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The Amazing Men of Craft Answer Your Craft Questions

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This month we are talking to The Amazing Men of Craft and they will be answering your burning questions and talking about crafting for the holidays.

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On this month's show is the always delightful, Jonathon Fong from Style With a Smile TV, the mayor of Glitterville, Stephen BrownThe Crochet Dude himself, Drew Emborsky,  and the blinged bandit, Mark Montano.

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0:43 Mo

Hi everybody, it's Mo with FaveCrafts. We have an amazing show and story for you today. I'm rounded up with some of the best man crafters on the web who will be here to talk to you about what is like to be guy crafter because I know I want to know, as well as some great holiday craft ideas for gifts, home decor, parties and so much more. They have so much to share. I can't wait to get started. I just want to remind everyone that you can call in to the show yourself and share your own ideas or ask a question. All you have to do is to call us at 646-200-4435 anytime during this live show. Also, we have a chat room where you can connect with me as well as fellow listeners. Its fun to hang out there during the show and see what everyone is talking about and I see there are people already in there so jumped on in. It's at favecraftradio.com and you can chat with the listeners and guests right there on our chat room. We also have several giveaways with today's show so stay tune because I'm going to have an announcement about that later in the show. Okay, so we're going to get right to the show because we have four guests today right after this message.

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2:30 Mo

Okay. I'd like to introduce my first guest. He can't draw, he has no formal design training, and he is allergic to flowers, though he does have some amazing DIY project ideas that he shares online with his awesome videos and tutorials. He is the man behind Style with a Smile TV, an online web show where he shares all kinds of projects from recycled crafts to home decor, and his ideas will inspire anyone and are perfect from the beginner to the experienced crafter, so let's welcome Jonathan Fong. Hi Jonathan!

3:04 Jonathan Fong

Hi! It's so fun to be here.

3:06 Mo

Thanks for being on FaveCraft Radio.

3:08 Jonathan Fong

Thank you for having me.

3:10 Mo

I have so many questions, so let's get it started.

3:13 Jonathan Fong

(laughs). Okay.

3:14 Mo

I'm just chock full of questions. You're definitely one of my favorite man crafters, but I want to know what is it like to be a man crafter in a primarily women world. What is that like?

3:28 Jonathan Fong

It's so funny you asked that because I don't really think much about that. All my life I've been in situations where I've been the only male so after awhile you don't think about it anymore. When I was a little, it was the same thing. Now, I took the hip-hop class where I'm the only male and I never thought about it until somebody else mentioned it.

3:53 Mo

Hip hop. You do do it all.

3:57 Jonathan Fong

I love being in a world of all these women because I love women. Until somebody mentioned it, I never thought about it. Then when I thought about it, all I feel is I'm special. (laughs)

4:12 Mo

Yeah, of course. And __04:14__, hip hop. I should've added that to my intro for you.

4:18 Jonathan Fong

Well, I'm not any good at it.

4:23 Mo

(laughs). Well, when I think about man crafting and I love the term man crafts, it sounds so extreme. I'm always, I'm always picturing like power tools like saws and like big heavy tools. Would you agree with that or are you -- you know, are you using more power tools than the average crafter would use maybe?

4:44 Jonathan Fong

I'm not sure. I use a drill and a screw driver, but that's about it. I'm afraid of a power tools that could cut my arm off, although I learned that a jigsaw, not a jigsaw, a hacksaw is surprisingly helpful and it helps me with cutting like wood and bamboo and that sort of things. But now, I stick to my glue gun for having lift in really.

5:19 Mo

Well, the glue gun can also be dangerous as we all know.

5:23 Jonathan Fong

Oh, yeah. Yeah. I have burns through that.

5:26 Mo

Right. We all have the whirlwinds.

5:30 Jonathan Fong

So I've been using those pink little silicone tips.

5:35 Mo

Oh glue gun helpers.

5:37 Jonathan Fong

Yes. Love that.

5:38 Mo

I love those. Yes, agree! So if you haven't seen the glue gun helpers from Cathie and Steve, they're awesome. They really protect your -- so have your fingerprint take...

5:48 Jonathan Fong

Yeah. They make breaks just for people.

5:51 Mo


5:52 Jonathan Fong

I haven't seen them before like "Wow".

5:55 Mo

Yeah. Those are really cool.

5:57 Jonathan Fong


5:58 Mo

I know that you have several books, Walls that Wow, Flowers that Wow, Parties that Wow, so it leads me to the hottest topic right now. You know, Turkey Day is right around the corner so everyone's talking...

6:11 Jonathan Fong

I can't believe that.

6:12 Mo

I know right how did this happen. Halloween in November, it's just known here in Chicago last night and it was kind of like a wakeup call. Yes, we are in November. Can you share some a couple of ideas for adding a DIY touch for holiday get-togethers, for Parties that Wow for the holidays?

6:29 Jonathan Fong

Yeah. Well, I like to for holiday get-togethers, I'd like to think that we need to start like even like outside the house like before people even get inside to the party and living in Southern California, that's like a big deal because it's always so warm here and you're not getting to the holiday spirit visually here because it's so beautiful. You don't have the visual cues that it's winter.

7:02 Mo


7:03 Jonathan Fong

So I like to start the party like outside, so that's my tip to get people in the mood. Just like in Disneyland, you don't actually get to the ride for a while, so they give you all these fun stuffs outside before you get into ride. So I'm into decorating like the walkway and the porch, just the approach to the party. So I could use luminaries and I just made, I just did this project for eHow where I decorated a friend's porch for holidays and I did that back in October. That was really out of sync with the time.

