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The Faux Radio Show is a refreshingly intellectual alternative to the fire-and-brimstone talk radio dominated by neoconservatives. A bold new form of provocative, 21st century journalism, the Faux Radio Show challenges the issues and picks some of the greatest contemporary minds neglected by the mainstream media. The show is operated simply with a computer and a phone, and each program invites listeners to directly call in their own questions to the host and guests. Host Carl Gibson has interviewed a bevy of guests including Venus Project Creator Jacque Fresco, TV personality Celia Ammerman and New York Times Bestselling Author John Perkins. Each show is recorded and automatically archived after each broadcast, so its impossible to miss an episode! Join the show's official group, and tell your friends about the show if you dig it!

On-Demand Episodes

In an interview with Dr. Po Chi Wu, Faux Radio Show's Carl Gibson brings in some international flair to explores the implications of a 21st-century economy. The Chinese venture capitalist from Peking University talks about how... more

Celebrated Louisvillian Graffitist Braylyn Stewart discusses the nature of his craft. Stewart talks about how he got his start in this unique form of art, and why graffiti deserves just as much respect as an art form as, say, Impressionism or... more

University of Exeter (UK) professor and climate scientist Chris Turney will be joining the Faux Radio Show via a prerecorded segment from the IdeaFestival in late September to talk about his book with the same title. He draws on... more

Sustainable agriculture innovation is defined as the key to solving world hunger and water shortage problems in this show, as Social Entrepreneur Paul Osterlund sits down with Host Carl Gibson in this exclusive interview. From the 2009... more

Join Faux Radio Show Host Carl Gibson for a very special comeback episode featuring Bestselling Author John Perkins! John will be discussing his book, "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man." Published in 17 languages,... more

Tune in for this episode, as Faux Show host Carl Gibson sits down with America's Next Top Model Veteran Celia Ammerman! You might remember the highly-acclaimed fashion model from the nationally-televised show, where she... more

After last week's live interview with Venus Project creator Jacque Fresco, Faux Radio Show host Carl Gibson will discuss the other side of the argument with those opposed or critical of Fresco's theories of a resource-based economy and... more

In the wake of desperate economic , political, and biosocial problems we face today, host Carl Gibson discusses one of the most radical solutions proposed. Also joining the show is The Venus Project's creator, Jacques Fresco! He'll be... more

This is the fifth and final Faux Radio Show debate- the crown jewel of the series! Carl and Brittany will have an unprecedented two-hour show to both defend their positions on their respective candidates, and to also answer your questions!... more