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In a recent article it was shown that the Millennials have very poor survival skills. No surprise here, the snowflakes seems to melt away at the slightest problem. But author, podcaster Anthony Kovic is optimistic. He believes that the Millennials... more

There's a new breed of optimism rearing its head. Call it Trumpian optimism. We haven't seen anything like it for decades, not since Ronald Reagan. But will it be enough to solve our yuuge problems? No problem can be solved from an... more

In just a few short days Donald J. Trump will be sworn in as the 45th president. Goldman Sachs appears to be very happy, with much of their staff and alumni in key economic positions. But they're the only ones. Government by Tweet has... more

Call John a permanent-Trump skeptic. But so far he's liking what he sees. There is cause for concern because now it's time to deal with the landmine known as Obamacare. What to do with it? The Republicans can't seem to come to terms,... more

Chris Vermeulen is a very savvy trader and even he was taken by surprise by the stock market's Trump rally. Especially by its strength and ferocity and he sees no immediate end in site. It could go on and on. But it won't necessarily be bad for... more

What's really happening Wednesdays with Andrew Hoffman: Is "Trump-flation" about to be refuted? -"inflation" vs. "deflation" -today's soon-to-be-published article, "2.5% - 'Nuff said?" Imminent Yuan devaluation? Have PMs again... more

For over a decade, Jason was groomed at two of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies, Germany's Bayer AG and US-based Johnson and Johnson before expanding his successful career into leading specialty... more

Poor Meryl Streep. She just can't deal with the prospect of a President Trump. Who would have ever believed that she was part of a persecuted class? Her career and her reputation have taken a permanent well-deserved hit. Next we... more

Danielle joined us after a much deserved rest. She's rightly skeptical of the latest of manifestation of stock market mania, Trumphoria. While the US indexes are at or near record levels, the rest of the world is having trouble keeping up.... more

Bix Weir joined us today. He believes that the jury is still out on Donald Trump. We won't know until Trump takes over and we see what he does with the Exchange Stabilization Fund. Will he turn his back on it or embrace it? It's... more