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    Josh Bernstein--Trump's Rise To The Top #3311

    in Finance

    Noted radio personality Josh Bernstein joined us for a look at the latest election insanity. Just when you thought it was safe to punch out a hanging chad, the news breaks and Hillary's being investigated again. Seems a cache of 650,000 emails was found on her trusty aid Huma Abedin's computer. Looks like it could be the beginning of the end for Hillary's presidential aspirations.

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    Danielle Park--Happy Days For Housing Again? #3308

    in Finance

    Danielle joined us today. Happy Days are here again or are they? The Case Schiller Index is almost back to where it was in 2006. While the housing sector has recovered somewhat, housing's contribution to GDP is around half of where it was at its peak. Incomes and employment are still depressed so how high can it really go? In Canada they're still at peak levels, but it shows signs of cracking. Will Canada repeat the US's performance. Maybe now is not the time to be buying homes in Vancouver and elsewhere. 

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    Dan R. Joseph--What's Really Happening in China? #3309

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    In the midst of an election for which foreign policy has played an unusually large role, Daniel R. Joseph has produced both a book, The China Learning Curve: Critical Differences and a related award-winning documentary, Democracy Road, that provides unique insights into two of America's most critical foreign policy challenges - how to engage China and how to support democracy while avoiding the failure we've seen in places like Iraq and Afghanistan. 

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    Andrew Hoffman--The Giant Pink Elephant In The Room #3357

    in Finance

    What's going to happen next Wednesdays with Andrew Hoffman:
    OPEC "deal" - give me a break! INFLATION expectations CASH, CURRENCY, CAPITAL CONTROLS Physical vs. Paper PM market disparity Today's article, the "giant pink elephant in the room" - of surging interest rates! Etc, etc.

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    Bix Weir--Get Ready For Chaos! #3306

    in Finance

    The election is right around the corner and so is a massive dump of all of Hillary's 33,000 emails. One can only hazard a guess as to what's in there, but Bix Weir thinks it's going to be devastating and that as a result Hillary will be gone. Far-fetched, perhaps, but impossible, certainly not. This has been an insane election and no one knows where it will wind up. The drip-drip of daily Wikileaks leaks has been amazing in its scope and detail, exposing the powers-that-be, for what they are. Bix believes this is the final fight between the Goodguys and the Badguys. What will be the outcome? 

  • 01:19

    CW 757 FBF - How to Profit From Inflation

    in Finance

    Jason shares an abridged real-world Portfolio Makeover™ and some thoughts on empire building. Investment Counselor and Area Manager, Lynda Mulley, asks a common client question and Jason interviews a prior guest from episode #29, Chartered Financial Analyst and Finance MBA, Daniel Amerman, on winning through inflation and creating wealth with prudent debt. Learn how the “Three Boxers” fight with powerful economic forces and who wins in the ring.

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    Murray Nye--Winston Gold Has Big Plans In Montana #3326

    in Finance

    CEO Murray Nye has big plans for Winston Gold Mining. He's put together a world-class team who have done it several times before and is seeking to replicate past successes. They've acquired two high-grade gold projects and plan to quickly advance both of these assets into low-cost, profitable mining operations. And it looks like they're well on their way, with their recent private placement being oversubscribed. Drilling is underway and Murray is hoping that the results will follow. Since the areas in which their projects are located have a rich history of producing large quantities of the yellow metal, the odds are good that new discoveries will be forthcoming. 

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    CW 741 - James Adams - Waffle Street

    in Finance

    In this is episode, Jason interviews analyst, author, screenwriter and former Waffle House employee, James Adams. James’ book, Waffle Street: The Confessions & Rehabilitation of a Financier gives us an inside look of what it was like to be working on Wall Street during the housing market crash. His story of leaving the modern version of organized crime and getting a job at the most recognized greasy spoon in the southeastern US has been made into a movie starring Danny Glover. He describes the central banking system with regards to loans and debt, reminds us of the problems associated with creating money out of thin air and warns Japan may be the first big domino to fall when the next crisis occurs.

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    Andrew Hoffman--Universal Rigging #3307

    in Finance

    What Happening Wednesdays with Andrew Hoffman:
    A globally dangerous, and unquestionably inflectionary point in history, centered around November 8th; Markets never more rigged, and ripe for "unrigging" - particularly if Trump wins; OPEC production cut, Deutsche Bank solvency, and other epic con jobs shortly to be destroyed; Precious Metal prices never more undervalued relative to fundamentals, since they started "freely trading" four decades ago.

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    Citizen Kelly--Trump Renaissance Coming? #3356

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    William Kelly has been trying to reform Chicago's corrupt system for years. As a candidate for mayor of Chicago and as a radio talk show host. Even though the state of Illinois and the City of Chicago have been collapsing, he hasn't given up hope that they can be saved. He's working tirelessly and his new book adds impetus to the effort. Will Trump's victory help save the city and state? 

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    CW 758 Financing Your RE Investments w/ Private Equity Loans

    in Finance

    Jason has finally moved to a no income tax state where wealth can be accrued at a much faster rate. He now resides in lovely Las Vegas, Nevada which, he says, is much more than the strip. Today’s guest represents a company who provides private equity loans and portfolio lending to business entities in the US as well as foreign nationals. Traditional loan requirements, such as personal credit checks, loan to value ratio considerations and the 10 loan cap do not apply to private equity loans. There are 30-year fixed loans and refinancing options available at agreeable rates.
    The next annual Meet the Masters Event is scheduled for January in sunny Irvine, California. Early bird pricing is available now.
    Key Takeaways:
    [2:20] The game-changing concept of the self-driving car.
    [3:35] The next Meet the Masters is scheduled for January in sunny Irvine, California.  
    [5:55] What does a Donald Trump presidency mean for real estate investors?
    [8:21] Jason has moved to the no income tax state of Las Vegas.
    [16:08] Non-traditional financing is now available in the real estate market by way of private equity loans.
    [17:18] Private equity lending is a common sense underwriting approach to real estate investing.
    [18:08] Courtney’s company supplies secondary financing through Wall Street-backed, hedge fund money.  
    [20:18] Whitmore’s “Rental 30” is a 30-year fixed, fully amortized business loan currently offering rates between 6.5-8.5%.  
    [24:48] Can foreign buyers or IRA buyers utilize these private equity loans?