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Each week Filibuster looks at the latest in film, pop culture, the festival circuit, and entertainment news. We also interview the talent involved in creating movies, literature, and television made all around the the world.

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Lee Hutchison is joined by John Tenuto to review and reflect on the first half of Star Trek: Discovery's first season. John is a Star Trek historian and Sociology Professor and who studies Star Trek fans and its cultural effects. He and his... more

"So, what was it like on the set of Star Wars: The Force Awakens?" Lee Hutchison is joined by Slovenian actor, presenter and model, Andrei Lenart who shares amazing stories from the sets of some of the biggest movies of the past... more

The Shining (1980) a Halloween Retrospective The Shining is 37 years old and is an absolute classic. But it wasn't always regarded as such. When it was released in 1980 it was met with mixed reviews and was not a financial success in the... more

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of Star Trek: The Next Generation, Lee Hutchison is joined by author and script writer, Will Stape. Will is an Emmy Award nominated screenwriter, book author and content producer. He's written for... more

Lee Hutchison is joined by actress Emily Beecham (Coen Brother's Hail Caser! and AMC's Into The Badlands) and director Peter Mackie Burns to discuss 'Daphne' which finally lands in UK cinemas on September 29th. Emily Beecham... more

Lee Hutchison is joined by another special guest, Madeleine Woolner. Madeleine Woolner is an American actress and shares with Lee her stories about putting on Shakespeare plays in New Orleans, being cast in 'The Neon Demon' and what... more

Babylon 5 - Season Four Overview Charlynn Schmiedt (Punch It) and Phillip Gilfus (Ceti Alpha 3) celebrate V-S (Victory Over the Shadows) and V-E (Victory Over Earth) Day as the major conflicts of our favorite 23rd Century space... more

On todays show, Richard Oliver and Sci-Fi legends, Robert Picardo and Slyvester McCoy join Lee Hutchison to discuss their highly rated Edinburgh fringe play, A Joke. The play revolves around a Scotsman (Stargate & Star Trek: Voyager's... more

Lee is joined by stand up comedian and Edinburgh Fringe Festival regular, Rik Carranza to discuss his Star Trek and Star Wars fandom and his two shows that are packing in audiences at this years festival. Firstly Star Trek v Star... more

'DUNKIRK' Matt Hansen (@mhansen0207) and Shawn Eastridge (@YayShawndorman) you could say are the Mulder and Scully of Christopher Nolan movies. Matt is a sceptic and doesn't believe that Nolan is worthy of his... more