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The Film Basement

The Film Basement


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The Film Basement returns to talk movies old and new. We will review new films, highlight home video releases and look back at the classics.

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Ex Machina was one of the best sci-fi films in recent memory. Director Alex Garland's follow-up, ANNIHILATION is now out and stars Natalie Portman in the center of another heady dive into the realm of fiction and science. We begin the... more

Two films separated by nearly 60 years find a lot in common in terms of forbidden live in one aspect or another. This week we are reviewing Guillermo del Toro's THE SHAPE OF WATER which combines an old school Universal monster... more

Robert Mitchum's portrayal of Harry Powell is one of the best villains ever put to film. In 1955's NIGHT OF THE HUNTER we meet the dark preacher that is in desperate search of ten thousand dollars hidden by two children. When first... more

Carol Reeds' THE THIRD MAN holds stature as one of the greatest films ever made. Pete agrees. Adam and Ashley have never seen it though. Without having prior knowledge of the film, does it still hold up and grab an audience in the... more

It's been a long road but we are back and The Film Basement is open for business. We start anew with a film that exists on sheer will alone it seems. No one ever though that BLADE RUNNER would ever get a follow up but here we... more

Schwarzenegger battle bracket versus himself! Predator? T2? Running Man? Commando? Which Arnold reigns supreme? The simpliest of premises, the hardest decisions to make on the spot. The quality of films can vary but Arnold... more

M Night Shyamalan can be hit or miss but when he hits, he hits big. The Visit may not be perfect but it marked an upward slope for the director and we had a blast discussing the film as a whole. To do so though required spoilers so keep that... more

From Nightmare on Elm Street to Beverly Hills Cop, 1984 is stacked with memorable films. Only thing to do is match them up against one another in a tournament to the death. Right? Well, that is how this all goes down. Who shall... more

The soundtrack of LastGen has always been the music of Pogo and we have been lucky to have the man behind the sound on the show a few times. One of the best visits was when we listed our Top 5 Film Soundtracks. Pogo's... more

Melyssa joins us for her first ever visit to the podcast world and a path is set for The Disney Magic Hour. We had an idea of what wanted to do when we recorded this but we had no idea where it would lead. Me, Bryan, Kev and Melyssa... more