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Fat to Thin Attract Ideal Weight

Fat to Thin: Attract Ideal Weight


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Learn how to attract your ideal weight by using a holistic approach and learning techniques on how: to change behaviours that are not consistent with your weight goals, to increase motivation, to become more aware of your body and the signals it sends you, and to eat and cook nutritious foods and enjoy them! Hosted by Zaheen Nanji, Speaker and success coach.

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Kathleen is the owner of Pure Choice Holistic Health Centre located in Blenheim Ontario Canada. She is also a Board Certified Registered Holistic Nutritionist, a Health and Lifestyle Facilitator Coach, a Certified Whole Foods Coach and a... more

In this episode, you will learn about the different spices used in East Indian cooking and their benefits. Coriander, cumin, garam masala, turmeric, fenugreek and more! I will also talk with guest, Adriana Harlan, who will be launcing her... more

As a former professional golfer who competed in Europe, South Africa and the US, Nicolle deeply understands wellbeing. She is a published author, lecturer and works with individuals and couples as a Holistic Health Coach. She attended... more

Wendy Vandenhoven, a Registered Holistic Nutrtionist, analyzes your blood and can tell you what you need to change in your diet! Tune in to find: what is live blood analyses how can blood tell so much Let's analyze Zaheen's blood! what... more

Have you heard about the Paleo Lifestyle or diet? Neely is a Certified Integrative Clinical Nutrition Therapist in Boulder, Colorado and works with Paleo Plan. She is going to: Describe what Paloe lifestyle is Describe what you can eat and... more

In this episode, we will discuss some questions you want to ask yourself to make 2014 a successful year when it comes to your health. I'm not taking about resolutions, I'm talking about learning from your successes and failures. Tune it... more

Pauline is a certified Holistic Health and Recovery Coach. Her story of recovery makes you understand how complex our relationship to food can be. For15 years of her life, she struggled with full-blown bulimia until she hit rock bottom and... more

If you have not already heard secrets #1 to #6 please take some time to listen to the previous podcasts. However, Secret #7 talks about feedback vs. failure and secret #8 is about choices and attitude. Stay tuned!

You read that right! How can one live "healthy" with chocolate. Our guest, Adriana Harlan, will tell us how she has been doing it. Adriana works as an oceanographer in Hawaii and is a professional athlete. Besides that she follows... more

So far I have shared 4 secrets with you on my upcoming e-book: 8 secrets of people who lose wieght and keep it off. I'm going to share secret #5 and #6 in this episode. Secret #5: The WHY Factor Secret #6: Your Mind and Body are... more