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    Raeshal Speaks

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    Raeshal speaks with Eric Nisall about Bookkeeping for bloggers/freelancers/podcasters
    After working in public accounting for almost two decades, Eric J. Nisall founded AccountLancer in November 2014. A blogger himself since 2009, he decided to turn his attention to a group he knows quite well: the blogging and freelance community. Not only serving as an accountant and tax preparer for many members of the blogging & freelance community, he also is a go-to expert source for many freelance writers. His advice has appeared on sites such as Huffington Post, Forbes, GoBankingRates, The Penny Hoarder, and more. Most recently, Eric created Bookkeeping For Bloggers, a course teaching bloggers (vloggers, podcasters and freelancers too) how to handle their own books and financial management when they don't have the money or need for a professional.

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    Five things that Girls need to Learn about Math and Money

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    It's Women's History Month, so this week's MoneySmarts4U show is dedicated to girls and women everywhere.  Join host Barbie O'Connor to hear about the five things girls need to learn about math and money.  In today's show, Barbie will go over simple methods you can use to teach and enforce math concepts with your daughter starting when she is a toddler that will serve her well later in life. 
    For more MoneySmarts4u, buy the book on Amazon.  Subscribe to the show.  Like us on Facebook.  Listen in on Itunes.  Email any questions to barbie@moneysmarts4u.com.  Check out the website, www.moneysmarts4u.com. 

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    Daily Hunt: Pharma & Biotech Opportunities

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    Todays topics:
    SPDR S&P 500 Biotech ETF, (XBI) Invesco S&P 500 Equal Weight Health ETF, (RYH) Vanguard Healthcare ETF, (VHT) Stocks:
    Amazon (AMZN) iPortfolios:
    Pharmaceuticals 400 Series https://www.allthingsetf.com/iportfolio (copy and paste in browser) Taxes:           
    Benefit of a Roth account Min-Max Tax Bracket under 2018 tax law  
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    Interview with Anna - a bi-coastal financial planner

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    My colleague Anna Sergunina moved to Silicon Valley last summer. We'll be finding out why she made the move, what that meant for her clients and what the benefits are now that she's bi-coastal. She's also be giving us some examples of what it means to clients to work with a remote financial planner (that's distance, not attitude).

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    Does your income planner "look the part"

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    Arif explains why "A fancy suit and marble Office floors don't matter when it comes to simple Retirement income planning." tune in and get informed.   MIssed a show, just check us out on Facebook..

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    How to Turn $5k into $200k in under 8 Months

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    In this podcast you will learn about the extreme profit potential of natural resource sector.  An actual example of how you could have multiplied your money by 40 times in 2016 is given.  These opportunities are available to those willing to Learn, Invest and Profit from mining stocks.

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    Swiss Indo Remedies for Global Financial Mess

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    Saturdays @ 12pm pst 3pm Eastern and thats 8pm london time.
    Live Show call in 01223 96 96 48 UK
    Live Show Call in 3476770812 USA/CANADA 
    Remedies for Global Financial Mess - How we can get through it and fly ...Invisible chains of Corporate slavery  banking systems have taken our blood, sweat and tear money (Gold) and mixed it with paper, counterfeit, pirate currencies made out of thin air.  We demand the fraud of this deception remedied with the Equal Gold Redistribution under quarantine laws, gold having been made redundant by the Federal Reserve Act 1933 by a corporation of the UK  PLC's City of London, namely, the USA.  The 70 years ran out on 17 August 2015, so we are overdue our Equal Gold  share almost 2 years.  All banking, taxation, interest on loans, countries, governments, borders, embassies, passports,  birth certificates are a FRAUD of enslavement of humanity which is against the oath to God to maintain God's laws  to SERVE & PROTECT God's children.

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    PODCAST: SOC 2 Compliance and SaaS Providers

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    With Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) providers being challenged to demonstrate the establishment and effective operation of internal controls, SC&H Group has launched a new and innovative online tool to help determine readiness to undergo a Service Organization Control 2 (SOC 2) security audit.
    Following is an podcast with Paul L. Shifrin, CPA, a Director of Audit Services at SC&H Group, who discusses SC&H's new SOC 2 Security Audit Readiness Decisionaire.

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    Teaching Your Kids About Money with the Bank of Mom & Dad

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    Financial planner and author, James Lenhoff, talks about his unique approach to teaching kids about money, "The Bank of Mom & Dad." It's probably not what you think!
    James explains exactly how parents can use the Bank of Mom & Dad concept to teach their kids how to handle money wisely. In addition he discusses credit cards, buyers remorse, and allowing your kids to fail when the price tag is small. He also answers the question: Is it too late for my kid?

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    Welcome to Financial Wednesdays with Rita Boccuzzi and Realtor Jennifer Maldonado, Financial Intelligence Experts, Investors, Coaches, Speakers, Authors, Radio & TV Hosts. On this episode we will talk about making money while sleeping. We have our  special Guest Speaker Alia Ott talking about building your passive income and wealth with self-storage investments.
    - Follow Us On Facebook and Blog Talk Radio - Don't miss out gift for your: Click here to get your free ebook 50 Empowering Wealth and Finance Tips
    If you want to hear more about Self-Storage, click here to read more about Alia's Self-Storage workshops
    Looking For A Event Speaker? Rita and Jen love to share their time and expertise as Financial Intelligence Experts, Coaches and Real Estate Investors. Contact us by emailing to: info@90daysfinancialchallenge.com.

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    Bad Credit Costs Money! Fix it now!

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    Poor credit can hurt your love life, family (and lots of of other things).  Why do people have bad credit? Of course, financially literacy issues, high debt, and inadequate budgeting play a role. Then there are those who damaged their credit immediately upon reaching adulthood. This can take time, energy, and money to repair that some people simply don’t have.  Find out how you can change your life forever by having excellent credit.