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Father Teresa's Wine Cellar. This is a place for ideas and entertainment. This is a place for news and comment. This is a place for interaction and sharing. This place... Is the WINE CELLAR. Every episode comes a TRIGGER WARNING by default. Politically, Father Teresa is too far LEFT for the left. Socially, Father Teresa practices Empathy and Altruism. You're in the Wine Cellar. LET'S MOVE IT FORWARD.

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There are many hilarious, inoffensive costumes to wear for Halloween parties this month — Ray Rice is not one of them. Plenty of people were disgusted when a picture of a man dressed as the disgraced running back was posted... more

Brianna Wu has something to say about you loser MRA's. These loser MGTOW's. 4chan is full of losers. Reddit is full of losers. And you all know you lose if let female gamers inside the gate to compete. So you know you mad.

Darren Wilson lies. Catholic Children cries. Flouncing Ally Tears. The Uk Floods with Beer. WTF Is going on!!??? Let's figure it out in the Wine Cellar.

Hey gang. It's probably obvious what this show is about. Let's get to it.

Ebola is happening and so is the death of women that deny sexual advances. Maggot sewage in Chicago. Proposed fracking in Virginia. A cop got shot and that's good. A house of spiders ran a couple out. Workplace of micro men,... more

Freethought Thursday - No Matter How Many times you say "Bye Felicia"... SHE WON'T GO. Let's open with our morning freethought and then we'll go into our program of news and comment. Jessa Duggar of reality television fame brings... more

Hey gang. Se we'll riff about "what hip hop is". Then we'll dig into some black gender politics. And of course the ongoing debate of whether those pesky negros in all their uppity arrogance are even people at all. To add on, it wouldn't be... more

Hey gang. We're back with news and comment.

Phoenie Loco is back about to run the narrative on Suey Park.

Hey gang. It's another Moral Monday and we are trying to start out the week with as much integrity and patience as possible. Let's see how long it lasts.
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