7:44 Mo


7:45 Jonathan Fong

But I did check, I made these gigantic candy canes out of red PVC pipe that I found at home depot and I guess that was very manly of me, you know, going to home depot there.

7:57 Mo


7:59 Jonathan Fong

I found those five-foot long red PVC pipes and I melted it on a gas grill. That sounds very manly too.

8:10 Mo

Wow! That sounds dangerous.

8:14 Jonathan Fong

It really wasn't because if not like you put the PVC pipe there and it instantly melts. It just takes a long time to even just get it malleable and then it just softens a little bit and then I use my boot strings and kind of bend the tip of the PVC pipe to get the crook of the candy cane and then I wound a white electrical tape around the red PVC pipe to make it looks like a candy cane. So it makes some of decor entrance especially at Southern California where that comments have a (Crosstalk) in the exterior.

8:53 Mo


8:55 Jonathan Fong

Once I went all the way for a holiday party, I went to rent in a truck and drove all the way to the mountains and filled the truck with snow and then drove it back and then put it all outside at the entrance to the house so that when people came there will be snow outside.

9:17 Mo

I was going to ask if you use a lot of fake snow in California actually, but I guess you just go get it.

9:24 Jonathan Fong

Yeah, just an hourly drive out so. I had no idea that when I rented the truck that they charged my mileage. I saw the $20 left on the side of the truck. Then "Oh, $20" but no they charged me the mileage too so it was really expensive snow.

9:46 Mo

Oh, that's hilarious. Oh, that's so funny. I didn't even think of that, just bring the snow to you.

9:52 Jonathan Fong

Yeah. Yeah. It really made an impact and it surprised me that the snow did not melt that quickly and that stayed outside for several days afterwards.

10:02 Mo

Is that candy cane idea on you site at all so we can show people what that is like?

10:08 Jonathan Fong

Yeah. Actually, it is. I think I just posted it on jonathanfongstyle.com. I just renovated my site, so it just went live this week whether it is -- finally, I'm in the 21st century where I included a blog function on it. There is a link to it. The whole article was on eHow. So there is a link on there, blog entry on the front porch and there is a link to the article on eHow on there. I'll be doing a video on it as well in the coming weeks because...

10:42 Mo

Oh, great!

10:43 Jonathan Fong


10:44 Mo

Great! Awesome! Yeah, I'd love to see it. So for Thanksgiving since that is really coming up I can't believe.

10:52 Jonathan Fong

I know. I love Thanksgiving.

10:55 Mo

I know, me too, eating holidays, I'm all for it. Do you have any great ideas for setting a table that will wow our guests?

11:03 Jonathan Fong

I have a -- if you go to table ideas that I use over and over again because you know what's wrong with that one, good ideas to use, and one of my favorite Thanksgiving table setting ideas is to start with an old picture frame. I collect 11 x 17 old picture frames. You can go to a store or trade markets and if you find like pictures that are 11 x 17 frames throw the pictures out or give those away and keep the outer frame and I use that -- that sounds like my frame for the dinnerware and the glasses and the ...

11:54 Mo


11:56 Jonathan Fong

Silverware. So I put that frame on the table so everybody gets a frame or sometimes when I haven't had enough because there's lot people, then I every other person gets a frame and you put the frame down in front of the feet and then within the frame, you can put like a placemat on the background or I've used like vintage French postcards like in the background there and then put the plate down and the silverware all within the frame and the glassware and then that for seating card, I get the little mini canvases at the art supply store or the craft store and then I put that each person's photograph on the frame and then sat down the easel and put that on the charger or whatever that's within the frame and 11 x 17 frame works perfectly because most dinner plates are like 11 inches so it fits right.

12:59 Mo

Right. That's a great idea though.

13:02 Jonathan Fong

Oh, that's really...

13:04 Mo

I haven't heard that one. That's a great idea.

13:06 Jonathan Fong

It looks pretty cool and people just love it. I love being a little bit -- something a little bit special for holiday gathering because it makes people feel special when they come to your home and I'm always feel grateful when people come over for like Thanksgiving or any get-together because I know there are a lot of entertainment options. They don't have to come to find out.

13:34 Mo

Hey free food.

13:36 Jonathan Fong

Yeah. I love when they come over so I want to entertain them really. When you say you're entertaining people, that's actually giving a little entertainment quality to them without having anything to them. (laughs)

13:50 Mo

So I know you have lots of videos that we talked about at stylewithasmile.tv. I love that site. It's so easy to use and you can I used to find so many ideas. Are there some ideas on there that we can use for a handmade holiday gift idea?

14:07 Jonathan Fong

Oh yeah. Yeah. Well, I love to make handmade gift and I love personalizing gift because it's obvious that you didn't buy it at the store and one of my favorite things is to make personalized soaps for people. Actually, I don't make the soap. I buy bar soap and then I personalize it with images and then I put images of their kids, their pets or them on the soaps and I show how to make that one in my videos and it's basically -- I use mod podge first to put the image on the soap and you need like a flat soap and not like a curve soap, but with a flat side so you can put the image on with some mod podge and then I have, at all time, an electric cooker with melted wax in their, melted beeswax. It's not like I have it on all time. I have electric wires at all times and I take the soap and I just dip it into the hot wax just really fast and that fills in the image so that you can actually use the soap and it won't wash off.

15:28 Mo


15:30 Jonathan Fong

It makes a great gift and I've had people telling me that they make gifts for everybody like that.

15:39 Mo

That sounds like a great idea.

