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    How to Select the Best Fit Schools and Obtain Thousands of Dollars in Financial

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    Most parents find themselves looking for money although college award billions every year! So then why are so many finding themselves having to take out expensive student loans? It's simple, they don't know how to identify funding dollars before the bill arrives.This brief session is an introduction to the power of selecting the best fit colleges that offer the highest funding dollars and how to position the student for a full ride. This class is for parents of college bound students between 9th-12th grade. Go to http://www.tuitionreductionplan.com to learn more.

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    Real Estate as my Passion

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    A listener asked us, "what was it about real estate that we loved so much? Why were we so passionate about it? This show spends some time discussing some of my favorite benefits to investing in real estate and why I think everyone should do it. 
    If you have any questions please email us at... @theblackdollarradio@gmail.com

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                                 *** THIS IS A PRE-RECORDED SHOW AND WE WILL NOT BE TAKING ANY PHONE CALLS*** 
    We recently conducted a survey where participants were asked whether or not they had a documented process they consistently followed in order to achieve their financial goals. 36% of the respondents stated they had a documented process they followed; 43% stated they had a process but it wasn’t in writing; and 20% responded that they did not have a written process and don’t feel that having a written process is necessary. Bottom line, everyone has a process whether it’s documented or not, and every financial decision you make moves you closer or further away from your financial goals.  A written process helps to keep you focused (especially when life throws you an unexpected curve ball) and your actions consistent which gives rise to quality decisions.  If you have a process that’s working for you, i.e. moving you towards your financial goals, great! If not, or your process needs a little fine tuning I’d like to share with you a process that gets results!
    Join us and learn the 3 basic financial documents you'll ever need to help get your financial house in order. Here how this proven process can move you from where you are to where you want to be!