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Seers of the Soul& Bella

  • Broadcast in Spirituality
Seers of the Soul

Seers of the Soul


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I want you all to understand this is a big dog, that was abused her spirit broken down, to where she was afraid of everything.This Beautiful girl was beaten by a man in a closed area where she could do nothing except take the beating!! Then this person got tired of her , and brought her to streets unknown to her, and dumped her. Now think about this your beaten an then taken to a places you have never seen ,what would you do? Run for your life!! and that is what Bella did for 2 months because no one could catch her she was so scared!! I sat for 3 weeks on the sidewalk feeding her animal cookies and talking to her, nope she would not come close, to where I could pet her but she watched every move I made.Bella live off the food people left out like cat food, strange things that she could surive on, she became a very underweight dog.When I took on the Challenage of Bella, I saw such a Beautiful soul of an animal so beaten down that Spirit said patience and she will come.Three weeks of sitting with her every evening and her walking with me, and watching me leave her to walk across the street to be with my dogs.Bella finally saw something in my heart that told her it was ok, the last day of the third week I left Bella across the street like I always did, I walked in to my yard played with my girls, and the next thing I know I heard this Woof!! at my gate, I went an opened the gate she came in very slowly, the girls greeted her,she look at me and somehow Spirit brought us together she found her forever home. So Please understand Bella is still very scared and I am working with her,that why I would love for her to reach your hearts an follow her story, and always know someone cares about you .Many Blessings from Bella an I as we continue our Journey and hope you walk with us so we can share our Love with you.