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    The Louis CK Movie You Can't See plus "Justice League" and more!

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    After the Louis CK controversy broke his distributor decided not to release his new film "I Love You Daddy." But we got to see it before they pulled it (pun not intended) and we'll tell you if it's fun or if it's creepy...or both. And since "Justice League" is opening this week we've brought along YouTube sensation Grace Randolph, who knows her way around a superhero movie. Ah, but there's so much more, such as "Roman J. Israel, Esq." the new legal drama starring Denzel Washington, plus the quirky indie comedy "Mr. Roosevelt," and the new season of "The Girlfriend Experience" on Starz and some great new films available on demand and on DVD. It's a pre-Thanksgiving feast!

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    The MovieFilm Commentary Track: Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace

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    A new Star Wars movie is almost upon us, and that means it’s time once again for the MovieFilm boys to mark the occasion with another commentary track talking through the one of the older films. For this go-round, we enter the prequel era with 1999’s The Phantom Menace! Whether you queue up your blu-ray or digital copy to watch along with us, or listen separately, you’ll find plenty to enjoy as we pick apart one of the weaker entries in the Star Wars canon and try to figure out where it stepped wrong. There’s behind-the-scenes trivia, observations on plot and story specifics, and our personal memories of returning after so many years to that Galaxy Far, Far Away. Hear it all via the embed below or at iTunes or Stitcher or Google Play. If you haven’t already, make sure to hit “like” on our Facebook page, and send any questions or comments to MovieFilmPodcast@gmail.com.

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    Episode 020 - 2014 Top Ten All-Time TV Drama List Revisited...and Revised

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    The first assignment Jason Martin ever took on for Outkick the Coverage was to compose ten longform pieces ranking the top ten dramas of his lifetime. Lists are subjective and limited by personal experience, but they're also a lot of fun. A little over three years later, @JMartOutkick revisits that list, atones for his mistakes, explains why each show was worthy at the time (except for one), and edits in new entries that would be included if the list were redone today, or at least speculates where they might fall. It was these articles that led to Jason's extensive pop culture coverage for the website, and later to his role on the Outkick the Coverage radio program, not to mention this podcast. This one's fun. Enjoy!

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    Issue 092: What Happened to Phasma?

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    What Happened to Phasma?
    Get ready for The Last Jedi as “The Jedi Masters” review and analyze the limited-issue series Star Wars: Phasma, which sheds light on how the enigmatic silver-plated super stormtrooper made her way out of Starkiller Base and into Episode VIII.
    Hosts John Mills and Matthew Rushing
    Send us your feedback! Twitter: @TheJediMasters    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheNerdParty/  Email: an@thenerdparty.com Subscribe in Apple Podcasts

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    The 2017 Film Awards Season Begins!

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    And so it begins!  Hard to believe we're about to close out another year, and that means it's time for the Film Awards Season coverage to begin here on the show!  Tonight, join Jason as he talks about the precursor awards that have already gotten underway, as well as a number of news items and previews of the 90th Oscar race to come!

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    Chillpak Hollywood Hour #552 - Ballet, Ice Skating, Show Biz news, Top Ten Lists

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    This week’s episode of YOUR Chillpak Hollywood Hour is a lot of fun, full of fascinating discussion and tons of laughs … It starts with Dean and Phil discussing ballet and ice skating! When has THAT happened on this show?! Phil weighs in on two live events AND the David Lynch-ian qualities of Glendale, California (where much of “Twin Peaks: The Return” was filmed). Then, thank heavens, there’s only one “celebrity death” to discuss and it’s an interesting one you probably don’t know about! That leads into a discussion of whether there really have been more “celebrity deaths” this year and last than ever before and whether the music industry has been especially hard hit. There’s actually a study being conducted to find those answers!
    In show business news, it is likely that the legendary studio 20th Century Fox will no longer exist as of Wednesday, becoming subsumed by the ever growing Disney powerhouse. What does that mean for the future of the industry? Dean and Phil will wrestle with that question. Of course, there is also the latest in “Toxic Masculinity”. This week’s headliners include Louis CK, Dustin Hoffman, John Oliver and Bryan Singer. From show biz figures behaving badly to movies receiving accolades, Dean and Phil will dig into the movies making lots of Top Ten Lists, before reviewing a couple films that may or may not be making those lists. All that, PLUS …
    In May of 2018, your friends in podcasting celebrate 11 years of bringing you free weekly entertainment. In 2018, they also want to bring you the sequel to their documentary The Truth Is Out There, but they really need your help! Until Tuesday night (Pacific time), you can donate on Indiegogo to help Dean and Phil finish the movie!

