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    Not Everyone is Going to be Happy for You

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    You would think that once you decide to take control of your spending and make a plan to demolish your debt that you’ll have the full support of your family, friends, and co-workers.  However, you may find that some people are NOT going to be happy for you and may even subtly or not-so-subtly attempt to undermine your financial progress.  We’re going to discuss why this happens and how to handle it with minimal drama.

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    Market Month: January 2016

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    Forefield Market Summary presented by Thomas J. Ouellette, President and Founder of Ouellette Wealth Management Group of Lexington, MA.  Goal is to summarize financial market action in 5-10 minutes so you can spend more time doing the things you are passionate about in your life.

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    Wealth Beyond Wall Street: The 3 Pillars Of True Wealth

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    Brett Kitchen and Ethan Kap, Authors of wealth beyond wall street reveal several important takeaways in this podcast.
    FIrst, you'll discover a must read book for anyone trying to improve their business, or income in any profession.
    Second, you'll learn the 3 pillars to building wealth and financial independence with peace of mind. These aren't the typical investments or strategies you'll hear about from talking heads on TV, this is exciting!

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    New Year New Finances, How To Gain Control!

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    The Real 2 Real Radio Show
    Host: Tamara Gooch
    Guest: Tara Jones, Financial Coach
    Topic of Discussion: Learn How To Gain Control of Your Finances In 2016!
    "Tara Jones' mission is to combine personalized financial coaching and services at affordable prices to integrate the discipline of good financial planning into women’s lives.  She utilizes a unique and educational approach in working with the driven woman, the professional woman, the entrepreneurial woman and young families with small children to help them organize and control their personal finances.  She is on a mission to show the world that we can all properly manage our personal finances while remaining “pretty”. "

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    Is it all about the average rate of return?

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    Have you ever noticed whenever someone is selling you a financial product, the salesperson is always telling you about the average rate of return?  Well, one day I decided to do some research to see if I should allow the average rate of return be a key indicator for my decision in choosing a product. 

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    Kingofalltrades Blog Talk Radio

    in Finance

    Live call in radio show discussing specific trades and the overall stock markets. 

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    Amazing Announcement--Get A Free Trial On Mike's New Site #46

    in Finance

    Mike has done something amazing. He's put all his work up on a new website. You can get a free trial today and watch almost everything, absolutely free. It's all been updated and reflects changes in new and existing markets. There's so much information here that it could take you days to get through it. But it's all there for you!
    Go to www.TeachMeMike.com and get started now!

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    Finer Investment Watch

    in Finance

    Michael Finer and Gary Coon provide a concise update on the macro issues facing the stock market after the January 2016 precipitous, history making decline at the beginning of 2016

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    The Robert J Russell Financial Services Show

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    Over half of workers won't be able to cover retirement expenses. Americans still trying to improve retirement saving rate and even though their savings rate may have improved over the past 2 yrs, more than half of American workers are still at risk of being unprepared to cover essential living expenses in retirement which includes such items as housing, health care and food.
    Robert J Russell has been speaking to companies and organizations since 1979. As a Licensed Insurance (30 yrs experience) Broker in Texas, Louisiana and North Carolina, Robert has helped people all over the world with his financial planning wisdom to help people who are looking at different and unique ways to invest their money as well as plan for their retirement. Robert is also a Licensed Realtor (15yrs experience) in Texas and is making plans to open a second location in the Destin, Florida area. Through his real estate experience he has helped people buy and sell real estate, has attained his International Real Estate Certification and is a member of the International Consortium of Real Estate Agents. He has also helped Investors with Foreclosures, Second Homes, Retirement Homes as well as Investment Properties to create a monthly cash flow. Visit http://www.robertjrussellcompanies.com to find out more about all the services that we provide.
    If you would like to schedule a online appointment with Robert, please call our office at 972.292.8967.
    Email us your questions - robertjrussellcompanies@gmail.com

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    Trading Drills That Will Soon Have You Trading Like A Pro!

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    Drills are used as an invaluable training tool by virtually every technical industry in existence. Ever activity that requires precision and pinpoint accuracy without thought is fostered via drills. Every professional area from the military, to airplane pilots, to athletes, to even school children preparing for a fire or earthquake uses drills to make proper action amidst the heat of real life situations automatic. Trading is no different. The developing trader can practice certain, well defined drills that will make him/her sharper, more precise, more exacting and alert when real market moments call for it. In this broadcast, Oliver Velez will divulge a number of the drills he uses to train some of his most elite traders.
    If you are serious about trading, you will not want to miss this broadcast which is scheduled Wednesday, December 23, 2015. Learn precisely what you can practice doing to make you a better, sharper trader, and ultimately a better, sharper everything.
    Follow Oliver Velez and his trading activities on:

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    Saturday December 12th, 7:00 pm .... Finding more this Holiday

    in Finance

    Time to close out an old year. Christmas, New Years, and that time for family and friends. What is so different about this year? Why has the underlying pulse of the holidays pretty much disappeared, or has changed so much, that we feel wanting? Why is this path that we are on leading us to a destination outside our own control? Outside and beyond our own consciousnesses? We are being played ... and the game has lost its luster.
    We are over 40,000 years old, and have fallen into a trap of the mind. A trap well laid out over 4,000 years ago that has caputured almost every man, woman, and child. Are the only options for us to break free written in Treaties, Pacts, and Constitutions, or is there other solutions to our Problems?
    Join us..... Bob and myself, and let us discuss them.