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Well balanced exercise routine Aesthetic training vs vitality training 4 quadrant workout Daily Stressors What is Chi-Gong? Health benefits of Chi-Gong Energy of internal organs

EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique Body and Mind techniques - ?something is stuck? Psychological acupuncture Acupuncture definitions & terminology Acupuncture and FDN – combining the 2 practices ACU -... more

How to incorporate FDN with a chiropractors practice? Are the chiropractor and FDN practitioner a good fit? Where is the gap and how you can be of assistance? Recommendations on introducing your practice Lectures & new patients... more

MRT and high # of sensitivities MRT & food groups Stress with food elimination Exposure to new foods & recipes Gluten removal and testing Gluten and cross reactivity Books and Summits regarding Gluten Th1 vs Th2 immunity Building a... more

Dr. Fresco – Biocidin Originally designed for Medical doctors who want to treat without medication SIBO & reoccurring symptoms Acupuncture for Constipation/GI Tract Parasite, bacteria and yeast – how long on... more

Dr Fresco presenting on Friday, Feebruary 27th, submit your questions for Q&A FDN II course for those already established in FDN I Lesson 1 is updated Steroid hormone produced as needed or goes to storage? Reduce chemical and toxic... more

Recommendations for HCL supplementation Topics: Pancreatic enzymes versus digestive enzymes Helicobactor strains H. Pylori – treating family members H. Pylori – protocols around sensitivities How to order supplements... more

FDN Expansion update Upcoming Summits and Courses Jenn Malecha - Sales/Promotion update No one out there does what we do! Handling additional test results provided by clients Cortisol levels, patterns and expectations MRT... more

Update on BH101 and additional markers Update on cost of BH kit shipping outside of US Guidelines regarding use of the FDN moniker and trademarks Ratios on 205 result/worksheet Optimums and reference ranges Elevated... more

Medical Director fee update Medical Director Program – History and explanation Disclaimers regarding ?Check with Your Physician? Establishing good client agreements Explanation of 205 – timing of samples When to run a... more