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    The Night Stalker (1972)

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    Reporter Carl Kolchak's first reported encounter with the supernatural, The Night Stalker, was broadcast on January 11, 1972 to jaw-dropping ratings. 
    Chris Stachiw and Mike White discuss The Night Stalker and the character of Carl Kolchak (Darren McGavin). Based on a book by Jeff Rice and adapted by Richard Matheson (I Am Legend), the made-for-TV movie was produced by Dan Curtis (Dark Shadows) and directed by John Llewellyn Moxey. 
    Special Guest:  Professor Mark Dawidziak, author of The Night Stalker: A 25th Anniversary Tribute. Visit Mark Dawidziak's blog Buy Mark Dawidziak's Everything I Need to Know I Learned in the Twilight Zone: A Fifth-Dimension Guide to Life Visit The Kolchak Tapes Facebook page Visit Kulture Shocked for more Chris Stachiw Visit The Projection Booth for more Mike White Subscribe to The Kolchak Tapes on iTunes Music by John Walker, Robert Cobert, Gil Milles

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    Community Spotlight with Kent Mullins of BlackHat Studios - CBP078

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    Kent Mullins is the owner/operator of Black Hat Studios. His passion for sculpting and love for Friday the 13th prompted him to open his own shop and start producing Friday the 13th hoods. Kent offers wearable and display versions and he also works part time for Dark Design who is known for their full Predator suits.
    If you want to support the show financially check out campbloodpodcast.com/donate
    Check out the full show notes at campbloodpodcast.com/78
    Contact feedback@campbloodpodcast.com campbloodpodcast.com facebook.com/campbloodpodcast twitter.com/campbloodpod Leave a voicemail or text (757) 637-0216

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    Episode 81 - Checking Mother Boxes

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    Justice League Film Review
    The Justice League has united and we have seen it first hand onscreen. Regardless of the mixed reviews (which are slowly becoming less mixed), your favorite Nerd Nuptial team went to go see the movie opening day. Many people said it was horrible while even some of the more favorable reviews admitted to the plot being a mess but still enjoying the characters. We went into the theater just hoping to have a good time even if the movie might be subpar. 
    What is our stance? Did we defy the critics and love it dearly? Or did we ride the wave of negativity that the movie might have earned? Listen to find out.
    Also, listen to hear the story about how Tristan almost got into a fist fight in the theater. We open the show withe a review of Steven Soderberg's "Mosaic". 

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    047 Sistah Speak: The Walking Dead (S6E1)

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    Join us as we discuss The Walking Dead season six premiere entitled, “First Time Again” with a very special guest host. Follow us on Twitter @SistahSpeakCast @_SistahJ @_SistahK! Love the podcast? Tweet and let others know! Get your Sistah Speak Apparel now at the Sistah Speak Shop! Email your feedback to sistahspeak@gmail.com or leave a voicemail at SpeakPipe.com/SistahSpeak or call 972-755-1215.

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    Keeping It Reel 213: Oprah Winfrey

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    This week on the BIG show, the most influential woman in the world, Oprah Winfrey will be our special guest to discuss her role in the historical drama, Lee Daniels' The Butler. The media titan and honorary Oscar winner returns to the big screen in a very showy and effective performance that is drawing talk of an upcoming Oscar nomination. Plus, we'll have entertainment news and reviews of the latest film including Kick-Ass 2 and the abovementioned Lee Daniel's The Butler on Episode 213 of Keeping It Reel with FilmGordon.