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This is my free account--I pop on and do 1/2 hour shows here and there. Check them out. Check me out on Gary's Show--http://www.blogralkradio.com/garys-show

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How the hell am I supposed to know what is going to happen on this show? I am simply along for the ride, just like the rest of you. STOP CALLING MY HOUSE!! Black Friday shoppers line up a week early The Daily Talk – Liberia's... more

Wow! It's been a long friggen time since I got on here and did a show... gotta see if it still works. Have to get creative sometimes with regard to how to host on a free account. I always find a way.

I will try to sum it up in under 10 minutes.

Damn right!! I am so popular and do internet radio podcasts like such a BOSS that I am now receiving REQUESTS to do shows. Never thought I would see the day...But now that its here I have to admit it feels awkward and wrong. Its only a... more

Yup--early morning show... Better git in where u fit in. Shiit. Come hang out, its only a half hour.

Don't even know WHY I would want to do a show on here at 10:30AM on a saturday morning...But I'm gonna try. Shout at me, pussies.

Am I? Lets see.

Good Morning Just throwing on a quick half-hour show to get my voice back out there...Haven't been doing much in the way of 'radio' (lol...It's the internet) these days so I figgered I would do this show to see if I still suck at it. Call in if you feel... more

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