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An independent "free-for-all" press in Northeast Kansas. Infamous among conservatives in the flyover zone for hoisting their credo on a spike. Famous among progressives for foisting their foibles into the sunlight. Blogging on three blogs almost daily, three years and over 400 shows on blogtalkradio, Radio Free Kansas has become a radical voice from the barnyard for political mud wrestling. "Hillbilly Anarchist", "Homegrown Hippie" and/or "Left-wing Libertarian" call us what you will. We love lobbing literary hand grenades over the heads of stonewalling careerists in the political arena. We, also print from our farm in Jefferson county, Kansas on an antique press and piss off the local Republicans, regularly. Enjoy. Feel free.

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From "Unwelcome Guests" #698 "Once More Unto the Whistle" (recorded early Oct. 2014) Almost the whole show is an interview from earlier this month with Scott Bennett. He describes how, he moved from a background in advertising and a specialist focus on the Muslim mind, via a year of research Fellow at the Heritage Foundation and 5 years of work in the G.W. Bush Administration into psychological warfare. He was a U.S. Army Special Operations Officer and a global psychological warfare/counterterrorism analyst, formerly with defense contractor Booz Allen Hamilton. He received a Direct Commission as an Officer, held a Top Secret/Sensitive Compartmentalized Information (TS/SCI) security clearance, and worked in Washington DC and MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, Florida. He became frustrated after noticing how little attention was being paid at the highest levels to tracking terrorist financing, concluding eventually that he was not being employed to be effective but merely to look good. At the end of the first hour we hear a 3 minute segment from the commercially-controlled media to give an alternative perspective of how Bennett ended up behind bars, where a (chance?) meeting with UBS whistleblower, Brad Birkenfeld, allowed them both to gradually make sense of their experiences by combining information. While plenty of details remain obscure, the larger picture will be a familiar one to regular listeners - a corrupt legal and military establishment populated by sociopaths and psychopaths who habitually pay only token regard to ethical considerations. The testimony includes references not only to Edward Snowden, but to others such as the late Michael Hastings.
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FSRN news 30min, news shorts from local Kansas politics and serial crime dramas from old time radio.

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The latest edition of Free Speech Radio News, (30 min.) followed by Pirate Radio WSQT (49 min. low-power FM) from "occupied D.C." Also extended remarks, callers welcome between segments and songs. LMAO!

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Pertinent news programs provided from across the worldwide net, music provided by regional musicians and local commentary. Callers welcome between segments and songs.

Lectures and presentations from independent critical thinkers and classic music for the ages.

Call-in live show with local news and a round-up of local music talent. National current affairs may dominate the conversations, local Kansas issues are preferred. Callers welcome. No special guests are scheduled today.

The return of an old programming tradition where callers are beckoned and absolutely gorgeous music prevails. Extended personal conversations are preferential and welcome, snarking flames are forbidden. LMAO!