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    054 Sistah Speak: The Walking Dead (S6E8)

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    Join us as we discuss The Walking Dead season six mid-season finale, “Start to Finish”, and welcome a special guest. Support the Podcast Go to sistahspeakpodcast.com/support for details on how you can support the podcast.    Subscribe to the Podcast: Click here to subscribe with iTunes Click here to subscribe with RSS Click here to subscribe with Stitcher Click here […]

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    The Amber Sym Show

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    Actress/Model Amber Sym (Amber in the shadows/Bright Ideas) will be on the show to discuss her career. 

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    Episode 099 - Solo: A Star Wars Story Review

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    Our review of Disney owned Lucasfilm's second standalone "Solo: A Star Wars Story"
    After Disney bought Lucasfilm, everyone was scared that we were going to get some watered down versions of that galaxy far far away. That didn't happen right away, we got divisive films but definitely watered down. Once Rogue One dropped, people saw the callbacks as just that, callbacks. A love letter to the fans saying "we paid attention". After Solo came about and there was even more callbacks as well as connectivity, the Disney influence was made clear with a Marvel model of connectivity. After a disappointing box office weekend, people are speculating if it was because of the fan rage after The Last Jedi or because this is a story that nobody asked for. 
    Was this our First Avenger or our Ant-Man? Listen to find out what we think.

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    Shriekfest Radio! Denise Gossett interviews writer, director Darren Callahan!

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    Darren Callahan has written drama for the BBC, SyFy Channel, National Public Radio, and Radio Pacifica New York.  Stage plays include The White Airplane and Horror Academy, both published by Polarity Books, The Double Negative, Mad Scientist Double Feature (which includes the plays Mass Grave and Sub-Genre), and Beautiful Women in Terrible Trouble (which includes Witness to An Accident, Desperate Dolls, and Sources), published by 51Works.  Novels include The Audrey Green Chronicles trilogy, City of Human Remains, and The Vanishing of Archie Gray, published by Brazilbook.  Screenplays include Terror/13, Red Park Road, All These Devils, Kiss Me with Blood, Nerves, Summer of Ghosts, and The Battle for Carlyle, published by Hooper Cinema Classics.  Also available: Twin Cinema, a collection of essays and short fiction, published by Trouble.  He is writer, director, and composer of the films Under the Table and Children of the Invisible Man.  Also a musician, he has released dozens of records, from pop to noise to ambient to film soundtracks (including the award-winning score for Chrysalis (aka Battle Apocalypse), on various labels.  His website is darrencallahan.com.  IMDB is http://www.imdb.me/darrencallahan. 
    Darren was a Semi Finalist in 2012, 2016, and in 2017 he had a finalist screenplay ALL THESE DEVILS and a semi finalist one as well.

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    The Star Chamber Show #132, A Chat With Tory Jones

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    This Wednesday at 9pm EST, award-winning filmmaker Tory Jones will be entering the Star Chamber to join co-hosts Michael West, Daniel Dark, and Stephen Zimmer for a discussion about his work, indie filmmaking, the creative world, and much more!  In the midst of producing his third feature in just two years,  His name is spreading fast throughout the horror film and fandom community and this will be a great chance for listeners to discover a filmmaker that is on the rise!  Expect a show that is fun and features great content! 
    Be sure to participate in the live chat room during the show!  Calls will be taken later in the episode! 
    About Tory Jones: Tory Jones is an award winning Writer, Director, and Producer from Southeastern Kentucky and the owner of Jonestown Films LLC. His first film Killbillies (2012) is available through Concept Media’s Select Cuts. Perhaps what he is most known for, The Wicked One premiered at Fright Night Horror Weekend 2016 to a sold out crowd of nearly 600 people taking home six awards that same evening. It would go on to screen at Horrorhound Weekend Cincinnati in March of the following year, and was released Nationwide on DVD and VOD by Dark Cuts Entertainment. The film would sell out on the initial release date and go on to become their most successful indie film on their distribution label. Tory’s next film Angel saw him partner with Concept Media Films. The film premiered in July of this year and has been acquired for distribution as well. He is currently in development on his third feature in less than two years, a follow-up to The Wicked One.

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    Issue 094: Chosen One?

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    Chosen One?
    Star Wars: The Last Jedi begged just as many questions as it answered. One lingering question left from the Skywalker Story is the Jedi prophecy of the Chosen One. For years it's been debated who the Chosen One really was. John and Matt ask not just whether it might be Rey, but whether the prophecy was true at all.
    Hosts John Mills and Matthew Rushing
    Send us your feedback! Twitter: @TheJediMasters    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheNerdParty/  Email: an@thenerdparty.com Subscribe in Apple Podcasts

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    Sexy Latina Songbird Vanessa Verduga New Hit Music "Owner Of My Heart"

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    Kimberly Jesika reporting in Live today from Hollywood, CA. I had the distinct pleasure of interviewing Multifaceted Lawyer, Film Maker & Singer Vanessa Verduga.   Vanessa released Her New Hit Single “Owner of My Heart” today!

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    Small Screen Spoiler Show 91: I Smell Blue (Barracuda)

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    Iron Fist
    Season 2 Episode 1: The Fury of Iron Fist
    Season 2 Episode 2: The City's Not for Burning
    Better Call Saul
    Season 4 Episode 6: Piñata
    Season 4 Episode 7: Something Stupid
    Season 4 Episode 8: Coushatta

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    Mike Drives John Unsane

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    This week follows up from last week's show as John (@kesseljunkie) and Mike (@mumbles3k) discuss Steven Soderbergh's Unsane, a film shot on an iPhone. They discuss what this did for the film, what it could mean for how big budget films are made, whether it could open the market for more filmmakers and writers to get projects made, and more. JOIN THE MISSION! Subscribe in Apple Podcasts Feedback: TheNerdParty.com/Contact Facebook: facebook.com/TheNerdParty Twitter: @JoinNerdParty #GreatShotKid Instagram: @TheNerdParty #GreatShotKid