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Finance Made Simple

Finance Made Simple


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This week we're going to be talking about Wealth Killers. Are you aware of all of the things that are happening to your money? America is swimming inTaxes, Infation, Debt and Usury, Remember TIDU?
The United States government is spending money at a rate of $121,067 per second! Think about Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Libya and the list continues to grow.
Our government has become a "Kleptocracy,"which means a government by those who seek chiefly status and personal gain at the expense of the governed.Think of it as the New Aristocracy! How is this being done you ask?

Let's talk about fractional lending. If you never heard of this before, you wont believe what you're going to hear. You will start to understand how fractional lending works and how it affects the purchasing power of your money.You don't have to remain a member of the"BOHICIAN TRIBE,"(Bend Over Here It Comes Again)
Follow "Finance Made Simple" and you'll start to understand how all of this effects YOU! Your host Knox Bates will introduce you to the 4 biggest "WEALTH KILLERS" in your lives! Taxes Inflation, Debts and Usury.
Find out what you can do to LIMIT the damages of Taxes, Inflation, Debts and Usury payments.Get the tools that will allow you to STOP the THEFT of your FAMILY'S ASSETS!
Don't you become a victim of the WEALTH KILLERS!