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We're long overdue to air Alex Smith's Radio Ecoshock, the world's largest podcast of all things pertaining to climate disruption.

Notes from the site. SUMMARY: Will the Pacific ocean change-up called El Nino startle the world? The latest update from NASA, plus two scientific experts. It's not what you think. Ends with backyard farmer Luke Kimmel and his green bag of tips. Mike Halpert, Dr. Shayne McGregor, Luke Kimmel. Will 2014 or 2015 will be hottest in recorded human history? First we get the latest update on El Nino from Mike Halpert, Acting Director, of NOAA's Climate Prediction Center, in College Park, Maryland. Then I speak with ocean climate expert Dr. Shayne McGregor, and double check with Australia's Dr. Matthew England. It leads to a surprising conclusion.

Then Dave Lindorff This Can't Be Happening April 9 2014 on Progressive Radio Network interviews Professor Harold Wanless, chair of the Geology Department at the University of Miami and a leading climate change expert, talks about the latest IPCC report, explaining that as scary as its latest predictions are for global warming, it is far too conservative, because the IPCC does not factor in the feedback loops that are making things get worse faster — whether it’s the doubling of the pace of Greenland and Western Antarctic ice melt every seven years, or the releasing of massive methane deposits in permafrost and undersea methyl cathrates. If we don’t act quickly to significantly reduce the use of carbon fuels, he says, we could see a “baked in” 70-foot sea rise, perhaps in our children’s or grandchildren’s lives, and even an end to human civilization.