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Father Teresa's Wine Cellar. This is a place for ideas and entertainment. This is a place for news and comment. This is a place for interaction and sharing. This place... Is the WINE CELLAR. Every episode comes a TRIGGER WARNING by default. Politically, Father Teresa is too far LEFT for the left. Socially, Father Teresa practices Empathy and Altruism. You're in the Wine Cellar. LET'S MOVE IT FORWARD.

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Nicole Sandler and Julianna Forlano Go Gaga On Patricia Arquette's Jigaboo Feminism So Nicole Sandler is at it again, bringing out the white supremacist side of her liberalism. We've heard her tell Imani Gandi (angry black lady) that it's... more

Tonight - Perspectives in the true context of Intersectionality Disgraced anti-sex trafficking activist Somaly Mam's new charity – which is headed by former staff of her fallen foundation, a Hollywood actress and a PR guru –... more

Hey gang. So I had an interaction with a radfem who seriously argued that pointing out privilege is a disingenuous silencing tactic. From there, she refused to answer questions and deflected with snark. She is the type of ideologue who... more

Hey gang. Today we'll open with Phoenie Loco (Phoenix Calida) going in a group think/mob mentality. We'll have news and comment. We'll have rap music and hip hop from folks asking me questions in the social networks. And yes...... more

So we'll be responding to a lot of white supremacist talking points from The Great LIght Skin Debate from Mix World United. That is going to take up most of the show and we might not get to the news. We'll have Ricky from Americans... more

Hey gang. This is an all news episode. Let's get to work.

50 Shades Of Grey. It's abuse or it's not abuse. Pluse I'll give a teaser on Exposing Men's Rights Activism and future ideas. Of Course we have news and comment so let's get to work. I Also have my most recent clip uploaded to... more

The Greatest Black Atheist was the original subtitle of this podcast as a whole. When I first started, that was how I branded myself and that was the type of news and commentary I wanted to bring to the table. Now I'm all over the place,... more

Hey gang. We have a pretty dark episode here. I suggest a substance of some sort if that's how you get down at all.

Hey gang. I'll start with a riff on an idea that's been brewing about why have a beef and a problem in intersecting social justice circles so darn often. from there we'll rip through some news and wrap it up.
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