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    AMA 121 - Enjoy the Decline of America with Aaron Clarey

    in Finance

    Aaron Clarey is the author of 5 books, his most current being Enjoy the Decline of America. He also an economist, running the blog Captain Capitalism. He talks with Jason about the USD status as the world's reserve currency, the current environment of political correctness, how the old economic building block of society is failing us and more.
    Key Takeaways:
    [6:25] - "pursuing such socialist and parasitic policies are not good at all for any country and should never be repeated again"
    [10:15] - "we no longer value a child or the family as the basic building block of the economy"
    [15:05] - if you want to nail it down to one thing, it's unfunded liabilities
    [22:30] - they don't know that by voting Obama in twice that they have fundamentally shifted the tenor of the United States.
    Mentioned in this episode:

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    Gelok Show 0915

    in Finance

    Gelok Show

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    AIPIS 182 - Luxury Properties and Travel Club Perks with ThirdHome's Wade Shealy

    in Finance

    Jason Hartman talks with Founder, CEO, and Chairman of ThirdHome, Wade Shealy. The two discuss how people with vacation homes can loan out their vacation spot while getting access to thousands of properties in desirable areas for as little as $395 for a week. So if you're tired of going to the same spot for your vacation year after year, maybe it's time to borrow someone else's for a change.
    Key Takeaways:
    [2:41] How ThirdHome differs from timeshare business models
    [6:06] What you have to do to be eligible for membership into ThirdHome
    [10:36] How ThirdHome relationships with other organizations works
    [13:56] The cleaning process after guests leave your vacation home
    [15:26] Relationships that have been cultivated through ThirdHomes, and some of the membership perks

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    Lithuim Stocks

    in Finance

    What do Electric cars, Cell phones, Electric power tools, and Laptop computers have in common?
    Lithium Ion Batteries.
    This show is about a penny stock that I have found that is involved in mining the lithium brine out of the ground needed for all of these products.

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    Old Capitalism vs New Capitalism

    in Finance

    Dr.Irwin Stelzer is senior fellow and director of Economic Policy Studies at the Hudson Institute and a business columnist for The Sunday Times (UK) Stelzer has served as a managing director of the investment banking firm of Rothschild Inc.

    Can the free market systems survive in the wake of the economic downturn?

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    MannKind Investors Perspective

    in Finance

    MannKind stock has a passionate following, but being passionate does not always mean that an investment will win.  A look at the fundamentals of MannKind, what needs to happen, and when.

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    Online Payday Loans in Canada

    in Finance

    Online payday loans in Canada are fast, easy and secure with Private Loan Shop. Get cash in under an hour, with zero faxing and no credit check. 
    If you need fast access to your pay check for a financial emergency, a payday loan from Canada's most trusted payday lender is your best option. With rates as low as 18% and quick loan delivery you can have your online payday loan in no time.
    Must be the age of the majority (18 years or older)
    Must be employed (part-time or full-time accepted)
    Must have a valid bank account
    Note: Payday loans are meant for short-term use only. A payday loan should be repaid within 7 to 30 business days depending on the lenders terms and conditions. Please ask friends and family before taking out a payday loan as the loan fees are quite high if you fail to repay your loan on-time. 
    Must reside in Canada or the United States

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    Getting Your House In Order

    in Finance

    This episode is a quick tip that deals with a call to action and the benefits of purchasing life insurance.

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    True Success Radio: Ask a Recruiter

    in Finance

    WMGNA, LLC's CEO Daniel Friedman will interview President of Stewart Staffing Solutions Earle Lerner
    Topics Include:
    Business Skills Gap and What Some are Doing to Combat this Problem
    Attracting Young Employees
    Millenial Expectations in the Workforce
    Temp vs. Direct Hire
    Success and Happiness of Employees

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    Episode 1: Real Estate Power Hour

    in Finance

    Thinking about buying your first home? Before you can unlock the door to homeownership, you have to take some important first steps. From finding the perfect location to financing your purchase, shopping for your first home has challenges that go beyond curb appeal and interior features.
    Some of the important steps to homeownership include:
    Getting approved for a mortgage. Choosing the right real estate agent. Finding the right home that fits your budget.

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    testing 2

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    testing 2