15:40 Jonathan Fong

Yeah, it's really easy and it sounds like, "Oh, I'm feeling the hot wax," but it's really not that hot. It's not hot enough to melt and in dipping it, I use like some tongs just to dip the soap into the hot wax.

15:56 Mo

Yeah, not your bare hand.

16:00 Jonathan Fong

That actually -- I should get this back but I have to use just my bare fingers because (laughs).

16:06 Mo

It so manmade.

16:08 Jonathan Fong

Yeah it is. The wax itself in the electric pan is just like a half inch or quarter inch deep. It was not like I'm dipping my fingers into it. As long as I just hold the edge of the soap, I just get it in there just enough to dip it.

16:26 Mo

Right. Well and I know on FaveCrafts, we have the project for the paint chip boxes like gift boxes from you and all...

16:36 Jonathan Fong

I love working with paint chips. I just do anything with paint chips. So it's like decorated boxes with paint chips on them on the site. Yeah, I have a video on making a paint chip starburst mirror and I don't know what else I've made with paint chips.

16:56 Mo

Those are great because they're like low cost craft. You have a lot of recycled crafts too which are awesome so people are looking for quick and easy inexpensive gift ideas that you have.

17:07 Jonathan Fong

Yeah. There is a video on making picture frames with old cereal boxes.

17:15 Mo


17:17 Jonathan Fong

You know I just use things. I just save my toothpaste box this week thinking I want to make something with this. I'm thinking that kind of thing.

17:28 Mo

Oh, yes. What a great idea. Because it's nice and narrow, that's great.

17:32 Jonathan Fong

Yeah. Yeah.

17:35 Mo

Well you have so many great ideas. I just want to encourage anyone to go and see all your awesome ideas, remind everybody of the website.

17:44 Jonathan Fong

Yeah. It's stylewithasmile.tv for all the video and then my regular site is jonathanfongstyle.com.

17:55 Mo

And you said you just revamped it so everyone should go and check it out.

17:58 Jonathan Fong

Yeah. Yeah. So there are probably all these glitches on it so far away without that. That's not physics, just tell me what's wrong with this. (laughs)

18:06 Mo

Everyone go and test it and then jump on the Facebook and tell him.

18:11 Jonathan Fong

Yeah. Every now and then I get something, "Oh that sounds __18:15__ like that".

18:17 Mo

Use our feedback. Well, thank you Jonathan so much and really everyone should check out the site because there are some I mean that you do really do have some really great project ideas that are so cool and about the videos, they're spectacular so make sure to go and check it out.

18:31 Jonathan Fong

Okay. Thank you.

18:35 Mo

Thank you so much. Have a great Thanksgiving!

18:38 Jonathan Fong

Thank you! You too! Bye!

18:40 Mo

See you! Wow, that was great! So we're going to bring on our next guest, but first I have a special message for everybody so stay tuned.

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19:30 Mo

Okay and we're back. So I'm looking for my next guest on my phone line. You have to forgive me. It's my first show flying solo. I missed having my buddy, Amy here. So my next guest is the author of several books including Men Who Knit and The Dogs Who Love Them, I love that title so be sure to check it out. He has been featured in many national publications for his designs and he's crochet expert on the hit show, Knit and Crochet Now on PBS. I'm going to go and look for him on our phone lines so until then, stay tuned and listen to this brief message.

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20:44 Mo

Oh the beauty of live radio. Okay, so I have several callers on my lines, but I'm looking for Drew Emborsky, The Crochet Dude. He's supposed to be coming out on our show live. So just a reminder to everybody, we have a live chat room that's going on right now at favecraftradio.com where you can log in and talk to everybody and you can all talk about how crazy this sound right now without the guest on and you can also connect with us on Twitter or Facebook just go to facebook.com/favecraft. Until then, hold a moment. Let me see if I could find my Crochet Dude because I want to talk about crochet, one moment.

22:05 Mo

Okay, we're back. So we're skipping ahead a little bit here to our next guest. I've known this next amazing crafter and I can't thank him enough for calling in early. He is really something fabulous. He is an amazing crafter and a really great friend. He is the author of 10 crafting books and has started on several television series including While You Were Out and 10 Years Younger. He has taken his skills as a fashion designer and created some awesome DIY projects on his new video series, The Mark Montano Project. It's Mark Montano. Hi Mark.

22:44 Mark Montano

Yehey! Hello, how are you?

22:47 Mo

Good morning. (laughs)

22:51 Mark Montano

It is morning and I woke up with a cold today.

22:55 Mo


22:56 Mark Montano

It happens.

22:57 Mo

It's not even cold there, is it?

22:59 Mark Montano

No. You know what, it's just that I've been -- today is the official launch of The Big-Ass Book of Bling. Today is when it hits the shelf and I've been working so hard to like get it officially launched that I think I've finally just -- this morning, I've finally just broke down and woke up with colds. It can happen.

23:19 Mo

It finally broke you.

23:20 Mark Montano

It really -- it almost killed me.

23:26 Mo

The bling almost killed you. Well, I finally got my hands on your new Big-Ass Book of Bling. So tell us now that we know you're exhausted, how does this process work when you are creating this book? What goes into it besides your love, sweat and tears? Because this book is I already told you, it's big. It's a Big-Ass Book. It's big.

23:50 Mark Montano

It really is. It's 150 DIY projects. And really, I mean in essence this book took over 20 years to write because even though it's been a year to put it together and publish, a lot of the projects are things that I have been making since I was a fashion designer in New York City and I used to have a boutique and to make extra money, we always made the accessories for the store. We always made the jewelry. It was just fun and it was a great way to take a break from selling clothes, which we would do all day. And so basically, I've just been making jewelry my whole life and we made a lot of jewelries for the runway shows that we did, which you can see on YouTube still, which I think is so funny. So basically, this is just a culmination of the accessories that we made in my fashion career.

