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An independent "free-for-all" press in Northeast Kansas. Infamous among conservatives in the flyover zone for hoisting their credo on a spike. Famous among progressives for foisting their foibles into the sunlight. Blogging on three blogs almost daily, three years and over 400 shows on blogtalkradio, Radio Free Kansas has become a radical voice from the barnyard for political mud wrestling. "Hillbilly Anarchist", "Homegrown Hippie" and/or "Left-wing Libertarian" call us what you will. We love lobbing literary hand grenades over the heads of stonewalling careerists in the political arena. We, also print from our farm in Jefferson county, Kansas on an antique press and piss off the local Republicans, regularly. Enjoy. Feel free.

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1st HOUR: Law and Disorder Radio is a weekly, independent radio program airing on several stations across the United States and broadcasting on the web. Law and Disorder gives listeners access to rare legal perspectives on issues concerning civil liberties, privacy, right to dissent and the horrendous practices of torture exercised by the US government. This program examines the political forces and legislation that are moving the United States into a police state. Three top progressive lawyers host the program and bring an amazing, diverse line up of guests from grassroots activists to politically mindful authors. Most importantly, Law and Disorder brings access to attorneys who give insights to some of the most controversial cases the show is the generator of news within the radio echo-chamber throughout the country.
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On-Demand Episodes

The latest Free Speech Radio News programming from around the world, and here at home, "an ear to the ground, a voice on the aire." We'll then replay some of the audio clips from the Feb. 26 Topeka rally where 500 to... more

Saturday, 26/Feb a rally of unions, members of Move On, and leaders of the Kansas Democratic Party met on the statehouse steps of Topeka. We have some short audio clips and some insider clips of what they were saying .... all part of a... more

The return of an old programming tradition where callers are beckoned and absolutely gorgeous music prevails. We will take a half hour tonight to play Kaputt Radio from down under Australia with Martin, show No. 188 "More Secrets" and... more

Pertinent news programs provided from across the worldwide net, music provided by regional musicians and local commentary. Callers welcome between segments and songs.

Free Speech Radio News (30 minutes) then, some audio pandemonium with news presentations and commentary centered around the current period of temporary insanity in government. Beginning at the top of the second hour, Ks. Sen. Chris... more

The first hour is sealed tighter than a Pharoah's sarcophagus we're starting off with a vintage cut from the uprising before everybody learned how to "walk like an Egyptian" the British classic "Uncut" noise of students pissed about tuition and... more

FSRN news 30min, my notes about the on-going disclosures of Wikileaks in particular Greg Mitchell's just released book "The Age of Wikileaks." Then Sibel Edmonds Jan. 10, 2010 "Boiling Frogs" with Peter B. Collins discussing with... more

On the eve of the final wave of demonstrations that brought down Egyptian President Mubarak, Professor Noam Chomsky and Phyliss Bennis spoke before a crowd Feb. 10, 2011 at Arlington, Ma. This includes a series of Q and A and... more

U. S. Sponsored thug regimes are falling in North Africa, one after another! Reagan's Epoch is Shattered in the Middle East! The tumultuous events in North Africa are steering away from decades of American military supported... more

The return of an old programming tradition where callers are beckoned and absolutely gorgeous music prevails. Extended personal conversations are preferential and welcome, snarking flames are forbidden. LMAO!