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An independent "free-for-all" press in Northeast Kansas. Infamous among conservatives in the flyover zone for hoisting their credo on a spike. Famous among progressives for foisting their foibles into the sunlight. Blogging on three blogs almost daily, three years and over 1000 shows on blogtalkradio, Radio Free Kansas has become a radical voice from the barnyard for political mud wrestling. "Hillbilly Anarchist", "Homegrown Hippie" and/or "Left-wing Libertarian" call us what you will. We love lobbing literary hand grenades over the heads of stonewalling careerists in the political arena. We, also print from our farm in Jefferson county, Kansas on an antique press and piss off the local Republicans, regularly. Enjoy. Feel free.

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What's the matter with Kansas? "The Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy recently reported that Kansas has the ninth-most unfair tax system in the county. A Kansan earning $47,700 a year pays 9.5 percent of income in state and local taxes; but someone earning $1,191,700 pays an effective rate of just 3.6 percent." So much for the 'trickle down' libertarian economic theories masterminded by the Wichita plutocrats Charles & David Koch; and implemented by Gov. Sam Brownback and his cronies in the state legislature. Kansas legislative news shorts provided by the Kansas National Organization of Women, the Kansas Democratic Party, Kansas Farmers Union, local news media, etc. Hear what committee chief is holding up Medicaid expansion in Kansas, and why. Also the latest last ditch attempt to keep irrigating federally subsidized crops in the Kansas southwestern desert. Then we jump into Talk Radio Europe on Syriza facing off with the European central bankers and the European Union. 2nd Hour - Hear the latest (released for distribution 20 Feb. 2015) from investigative reporter, Tony Gosling & "Old Labour" Martin Summer as they host from Bristol's community radio station the "Friday Drivetime" show.
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Programming selected from the worldwide internet. Designed to ignite imagination and agitate the apathetic. Free Speech Radio News made enough from it's non-stop fund drive to keep broadcasting until July 31, giving us all a... more

Pertinent news programs provided from across the worldwide net, music provided by regional musicians and local commentary. Callers welcome between segments and songs.

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Go to Facebook to read the letter from Occupy Wichita for the background around Doris Gent's legal problems after Gov. Brownback's Town Hall meeting on children's poverty in Kansas. Click here.

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Programming selected from the worldwide internet. Designed to ignite your imagination and agitate the apathetic.

We'll attempt to re-broadcast the interrupted show of Sunday 24 June 2012 in it's entirety. "Incredible Edibles" Subtitled: Local Food, Environmental NGOs, GM Labels is from the Unwelcome Guests collective and was originally released... more

Wouldn't you know it, a thunderstorm rolled in and finally gave the plants a much needed drink. There is a seven minute blank spot at the beginning of this show due to the great calamity on our heads. A claissic from Virtual Renderings... more