24:51 Mo

Wow. But I mean it seems like because you have to make all 150 projects that takes quite some time, right?

24:59 Mark Montano

Yes. It takes a real solid year to make photographs and write about each projects and I go through a big process where I really go to the material, make sure that they're readily available to the public that I'm not using found objects and things like that which I love to use but really can't when I'm writing a craft book because I want people to be able to do the project and I want them to be understandable and acceptable so that's how I vet each project. It can be It's a long process.

25:41 Mo

Yeah. So the Doll Head, can we talk about that for a moment? (laughs) I have to bring it up because every time, one of your new books hit my office, it's like the most talked about thing, of course. So how did this whole thing -- they want to know. How did this whole love of baby has, how did this start? Where does that come from? They're just dying to know.

26:07 Mark Montano

Well, I've always loved dolls and you know dolls have been used in arts and photography, and you know, Joseph Cornell used them. He is one of the most famous collage artists. You know they have been used for 100 years. I think the imagery, I think they are just so beautiful and they evoke so much emotion in people, sometimes good, sometimes bad. They can be very creepy and very scary, but they can also be very -- you know, it remind you of really lovely times and I actually love dolls. I think they're beautiful. I love how little girls really love their dolls and create them into actual beings and give them personalities. So I've just always like doll. I hate clowns so you will never find me using any clown. I do not use it in my work.

27:00 Mo

You like baby heads, but not clowns.

27:02 Mark Montano

But I do like, but I do like baby heads.

27:05 Mo

It's where you draw the line.

27:07 Mark Montano

I draw the line in clowns.

27:09 Mo

Such a fine line between baby head and clown.

27:12 Mark Montano

For some people yes. And some people love the baby heads and some people don't, but you know, baby head right here.

27:20 Mo

Yes, as you said. At some point, you have to make a decision. You have so many great projects with safety pins. I'm actually -- I was kind of amazed that few of them really are -- you wouldn't believe some of them are safety pins. So what would just say are your two besides you know the baby head? Whenever you made, well you will say this is the baby head? What are your two favorite projects that are in the new Big-Ass Book of Bling?

27:47 Mark Montano

Okay. My two favorite projects. One it's something called the bluebird bangle and it's really hard to sometimes go out and find really interesting bracelets that everybody doesn't have. So I basically cut wood bangles out of wood with the jigsaw. You can have anybody cut it if you're not good with the jigsaw. So I cut these wood bangles out and then I showed people how to make molds. It's really easy molding putty and then cast them. And so I cut out a wood bangle and put a bluebird head on the wood bangle and I used some Minwax Express Color Stain to stain it really nice blue and it looks like a museum piece. It's a really wonderful, interesting bracelet that has a lot of possibilities if you like working with wood. And then other one, my other favorite project are these rings that I made with -- I microwaved glass in a Fuseworks microwave glass kiln and created this beautiful glass gem rings in the book, and those are my favorite. I wear them around the house all the time. I mean I personally can't wear them in public because they're very pretty and very feminine, but I wear them around the house. I think they're just so cool.

29:13 Mo

They seemed pretty amazing. I was wondering how hard it was to do that actually with the...

29:23 Mark Montano

It's a kiln and it's about 6 inches in diameter and it goes in your microwave and you can melt glass in your microwave. It's a Fuseworks microwave kiln and you can out marbles in their and they sell glass that you can fuse in there. You can make these beautiful glass gems in your microwave. It's crazy...

29:51 Mo

That is crazy.

29:52 Mark Montano

It's really crazy. I got hooked on it. I got one a couple of years ago. It's been about three years now and it's always on my kitchen counter. I'm always fusing glass and melting glass. I was that kid who put a beer bottle in the camp fire at the end of the night because in the morning I wanted to see the melted beer bottle. You know, did you ever do that?

30:10 Mo

Right, yeah. Definitely.

30:12 Mark Montano

Yes. So I love melting glass.

30:13 Mo

That's so cool. I'm so glad you're talking about jewelry because we actually have someone called in with a question for you about jewelry and DIY so I'm going to welcome Rolando. A man called into the craft show which is the first time ever. Hi Rolando!

30:30 Rolando

How is it going?

30:31 Mo

You have a question?

30:33 Rolando

Yeah. Well, actually I guess some advice. About a year ago, I made a necklace for my wife. It looked like well to her, it's kind of idiot. My intention was to like to impress her with my creative skills and then a few months after that, I made another one and then it got a little bit better and I go -- at least wear to church. So she did it and then I started making more because some of the ladies are going. "Wow, that's cool! That's nice. Where did you get them?" "My husband made it." "Well, that's pretty impressive for your husband making this kind of stuff for you." So for the last year I've been on disability and I've been making jewelry while it is out of duct tape or not. I'm starting to do some accessories here and out to make it look a little bit more I don't want to say California style, but I moved here four years ago to Pennsylvania from San Francisco. Well, it was a really artistic type of community. So that's where I'm at right now. Well, I'm making a lot of jewelry, but it's still kind of weird approaching women. You know what I mean? (laughs). I'm trying to incorporate my wife just like how she stand next to me and kind of like when you wear this, because she just wears it in the church sometimes or other places. It's like "Wow, where did you get that?" I turn to kind of push her a little bit to like, "Hey, tell them we do jewelry".

