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Ask The Mentors Call!

1.  Clients that don't commit but still want your time.  Do any of you experience clients that go through a Discovery Session with you but then proceed to email you multiple times (emails that require a ton of time) asking tons of questions; many of the same things that were addressed in the Discovery Session.... yet don't commit to working with you/moving forward. Such a time suck and I am struggling with where to draw the line on this. 

2.  Caller asking about female client, on birth control for 10 years, trying to regulate

3.  Caller asking about OAT testing and ELISA/ACT vs. MRT

4.  Patient tested for H Pylori 5 years ago, followed a protocol, never retested. Did GI Map recently and came back H Pylori positive. In FDN course notes, it mentions that H Pylori can work its way into Gallbladder and be harder to eradicate. Patient has been on standard h pylori protocol (Pyloricil) for a month and hasn't noticed a difference in symptoms. Should I recommend a gallbladder flush at this point? If so, any specific ones to follow? Would the Liver-Gallbladder Quick Flush in our notes be sufficient?

5. For the liver and gall bladder quick flush, what amount of malic acid can be taken (and when) to replace the apple juice, if someone cannot have the apple juice (due to blood sugar or food sensitivity issues)?

6.  As FDN, we favor keeping all of our pieces and parts. However, there are the occasions where that is not ideal. I have a client that was taken to the ER, where it was discovered that her gallbladder was inflamed/infected and contained one large, golf ball sized stone. Surgery promptly followed. Does anyone have any tried and true remedies for helping the body transition to the new norm of no gallbladder?