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    Rex Sikes Movie beat chats w Eddie and Michael Spears

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    Eddie and Michael Spears, Actors, Native Americans have had careers in movie since they were youngsters. Eddie Spears has been in the spotlight since age 10 starting with his first role in the Turner production of Geronimo, The Witness, Through the Window, and Somebody said Pow Wow. Michael Spears role in “Dances with Wolves” as Otter, catapulted him into the world of Film, Music and Public Speaking. Before the age of 17, Michael had the privilege to learn from and work with many great actors such as, Jimmy Smitts and Kim Delaney, in ABC’S production of the “Broken Chord” which Michael played the role of Adam, a child born with fetal alcohol syndrome. And numerous other productions. Both continue to work all the time. Eddie’s most recent credits include the AMC series Hell On Wheels, Guns, Girls, & Gambling, The Legend of Hells Gate, the HBO mini series ury My Heart at Wounded Knee,  Comanche Moon, The  TNT/ Spielberg mini series “Into the West”and Rick Schroder’s directorial film “Black Cloud. Michael has appeared The Broken Chain,Lakota Women, Skins, Into the West the TNT / Spielberg mini series, Legends of Hells. Both brothers appeared in Gate, Guns, Girls & Gambling, Into the West the TNT / Spielberg mini series, and recently Yellow Rock produced by costar Lenore Andriel also starring Michael Biehn and James Russo. Eddie plays Angry Wolf and Michael plays Broken Wing. Because of his strong sense of traditional value, Eddie works closely as a mentor with the youth in his home area of South Dakota. When Michael is not filming or on the stage, he travels as a celebrity speaker covering topics that inspire and educate. 
    Stay tuned to Rex Sikes' Movie Beat for other great archived interviews, cast and crew listings, events, festivals, premieres, and more at http://www.rexsikes.com

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    The Amber Sym Show

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    Actress/Model Amber Sym (Amber in the shadows/Bright Ideas) will be on the show to discuss her career. 

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    Talking Pictures: Interview w/Cinematographer of "GET OUT" Toby Oliver A.C.S.

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    Host Paul Booth will be joined by Cinematographer Toby Oliver A.C.S. 

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    Episode 2: The Zsasz we want, the Zsasz we need

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    Episode 2: The Zsasz we want, the Zsasz we need
    scrolling="no" allowfullscreen="" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/l1UHNni8XJI?wmode=opaque&enablejsapi=1" width="854" frameborder="0" height="480"> This time around, we discuss: Sleepy Hollow Season 2 episode 13: "Pittura Infamante" Agent Carter Season 1 episode 3: "Time and Tide" Gotham Season 1 episode 13: "Welcome Back, Jim Gordon"

    Welcome to the Small Screen Spoiler Show episode 2, recorded February 3, 2015! I’m CJ “only my friends call me fish”  Boat, he’s Jarred “how can one be both business and casual?” Azevedo, and we’re here to spoil you on the shows you are invested in!  Just as a reminder, we are going to spoil the listed shows and anything prior to the show! For example, if we talk about season 2 episode 21 of a show, anything 20 and before are up for debate. We will try to not spoil the “Next time on” that most shows do.  If you haven’t watched, or don’t want to be spoiled, on the following shows, please come back later.

    Today’s shows are:
    Sleepy Hollow
    Season 2 episode 13: “Pittura Infamante”
    Agent Carter
    Season 1 episode 3: “Time and Tide”
    Season 1 episode 13: “Welcome Back, Jim Gordon”

    The second part of the show, going forward, are our “Challenge Shows” Jarred and I will challenge each other to watch what is immediately available (at least) to watch and catch up, and do a spoiler discussion of the shows we watched.

    CJ’s Challenge to Jarred: Arrow
    Jarred’s Challenge

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    Live Call In Show – Ep 16 : Carrie Forever ALL OTHER EPS ARE ON OUR iTUNES FEED

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    Live Call In Show – Ep 16 : Carrie Forever ALL OTHER EPISODES ARE ON OUR iTUNES FEED

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    This week the panel reviews Disney's latest Princess Movie Moana, talks about new trailers, entertainment news, and Dave Chappelle moving to Netflix. They bring the audience up to date on shows they've been watching, while trying to predict the season finale of Westworld. They break down Moana in detail and outline the major pros and cons of the film and end on a solid note for a jam-packed month of November. They end the show with a discussion of what you should be watching with a large amount of new content releasing on Netflix on December 1st.  

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    The World of Carl Jung

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    Miss X finally schedules a new show!!! This will be the LAST NEW NIGHT OWLS  SHOW FOR AWHILE, so be sure to listen in.
      There has been a lot of talk around the cobwebby place lately of Carl Jung, and Miss X brings the esoteric views of the collective consciousness to you tonight in the way only she can, so get ready to concentrate whilst grabbing some popcorn!

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    SPECTRUM: A Story of the Mind with guests Nick Walker & Jill Jones

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    Host Sharon daVanport welcomes guests Nick Walker and Jill Jones to discuss the short-film SPECTRUM: A Story of the Mind, autism acceptance, sensory perception and processing for Autistic people. Other film participants, Judy Endow and Tito Mukhopadhyay are not available for the live interview so we will share their pre-arranged Q&A during the show.
    We will open up the Chatroom for Q&A so have your questions ready!
    For more information on the film, see http://spectrumstory.com For more information on the filmmaker, see http://www.nanuqoriginal.com For more information on the Nick Walker, see http://neurocosmopolitanism.com/about-me

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    Horror Society Live - The Final Show

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    Tonight, the guys at Horror Society Live say goodbye to the show by reliving some of their favorite experiences and guests!

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    It's G.S. Banks with Ginger!

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    After freeing Ms Banks from Nellie we are back to do the show om her great project Ginger!
    Most interested in how putting stories on paper about issues growing up with red hair (to me a great thing) helped her move on from those issues something we all can lear from

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    S4/E20 "The Hollywood Connection" W/John Dugan "Texas Chainsaw Massacre"!

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    It's another trip to Tinseltown as The Host with the Most Jimmy Falcon (abesent Jane Park-Smith due to scheduling) as he welcomes Grandpa from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Actor John Dugan! BE THERE!
    John will be one of the many wonderful guests, next weekend at Dark History Con n Urbana, IL! JOIN US!