32:05 Rolando

She gives the final pick because as a woman, she can tell me like, "You know, that's good or not" and that where I'm at. But I kind of have this vision to incorporating them or some of the husbands or some of the wives that we know to maybe sit down and I have plenty of those little kids that you can put beads on them and sort of for a husband make a jewelry piece for his wife just to figuring out, "Hey, you're going to pick your favorite color or favorite kind of this or that and make something for your wife and give it to her. Most of them are not agreeing to that you know. They think it's kind of whatever, give her 20 bucks and go buy some jewelry somewhere...

32:54 Mark Montano

Well it sounds like you have a great money making project there. You should make some -- definitely make some business cards so that when you wife wears her jewelry, she can just hand it to someone and say, "My husband makes it." You should put some pictures on a blog for absolute sure so that people can see the kind of things that you're making so that they can go and check it out and have a way to contact you. And I think it's a really great idea that you maybe get a group of guys together to come and make some accessories especially around the holidays for your wife, your girlfriends or things like that because I think that those handmade gifts are really, really special especially -- you know, anybody can go out and buy something at a jewelry store or piece of custom jewelry, but those special handmade gifts I know me personally and my friends really appreciate the time and the effort that when people take time to actually make something for me. That's what I keep forever. Those are the things that I really, really treasure and I think your wife deals the same way. I think she is just riding you a little bit. She's just like torturing you. But you know, I think it's great that you're doing that and I think you have a really good opportunity here to turn this into some capital.

34:23 Mo

I love it. Thanks so much Rolando for calling in. I can't believe that this is like the all men show, right?

34:27 Mark Montano

Yeah. Thanks Rolando.

34:30 Mo

It's crazy. So I have something really fun, but I just wanted to alert everybody. I thought it would be fun to give away a copy of your new book, The Big-Ass Book of Bling. It talks the baby head project and other awesome things. Here live on the show right now to caller 10.

34:48 Mark Montano


34:49 Mo

So all you have to do is call in the number 646-200-4435 and caller 10 is going to win a copy of your brand new book. So start calling in people and we're going to go to caller 10 and we're going to move on. I have a question for you from the chat room which is great because it kind of leads into one of my questions. It's from Kidpreneur Tour. Thanks for asking. The question is "What is it yours, Mark, your cannot live without craft tool?

35:18 Mark Montano

Oh gosh. I have several. I can't. You can't just have one craft tool. I think this book is particular to just to stay on topic of The Big-Ass Book of Bling. It is probably E600 Glue. That is my one glue that I always, always have on hand. It's right next to the olive oil on the kitchen counter, because I use olive oil everyday and I use E600 glue every single day, so there you go. I mean I almost can't get through a project without using that glue in one way or another.

36:02 Mo

Yeah I love that stuff.

36:05 Mark Montano

Now, do you want me to list my other top say 10 or 5 when making things?

36:09 Mo

Well, I was going to say you must store them all on your craft cottage which I've seen the craft cottage and we're going to put up pictures of it in the radio show recap. Maybe you can tell people about your crafty cottage where you work and create all these projects.

36:26 Mark Montano

Well. Thank you. First of all, I want a big shout out to TLC, The Learning Channel, because if it wasn't for TLC, I would never have been able to buy my house, so thank you TLC for hiring me for all those crazy shows. But when I bought my house, it's a 1914 Craftsman. It's a tiny little cottage house that looks like, I don't know. That looks like something you'd find in the middle of the forest and it's small and I needed a craft room, so basically me and my friends who are really good carpenters, I've some really good carpenter friends from actually couple of the shows that I've been on, built a miniature version of my house on the back property. So it's a tinier version of my house which is my craft house and it's just a little tiny house that it just filled with everything that you could ever, ever want to do. Sewing machine, fabrics, beads, recycled material, all my scissors, everything that you can imagine is out in that little house and that's kind of where I go to work. So I go out to the back door of my house and walk about equivalent to sort of half a block away and I go into my craft house and that's where I work.

37:54 Mo

That sounds awesome. That sounds awesome.

37:56 Mark Montano

It's really magical.

38:01 Mo

So what do you think will be the hot gift that we can give, that we can give to crafters this holiday season because we're talking about products? You're saying what you love, so what do you think are some great like gift ideas to give to a crafter? I mean obviously crafters like handmade things but we all like you know, let's face it. We all shop, right? So what could we -- what are the hot things?

38:24 Mark Montano

I think the two hottest things are any of the embossing machines that are coming out -- they're coming out now that do leather craft. I think those are super hot. I'm just going to mention two companies. Spellbinders make some really great embossing that the Calibur, Excalibur...

38:41 Mo

Yes, yes. Grand Calibur, it is.

38:44 Mark Montano

Grand Calibur. Thank you.

38:45 Mo

Spellbinders. It's awesome. Yes, I have that as well.

38:49 Mark Montano

And the new one from Fiskars is pretty amazing.

38:51 Mo

Yeah the Fuse.

38:53 Mark Montano

The Fuse is really awesome. So those two are -- they are pretty amazing like if you get a coupon from Joanne's or Michael's and go and buy one of those because they're so awesome. After people read, okay -- and then inspiration is also good to give. Give somebody a really cool craft book like The Big-Ass Book of Bling because that's 20 bucks or less.

39:20 Mo

Yes. Oh my gosh on Amazon. I just want to say this because I'm just so amazed that it such a great deal, it's less than $12.

39:27 Mark Montano

Yeah. $11.89 on Amazon and on barnesandnoble.com too by the way.

39:34 Mo

That's amazing.

