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    Coaches Corner Episode 5

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    Hello Financial World!!!
    Welcome to the fifth episode of Coaches Corner! Today we discussed the three F's: Food, Phones, and Fun. Well that's only two F's but you get the point. We also touched briefly on a couple of articles and the recent food industry news from the CDC. So join Coach Dawda and Burnside to gain a financial perspective that may change your life!
    Network to Net Worth Event:

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    Second Test of the Broadcast Feature

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    This is detailed description!
    bullet 1 bullet 2 Joshua D. Duvall, CFP® Financial Advisor
    Josh Duvall is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ with extensive experience in the financial industry. He has worked for some of the largest insurance and brokerage companies including LPL Financial and New York Life. During that time, Josh has owned and managed a private financial planning practice as well.
    Josh graduated from Drake University with a Bachelor’s degree in business, and concentrations in finance and marketing. During his time there, he played football for the Bulldogs as a scholarship athlete.
    Josh, his wife Lisa and their daughter enjoy traveling, spending time with relatives and being involved in their local church community.

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    Low Inflation, Part B and how the "cash" makes it all go round!

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    William Morgan of Capital Management of the Carolinas discusses the impact of low inflation on Part B Medicare premiums.  If Congress doesn't act soon, approximately one-third of Medicare recipients (not protected by the "Hold Harmless" provision) can expect about a 52% increase!  High earners will pay more.  Can Congress come together? 
    DISCLAIMER:  We are registered to sell Insurance products in the following state: Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee.  We are registered to sell Securities in the following states:  Alabama, California, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia. 
    This is not an offer or solicitation in any other state or jurisdiction.
    Securities and Investment Advisory Services Offered Through H. Beck,Inc., Member FINRA and SIPC. 6600 Rockledge Drive, 6th Floor Bethesda, MD 20817-1806  (301) 468-0100.  Capital Management Group of the Carolinas, Inc. and H. Beck, Inc. are not affiliated.

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    Money Talks with JD Townsend

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    What factors are destroying your credit score?
    Not fully understanding your credit score can be costly. High interest rates on credit cards, auto loans, home loans, and money wasted on rent that should be invested into home ownership can literally cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars over the course of a lifetime.
    Today we discuss the factors that have the absolute biggest impact on your credit score, including one factor, which has a major impact on your credit score, that might really surprise you.

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    How to get a Seven-Figure Business Out of $100!

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     Have you ever wondered if you can be successful at starting your own eCommerce business? Do you think it's really expensive to start, or just to hard? Do you have an amazing product you need to share with the world? Not sure when to scale up your business? Can you really make money on eBay & Amazon??? In this episode of 'The Taxanista' find out how Robyn Johnson of Best From The Nest, started her business with $100, and, how she has grown that into a highly profitable, multi-streamed online business. Robyn wants to empower other individuals to take the jump and find their own success story.You may not believe it but, she even calls herself 'The Unlikely Entrepreneur.'  Robyn truly believes if you have the courage to take a risk and the fortitude to do the work, you can have success too. Your success might just start right here if you tune in... ..
    Listen for the limited time Bootcamp Special Offer!

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    How to Select the Best Fit Schools and Obtain Thousands of Dollars in Financial

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    Most parents find themselves looking for money although college award billions every year! So then why are so many finding themselves having to take out expensive student loans? It's simple, they don't know how to identify funding dollars before the bill arrives.This brief session is an introduction to the power of selecting the best fit colleges that offer the highest funding dollars and how to position the student for a full ride. This class is for parents of college bound students between 9th-12th grade. Go to http://www.tuitionreductionplan.com to learn more.

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    What is Financial Advice For Men - FA4M Radio Show all about?

