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Father Teresa's Wine Cellar. This is a place for ideas and entertainment. This is a place for news and comment. This is a place for interaction and sharing. This place... Is the WINE CELLAR. Every episode comes a TRIGGER WARNING by default. Politically, Father Teresa is too far LEFT for the left. Socially, Father Teresa practices Empathy and Altruism. You're in the Wine Cellar. LET'S MOVE IT FORWARD.

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Hey Gang. We go all over the place. Just Listen to it.

Hey gang. This is Phoenie Loco and I going into "MRA's", Rape Culture, Vodka, Organized Religion and Tea. And oh yes... F#%! Project Rose. I have to riff about that for a moment as well. We stand with Monica Jones

Hey gang. This is another Queens English installment. This one is based on the Talk Show episode of Rupaul's Drag Race Season Six. Darriane Lake is a Shady Elephant. Joslyn Fox is obsessed with vaginas and abortion. Trinity still doesn't... more

Hey gang. Here's your Monday Wine Cellar. I'm riffing with Phoenie Loco. Excuse the sound quality. I shaved down the decibals as much as possible bofore mixing the show. Here's a link to the blog a read in the beginning.... more

Hey gang. So I've actually never heard of the Bacon Rebellion before and Phoenie Loco bought it to my attention so, I'm here to listen and she's here to teach. She will be live to take your calls, comments and questions. We'll also dig... more

Hey gang. We have a fun compilation of clips Phoenix and I recorded for the program. We open up with a little riffing on thanks and giving. We have the TRIGGER WARNING that will be played every episode. From there we have an... more

How about some cultural appropriation and beauty standards?... Let's dig into this episode. Extended Wine Cellar.

Hey gang. This is another Queens English Episode in the Wine Cellar Feed. My Drag Daughter Raymond Loco and I chop it up about the latest episode(s) of Rupaul's Drag Race. The Library is open.

Hey gang. This is the 387,390,390,930th time I'm going to open my face and say we need expanded comprehensive sex education. This time around, I have very nice, very young person to provide much needed insight and... more

Hey gang. This is more freethought conversation with my young friend. We start out with the "can't rape a sex worker" myth and organically let the conversation flow from there. https://www.facebook.com/FatherTeresasWineCellar... more
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