39:35 Mark Montano

Yeah. So if you're not an Amazon fan which I agree, but I think everybody is. But you know if you are Barnes and Noble fan, if you get your books from Barnes and Noble, they also have it for that prize. So go online and you can that's a great gift and easy to give to a crafter because it's inspiration. And then I also love -- I really do love the Fuseworks microwave kiln. It's so different. No one has written about it.

40:01 Mo


40:02 Mark Montano

It's a really...

40:03 Mo

I haven't seen it.

40:04 Mark Montano

It's so fun. It's been for a while actually, but it is so fun. Like everybody who got to see an advance copy of the book has gone out and purchased a kiln because they just and they can't stop sending me messages like photo messages of the stuff they melting in the kitchen. They're like "Look at this, look at this! I'm going to stop blowing up my phone with pictures of glass (laughs). Those are three really great items right there I think.

40:35 Mo

That's awesome. Yeah. The Fuse is great and everyone should stay tune to FaveCraft because we are actually giving away the Fuse. It's coming up here right after Thanksgiving, so make sure you're following us on Facebook or something so you'll know when it's coming up because that machine is pretty awesome.

40:51 Mark Montano

I got to -- yeah, they've sent me one and I've been playing with it and I've been doing the leather craft stuff where you ink the images and it's so cool. I mean it's really a fun machine.

41:05 Mo

Yeah, I love it. It's great and I love you know, Fiskars generally makes really good products. The Spellbinder machine is also really, really great too and it's really durable. I've had it when it first came out and it works great too. And I use lots of different dyes. You can cut things and cut fabrics so that's a great one too.

41:23 Mark Montano

Yeah. It really is.

41:25 Mo

So, handmade quick ideas, what's the one fast project you can think of that you can make for somebody as a quick gift for the holidays?

41:39 Mark Montano

I think a mixed media sort of a necklace is a really great gift because you can -- in my book the new one, The Big-Ass Book of Bling, can I say it again?

41:53 Mo

Yeah. I know. You can't __41:55__ on the front.

41:56 Mark Montano

Yeah. So I did this mixed media necklaces and they're basically these sort of necklaces that are made out of -- and brooches that are made out of pretty much whatever is left over in your craft bin and a really cool image. So it incorporates like a little bit of decopatch and fabric within, a little bit of chains, whatever you have left, kind of like all assembled on like a small piece of cardboard, maybe an oval or something like that and then you can pour a resin over it or Mod Podge Dimensional Magic which is awesome too and then you just kind of create these really cool mixed media pieces. They are all going to be different. They are all going to look really cool and I think people are going enjoy those a lot. It's really ...

42:42 Mo

Yeah that's a great idea.

42:44 Mark Montano

It's a great project to get into. You'll have a lot of fun making it and you don't have to go out and buy anything for it. So I think that's a great handmade gift to give this year.

42:46 Mo

So Mark, we have a 10th caller for your book. We have lots of people who called in so thank you everybody who called in. I'm sorry there is only one winner today, but we do have a winner and I'm so excited to tell her so I can put her on the show here if my button works, it will be great.

43:13 Mark Montano

Let's have __43:14__.

43:15 Mo

Hello. You are the winner. Who is this? Hello? Hello I can't hear you. I can't totally hear her. Well, I'm going to put you back on hold and Maggie is going to get your information so we can send you out Mark's new book so congrats! You are the winner.

43:36 Mark Montano

Yehey, congrats!

43:37 Mo

Yehey. Thanks everyone for calling. I just got a little crazy there for a hot second. (laughs). We've never done that before. I went a little crazy. So remind everybody where we can go to find all the Mark Montano goodness online.

43:54 Mark Montano

Oh, all you have to do is go to markmontano.com and on that, there are links to the blog. There are links to my YouTube pages. There are videos, everything. Everything you want to know about me and probably a lot of stuff you don't want to know about me is all on markmontano.com.

44:17 Mo

Well thank you so much Mark for being on the show. It's always a pleasure to chat with you. We don't do it in us.

44:23 Mark Montano

I know, it's my pleasure. Well, thank you for having me and have a wonderful day.

44:29 Mo

You too and I'll see you soon. I'll see you in January.

44:32 Mark Montano

That's right, we will. Alright, save me a Martini. I'll talk to you soon.

44:35 Mo

I will. Okay buh bye.

44:37 Mark Montano


44:39 Mo

Okay. So before I bring on my next guest, I just want to let you know that we have a couple of awesome giveaways for our listeners. So if you didn't win Mark's book by calling in, you can also win by logging on to favecraftblog.com/November-radio right after the show and comment with out secret word for this show which is Man Craft. So that's our secret phrase for this show plus which prize you'd like to receive because we're giving away a copy or Mark's new book, The Big-Ass Book of Bling, which we just give away and a set of Ergo Crochet Hooks just for listening. So again you just have to enter man craft in the comment section of the post at favecraftblog.com/November-radio for a chance to win. So good luck everybody! My last guest is a craft and decorating guru who is also one of the crafty judges on TLC's Craft Wars. He has worked as a costume designer for television and movies and now produces a line of home decor and giftware products. As a big fan of the holidays, I'm sure the mayor of Glitterville will have lots of holiday ideas to share with us. Let's welcome Stephen Brown. Hi Stephen!

45:47 Stephen Brown

Thanks! How are you?

45:49 Mo

Do you mind that I called you the mayor of Glitterville? I was not sure that you would consider yourself the mayor or (laughs)

45:54 Stephen Brown

Oh, I guess I'm the mayor.

45:56 Mo

(Laughter) I don't know. I wasn't sure.