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    Tonight we will summize what "Financial Advice For Men - FA4M Radio Show" will be all about. Our goal is to educate men of all ages and backgrounds. Regardless of your generation FA4M is for you... On FA4M you will learn about the following;
    Health = True Wealth - Being healthy is the paramount foundation in reaching all your goals in life. Without health we are nothing, without health we will be limited to what we can achieve. Health above all else, should be your first goal (in your bucket list). What is true Health? Being sound of mind (positive outlook on life), using logic and critical thinking, feeding your body the proper nutrition to meet the demands of each day, excercise you mind and body which is vital, being aware of your emotional and spiritual needs , replenishing them as often required. Finances - Here on FA4M, you will learn about loans (mortgages, 2NDs, HELOCs, Hard Money, , FHA, VA, CON, JUMBO, DTI, APR & more), stocks, fiat currency/ies, precious metals, and much much more!!! Real Estate - You will learn about single family homes, multi-units, condos, townhomes, Lots and land, land development and much more... Technology - Network/IT, Telephony/VOIP, Structural Cabling System/SCS, iDAS, Electrical, Solar Power, programming & coding/Software, and much more. Career Paths - Talk about current career opportunities currently available and most beneficial to you... And much more - Topics that are relevent that will promote your well being.  

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    Spend No Money & Experience More Abundance

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    Aaron will discuss  "13 Free Things To Do With Your Family Today".  Is it possible to enjoy life while building wealth with little or no immediate funds?  Let's listen in as Aaron discuss some options.  However, I challenge you to create more activities.  Go to your facebook and twitter accounts and give suggestions of low cost or no cost things that you may enjoy with your family and friends.  So as usually get your pen and paper and let's get started.
    Share this segment with others and visit our website.  New website and blog page coming soon.  For a complimentary consultation please contact our office at 1-877-351-2508 or schedule an appointment online www.awsmithfinancial.com...

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    Be About Your Business with Bess Hurr

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    Join hosts, Anthony, Steven, Monica and Judith as they discuss the entrepreneurial mindset with Bess Hurr, inventor of Bless Hurr Soil. 

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    The PPT is hard at work but where will it end?

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    The ppt or the working group was formed by executive order by the late President Reagan in 1988. This allows the Fed or the Treasury Secy to take tax payer dollars and buy stocks randomly to support a market that is in a freefall which could be catastrophic. This tool has been used improperly for years to manipulate the stock market and create an illusion to investors of the health of the market. This has allowed the Fed to help dilute the currency and create even greater deficits increasing the debt of the nation. This has led to our former buyers of our debt to wield this like Thor's Hammer and influence American domestic and foreign policy without the taxpayer having the knowledge or control of their own destiny. Not only has this behaviour been injurious to America, it has prolonged the agony of this recession to linger year after year with the complicit agencies who were formerly in place to monitor employment and distribute benefits previously held in reserve for the workers who may have been displaced for one reason or another. With the control being concentrated in the hands of those who are ego driven rather than leadership driven, we are following the warn path of Greece and others into a debt abyss and allowing our foes to be bold and to kill our citizens with very little or no concern for our retalliation and punishment. Hopefully we get smarter people with the right leadership skills who actually care for this once great and mighty country in positions of power rather than the off the curb oraters who are popular with the masses but ill equiped to really take a leading polition in global leadership. Other heads of state must recognize American is being driven by illegal aliens and the unwashed masses bred and supported right here at home bereft of basic education due to the generational squalor milloins love to wallow in while the workers leave home each day to support themselves and the parasites of society.

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    Credit is the New Currency! How Does Your New Currency Match Up? Part 1

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    Over the years credit has more become the more powerful means of purchasing power.  The power of cash has long since subsided as the king of purchasing or power.  With excellent credit being the most sought after currency, how does your individual credit currency match up with today's demand?  In recent news, a federal government agency which handles personnel management data was hacked.  Millions of Americans information was compromised and could now be on the open market.  Why was that agency targeted and why is credit being sought after so heavily?
    On today's Legally Steal Show hosted by S.E. Day, I dive into the new currency and provide you the knowledge to improve your new currency match up.  I also give you the information you can use to check your credit and the tools you need to protect yourself and your credit. Better credit management is really a simple process but you must be diligent to stay powerful with the new currency and improve your credit score.