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Special Guest Episode with Mark England, Co-founder of Procabulary Mark England is a co-founder of Procabulary, professional speaker and life coach. He is dedicated to helping people optimize and achieve any goal in their personal or... more

It's an Ask the Mentors Episode! 1. Lecture Suggestion for Type Two Diabetes group who are all Paleo. 2. Best protocol to clear estrogen dominance, and for gut lining repair? 3. Client Case: G.I. test results came back positive for... more

1. Caller: When to test 48 yo female, who was on vaginal estrogen for 10 days 2. To DIM or not to DIM? 3. Would a thyroid test reveal insight into carbohydrate processing? 4. Biocidin in pill form...Is It just as effective as drops? 5. Any... more

It an Ask the Mentors Episode! 1. In working with a child with really bad eczema or any child, do we have a protocol of labs to run? Would we do Metabolic Typing? 2. When someone has parasites, abundant bacteria, H. Pylori and... more

It's an "Ask the Mentors" Episode Topics: 1. MRT results with zero red reactions! My initial thought is suppressed immune system- but is there any possibility that this could be normal/healthy? 2. Working with a client that has multiple food... more

It's an "Ask the Mentors" Episode! Topics Include: 1. GI pathogen protocols - layering and die-off 2. Ultralife LBF#2 ( in this case) which contains bentonite clay and charcoal. It says to take it with meals. Wouldthat absorb the other... more

It's an Ask Reed: Business Episode! Topics: 1. Outflow and inflow and speaking engagements 2. Answering the question "how do you run lab without being a doctor?" 3. Using FDN materials on webpage or marketing 4. Sales Follow-ups... more

Ask the Mentors Episode

It's an Ask the Mentors Episode! Topics Include: 1. Creating a diet around many food restrictions 2. GI-Map test result and client became pregnant, how to handle the follow-up protocol 3. Genova IP back that showed no result for mannitol... more

Special Guest Episode with Olyvia DuSold Olyvia DuSold started on this road to helping people find holistic forms of self-care and pain management about 6 years ago, but she didn't know it then. At the time she thought she just really liked... more