45:58 Stephen Brown


46:00 Mo

Right! (Laughter) So, thanks for being on the show and I just...

46:05 Stephen Brown

You're welcome.

46:06 Mo

I just happen to start with Craft Wars. It's such a huge hit with crafters and we even had an entire show about Craft Wars back in August which everyone could listen to online and it was one of our hottest shows. So, can you tell us a little bit about what's like on the show? It looks so intense.

46:25 Stephen Brown

Well, I guess the intenseness depends on what your role was on the show. For the judges and Tori, you know, it was great because we got to see all of these crafty people who come in and show us, you know, they had to exercise their skills in the Pop Craft and the Master Challenge. So for us, it was pretty calm. As for the crafters, we didn't get to see much of them like before the show or anything, but you would see them in the first intro when they came in and everybody was really calm and cool and looks confident about everything and then they would get the challenge and that's...

47:09 Mo


47:10 Stephen Brown

Until the nerves start creeping in and then to make it worse, like you know, "Okay, we're going to give you all these fabulous material and then they open the garage door and, you know, you get a pile of beach balls or blue jeans or baby blankets and that kind of thing. So, I think that's where you really saw the intenseness coming in because you could just see their faces drain as they see these odd materials that they were given. So, they would start in crafts and it sort of looked like a pressure cooker from there and...

47:47 Mo


47:48 Stephen Brown

And, you know, of course someone was eliminated right away in the top class and then two of them went on to be given another big pile of stuff and another big challenge to complete. So that's really what was the most intense part of it for the crafters is, you know, just watching them try to deal with all these problems that come up, because you know, everybody at home would sit and think "Oh, it's really easier. I would have done this." And even we at the judge's table would sit there and say "You know, everybody knows you can't spray paint Styrofoam. Everybody knows, you know" but if you think about all of the cameras that are surrounding everybody and you have Tori Spelling herself who is just walking around from person to person, you know, saying "What are you going to do? It doesn't look like you've been there." You

48:38 Mo


48:39 Stephen Brown

You know, it was only a second, I think. So I think that's what made, you know, all the nerves and everything, it's like got so intense on the set. As for the judges, you know, we were pretty calm because for the most part, no one was looking for us to perform like the crafters. That was the hard part.

49:01 Mo

Right! So, I'm guessing maybe the hardest part for the judges was the actual judging of the craft. I mean how hard it is to judge someone's craft? I think that's kind of hard to do sometimes right?

49:14 Stephen Brown

I think it -- I think it depends on how you look at it because you know one of the difficulties with the show from day 1 was people wanting you to design craft like what is -- you know what are crafts. You know, because everybody expected to tune in to the show and they'd be making small things on the table and you know for television, you have to ramp it up a little bit which is why they may be large things...

49:43 Mo


49:44 Stephen Brown

And you know, so the first thing was to identify what is craft and what fits in to something else. And I think all three judges came at it from a different direction. You know my thing is, holidays and making things from basic materials has always been my -- sort of my things and then you have Joe Peterson from Michaels who is so fabulous and \knows every material that was ever put on the planning.

50:11 Mo


50:12 Stephen Brown

Any kind of blue, all of those things and that was a disadvantage for me because I don't work that way. I work from a very small list of basic materials and I really don't explore much outside of that, although I would love -- you know, I'm sure I would love some of those materials and then...

50:29 Mo


50:30 Stephen Brown

And then you have Erica who came at it at more from the fashion point of view. So when we were judging a lot of times, something would hit on a particular thing that was of interest to us but most of the time, it was just looking at the skill and I have to say for the most part, you know, we could usually identify early on who we thought was going to do the best in the challenge.

50:58 Mo

Right. So I just want to remind the listeners that you can call in at 646-200-4435. If you have a question for Stephen, he is a master of home decor ideas on holidays. So if you have a question about that or an idea or you want to ask about Craft Wars because I know everyone has burning questions, you can just call in. So your site, I have to ask Glitterville. Is it because you just love glitter? Where does that come from?

51:23 Stephen Brown

Well, I do love (Crosstalk)

51:24 Mo

How did you become Glitterville -- the mayor of Glitterville? (Laughter)

51:28 Stephen Brown

(Laughter) Well, in the early days right after I had really stopped designing movies and TV and that kind of thing and started making a few ornaments, everything that I made, I would put glitter on because, you know, everything is better with glitter. Everybody knows that.

51:44 Mo


51:45 Stephen Brown

To be honest, what have happened was every time I would leave the studio to go somewhere else, someone would say you've got glitter on your face and it's like -- and all crafters hear that. You know, he is the guy with glitter here or there or whatever and on that particular day, someone said "You have glitter on your face" and I said "Yes I know" and they said "It looks like --" they said -- "You look like you might be the mayor somewhere that is really a sparkle."

52:16 Mo


52:17 Stephen Brown

And I said Glitterville. And I said that's it. And we all laughed and we didn't take it too seriously at that time and then when we got back to the studio, maybe that's the name, so that's how it got coined and that's what we've been ever since that -- yes I do love glitter. A lot of people love glitter.

52:43 Mo

So we have a question from our chat room, it's from Eileen Hall. Hi Eileen! She wants to know if there will be more episodes of Craft Wars. Is there a Season 2?

52:55 Stephen Brown

That's something that TLC hasn't announced yet, so...

53:00 Mo

Oh! So we should all hold our breath and wait.

53:02 Stephen Brown

I don't really have any information regarding that topic, but it's a very good question Eileen.

53:08 Mo

That is a good question. So the holidays are quickly, quickly approaching as I was just saying to Mark. I can't believe Thanksgiving is next week. So hostess' guest -- Would you have some ideas for what you can bring the person throwing the party as like a little thank you?

