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Featuring: Host LaShay Harris and Co-Host Rodney Brown. A show that explores social issues in the Rochester Community. The hosts touch on current issues in the news and allows the community to voice their opinions without any restrictions.

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LaShay and Rodney

Getting a Lesser Charge

  • by LaShay and Rodney
Tonight was good show! Nina called in today whose son was murdered in 2004, Kenneth Chaz-Becoats on the Remington and Column street in Rochester, NY. What made her unhappy was the judicial system of the violater's not getting... more
LaShay and Rodney

Justifiable Homicide

  • by LaShay and Rodney
Tuesday, April 14, 2009 Just finished with my show and we had a caller who called in that literally made my mouth drop open. The caller was a woman who was incarcerated for over five years for killing her perpetrator who abused... more
LaShay and Rodney

Homicide Solutions

  • by LaShay and Rodney
Last week we discussed possible solutions to some of the madness due to Homicides. It is my belief the key factor is that our youth and perpetrators are angry. It is evident through history when people get mad they are capable of... more
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