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BlogTalkRadio’s New Integration With Facebook!

What Is It?

Facebook Connect allows you to seamlessly connect your listening experience on BlogTalkRadio with your Facebook Timeline.  Once connected, when you listen to a show on BlogTalkRadio, the name of the episode will automatically display on your Facebook Timeline.  Similarly, every time one of your listeners that has connected their BlogTalkRadio account to Facebook tunes in to your show, the episode they are listening to will appear in their Timeline for their whole Facebook network to see!  As a result, your show will now be much more easily shared and discovered by communities on Facebook.


What Does It Mean For Me?

If you are a BlogTalkRadio host, your show will now gain exposure to a much wider population and be more easily found by new listeners, in addition to boosting engagement with your current audience.  And as a listener, you’ll be able to promote the shows and hosts you love listening to on BTR as well as discover more shows on the network that you want to hear. Once you connect and grant permission, any time you listen to a show on BTR, it will appear on your Facebook Timeline. You will now be able to easily share your love for BTR hosts with your Facebook community and discover new hosts from your friend’s timelines.


Why We Are Excited For You!

It has been amazing to read the recent successes of other companies such as Spotify, Pinterest, Vevo, Fab.com, and Foodspotting that have integrated with Facebook to drive significant traffic increases and engagement with content on their site.  We are very excited to be working with Facebook on this update and help our hosts get the exposure they deserve!


How Does It Work?

There are two ways to connect:


1. Go to My Account and click on the “Connect using Facebook” button at the top of the page and follow the prompts.


2. Go to your dropdown menu, click My Account and on the My Account page, you will find your Facebook Connect settings on the right hand side of the page. 

Manage Your Connections


Please note that by default, your activity will be shared unless you uncheck the Publish actions to Timeline box in your Facebook Connect settings.  You can additionally make changes to your Facebook status updates to change who can view the posts BlogTalkRadio makes on your behalf, as shown below.

Adjust FB Privacy

BlogTalkRadio hosts can be excited to be discovered by a whole new audience of listeners with Facebook Connect!  If you run into any issues, as always let us know at www.blogtalkradio.com/contactus.aspx.


Why are the shows I listen to displaying on my Facebook Timeline?

By default, in your Facebook Connect settings, this feature is turned on.  To shut it off, simply go to My Account > Facebook Connect Settings > and then uncheck the bottom box that says “Publish Actions to Timeline”


Where will the shows I’m listening to display?

The shows you listen to will display on your Facebook Timeline wall, as well as the activity box at the top right of the Facebook screen.


Why aren’t the shows I listen to displaying on my Facebook Timeline?

In order to have the activities display on your Timeline and to promote your favorite hosts, you must have the “Publish activities to Timeline” box checked in your Facebook Connect settings.  To do so, simply go to My Account, and on the right hand side of that page, you’ll find Facebook Connect settings.  Click to expand and check that box.


How do I troubleshoot my Facebook Connect Settings?

Try the following steps to troubleshoot your Facebook Connect Settings:


• You must be logged into your Facebook account in your browser to use that particular Facebook connection with BlogTalkRadio’s Facebook Connect.  

BlogTalkRadio App and Facebook Connections

• If the feature is not working properly, disconnect your Facebook Connect settings, log out of BlogTalkRadio, log out of your Facebook account, log back into your Facebook account, and then log back into BlogTalkradio and re-connect with your Facebook Connect settings.


• If all else fails, simply open a support ticket at www.blogtalkradio.com/contactus.aspx and we’ll be glad to assist!