53:24 Stephen Brown

Well, I think you can always -- one of the things that I like to take if I am going for dinner or whatever mix. You know, just do something that shows you went out of the way. It does not have to be a huge gift. It does not have to be anything which you know particular to the substance that you are going to. It's just something that shows you made a little effort. Like last week, I had to make some thank you notes to send after a few people but I really hate just sending out thank you notes. So instead, I made a little small loaves of pumpkin bread and then I put them into one of my favorite things for giveaway such as that whether it's a favorite at party or as a thank you. If you go to the florist supply, they have corsage bags and they come in small, medium and large and the thing that's special about these bags is they are super glossy and shining. So anything you put in them and tie up with a ribbon is you know going to be received fabulously. So when I have this over time, I made these mini loaves of pumpkin bread put them into this tiny corsage bags and tie them up with a glass glittered leaf and some pink, orange ribbons of course.

54:46 Mo

Glitter of course.

54:47 Stephen Brown

For me -- for Glitterville, Thanksgiving the colors of Thanksgiving are a little __54:52__ than what our colors are so we tied them up with pink and orange ribbons and you know put little thank you note on it and you know sent them out that way so I think any time, you can just do something that looks a little crafty and tested. You know, that's going to make the person happy that they get it instead of just giving them a note, all were happier.

55:19 Mo

Okay. So I knew that would be a lot of glitter talk having Glitterville on the show and I am you know -- I was proclaimed not a glitter lover which I know it's hard for glitter people to understand or anyone really. (Crosstalk) I know, I know, I know.

55:33 Stephen Brown

This is going to have to become a therapy hour for your problem.

55:36 Mo

It's a problem for a person. I know it's a problem for a person in craft but we actually have a caller who has a question about glitter. Hello! How is this?

55:45 Kelly

Hi! My name is Kelly.

55:47 Mo

Hi Kelly! You have a question for Stephen huh?

55:50 Kelly

Yup, I'm calling from California.

55:51 Stephen Brown

Hi Kelly!

55:52 Kelly

Hi! I am calling from California and this last summer, we were doing a project for children in the backyard. You know some glitter on paper just letting them be really creative and some of the older children called our attention to the fact that they were getting cuts on their fingers. You know "Moms we're getting cuts to our fingers." and like "Oh be quiet, you're fine." It turns out it was actually cut glass, it was cut glass glitter that was made from out of the country because we bought it in an expensive store. We are just wondering, how can we be sure that it is not like that in other time, and where would we find glitter that isn't cut glass?

56:27 Stephen Brown

Well it's funny that you mentioned that because what you had was like glass glitter which when it first hit the scene, it was called German glass glitter whether it came from Germany or not, but I think you just had a little -- Well someone view it as luck. In your case, it wasn't good luck but most of the time, glitter is synthetic and that's the glitter that most people are familiar with. The glass glitter is just now becoming enough common on the market that you might find it in place with another kind of glitter but not usually because we think of glass glitter as exotic, but it is just crushed glass and people think "Oh! It's a crushed supply so it won't cut me. It is just crushed glass and even here at the studio we get it in our hands. We can get it in your eyes. You have to be really careful. We make a lot of tiaras and crowns and party hats and the glass glitter is really beautiful on them but you have to be careful because when you glue that on the party hats and then people wear them, that same glass can drop down in their eyes. So Kelly most of the time, the glitter that you find will be synthetic and usually it's very small like fine or suffer fine. What you had, I think it was just a fluke that you came across from glass glitter like that because normally it's much priced here than regular glitter and if you just look at it, you can tell it's very chunky and it usually has a little bit more sparkle that looks more like glass than just regular glitter. So I don't think it will usually be your problem but when you do get that, be very careful because it can hurt you.

58:22 Mo

The cheaper glitters are usually safer for children I think.

58:26 Stephen Brown


58:27 Mo

They have lots of that at Michaels.

58:29 Stephen Brown

The really chunky kind that you use when you were in elementary school that comes in basic colors like gold and blue and red and green and then you move into like super fine glitters and fine and so forth.

58:41 Mo


58:42 Stephen Brown

But those are all synthetic and none of those will hurt you. Glitter is almost always a good thing (Crosstalk)

58:52 Mo

Well it's so great to have you on this show and all this glitter talk. I feel like I might have some on me. I don't know. I'll probably have it on me all week now just talking about it.

59:03 Stephen Brown

We have to get to the bottom of what you hate about glitter.

59:05 Mo

I know, I know.

59:07 Stephen Brown

That's one whole show on its own.

59:09 Mo

I know, an intervention, a glittervention. If people want to find out about your amazing book, I love that Halloween book you have out and your ideas, where did I find you online?

59:20 Stephen Brown

They can go to glitterville.com and the book is available on amazon.com or you can order signed copies on glitterville.com as well.

59:32 Mo

Fantastic! So thank you so much for being on the show Stephen and we hope to see you at Season 2 of Craft Wars.

59:38 Stephen Brown

We hope so. Have a good day.

59:40 Mo

Thanks. So that's our November show. I want to thank everyone for listening and sorry to Drew if we lost you somewhere, I hope not. Thanks for everyone for spreading the word on Facebook and Twitter and don't forget, you can enter to win Mark's new book or a set of Ergo Hooks. Just go to favecraftsblog.com/November-radio. The secret word is Man Craft and if you love the show, we'd like to hear it on our iTunes page and stay tune for next month's show, it's December 11th. Have a great Thanksgiving everybody.