or religion may be. They can't even call it terrorism. She's sick of political... more

Trump's strategy from the beginning was to out work Hillary because he's known from the beginning that Hillary was #sickhillary. The rumors about her health have been running rampant for months, if not years. And the non-stop coughing fits... more

Jason K. Roberts has been busy since we last spoke. He's not seeing the value in the Florida markets so he's been branching out to other states where there hasn't been as much appreciation. He looking for markets where the money has yet... more

Adam Meister has become somewhat of a goto guy when it comes to the topic of Bitcoin. There's so many options and if you're not sure what to do, Adam has a solution. He believes that Trezor is the way to go because it enables you to... more

By now virtually everyone has seen the video of Hillary Clinton's physical breakdown at the 9/11 Memorial Service last Sunday. While the Mainstream Media says it was just a stumble while she got into the van, the tape doesn't lie.... more