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  • Is Biocidin a full-spectrum pathogen eradicator? Meaning does it take care of parasites, as much as it does bacteria and fungus/yeasts all in one?
  • Looking for thoughts on first line options of probiotics for clients. I know we don’t like to generalize however I have come across something that made all the Difference in the world for me which is spore based probiotics such as what BioBotanicals offer. For years and I means years all sorts of practitioners tried to get me on all sorts of probiotics because I needed them but I always responded horrifically to every type. So thoughts on, while waiting for testing to come back, would it error on the side of caution to start the client on a spore based until we see there stool results?
  • I have been hesitating asking this question b/c I'm on M8 & feel I should know the answer but I don't know that I'm clear on why we start with the 205 & 101 before testing micro-biome, food sensitivities & mucosal barrier function. Either point me to where I can go to understand this or provide a clear, detailed answer here, thx!
  • For those of you that have clients with Crohn's Disease, what have been your greatest insights into this condition and what has been the experience of your client's?
  • For someone with an egg allergy, which biofilm buster would we suggest besides interfase? On the protocol sheet Melatonin prolonged release can be found both under supporting mucosal barrier and also under supporting adrenals. I understand the use to support adrenals taking it at night pretty well, wondering the impact of the recommend the dosage (2-3 per day) for the support digestion/ assimilation during the day. Will it make a person slow? groggy?