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Are your finances out of shape? Are you paying higher fees than you need to? Working with a professional who isn’t putting your needs first? Are you wondering if you will ever have enough to retire? Join Certified Financial PlannerTM, Anthony Isola, and his cohost, Dina Isola, as they share insights from their fiduciary, fee-only Registered Investment Adviser Firm, ATI Investment Consulting, Inc. Get Financially Fit now!

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These 10 sports terms will help you navigate the often conficted world of investment sales. Based on Tony's Blog on www.maliceforall.com, we will cover how investors get sidelined.

Financing college costs can be a burden. Make sure the loans you are exploring are the best choices for your situation.

The options for financing college can be confusing. Learn about the different types of loans; the qualification requirements; and the pros and cons of the different ways of borrowing to finance college costs.

Submitting your financial aid forms and waiting for the packages to roll in isn't a strategy. To improve your chances of getting financial aid, first you need to know how the schools think; what they look at; and what they might do to entice... more

As your child gets closer to attending college or vocational school, there are new challenges parents face. For one, investments need to be less aggressive and it is hard to play catch-up. Improving your chances of receiving financial aid... more

Affording the college of your child's dream doesn't have to cripple you financially -- especially if you start early. Join us as we discuss why setting up a 529 plan when your child is young is one of the most painless ways to get cracking on... more

We're creatures of habit and often resist change -- or fear it. Nothing in life is permanent -- especially your plan. Find out the milestones that present opportunities and challenges -- and make sure your plan is up-to-date and... more

It's September -- back-to-school -- let this time of year energize you to get a start on resolutions before the New Year. Build a solid financial founation and get a jump on making 2016 a stronger financial year for you. Before you race to... more

Making sure you have built the right plan is more important than ever when the market is tumultuous. Your survival instincts and emotions are powerful and can take over and lead you astray. Learn how to identify opportunities from this... more

Market volatility can cause investors to take leave of their senses. Find out why making a solid plan -- and sticking with it -- can be the best strategy for uncertain times.