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  • Interested in Buying a Home? Worried About the One You Own?

    in Finance

    Real Estate prices are higher than ever. Should you buy, hold or sell?
    Over 7 million people lost their homes in the Great Recession, and 5.4 million are still severely underwater, according to RealtyTrac.com. Are you making the bank rich, trying to pay off an underwater mortgage, while you're living in the poor house? One subscriber is paying $1.8 million on a home worth $850,000 and he is already above retirement age. There are far better solutions than this.
    Millennials are postponing their home purchase, due to high college loan debt. Meanwhile, they are making the landlord rich, instead of taking the wonderful and large mortage interest tax write-off, while building up their own equity. Wisdom is the cure. Time-proven solutions will be shared in this podcast. Feel free to share freely with your friends and family. With over 1/3 of Americans in debt collections, chances are very high that someone you know and love needs this information now.
    Call 310-430-2397 to learn more about our 3-day life transformational investor educational retreats. Visit http://nataliepace.com/ or email info @ NataliePace.com to learn more.

  • Who Owns The $20.4 Trillion U.S. Debt? Russia? China? Japan?

    in Finance

    Guess who owns the $20.4 trillion U.S. debt? The answers might surprise you.
    Ever wonder who is picking up the tab every time the U.S. borrows more money to pay its bills? How is it that we can magically raise the debt ceiling and, poof!, instantly more money appears? Who would loan money to a country that has doubled its public debt load over the past decade? Is it Russia? China? Japan? Another country? You? Learn more in this interactive teleconference. Number 1 stock picker Natalie Pace will open up phone lines in the second halfhour of the call for questions. https://www.NataliePace.com/Blog/guess-who-holds-the-20-trillion-us-public-debt