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Fat Burning Man by Abel James

Fat-Burning Man by Abel James


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Abel James of FatBurningMan.com answers your burning questions and interviews leaders in paleo and primal nutrition and fitness.

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Ori Hofmekler: The Warrior Diet, Intermittent Fasting, and How to Be a Bona Fide Renaissance Man In today's show we talk about: Why human are nocturnal eaters How not eating food can improve health and performance What it's like to be a... more

Mira and Jayson Calton: Rich Food, Poor Food, Fat Free Fruit Juice, and Eating Green Worms In today's show we cover: Why micronutrient deficiency is the most dangerous and devastating health condition of the 21st century How to find the... more

Michael Fishman: Sugar Addiction, The Difference Between ?Can't? and ?Don't,? and How to Turn Down a Cookie We cover: How Michael beat a life-long sugar craving (and how you can, too) The spectacular difference between ?I can't?... more

Melissa Joulwan: Well-Fed, That Pesky Thyroid, and Colossal Kitchen Fails In today's show we cover: Why Melissa has a no treats policy in her books What it's like to do a Whole30 Why soy oil is not, in fact, healthy What not to eat if you... more

Mat Lalonde on Nutrient Density, Paleo Fails, and Being the Kraken In today's show, Matt and I cover: How the sausage is made to create Matt's nutrient density framework How Matt earned the epic (and fitting) nickname, ?the Kraken? The... more

Steve Kamb: Nerd Fitness, the Gamification of Life, and How to Live Like James Bond So on today's show with Steve we talk about: How you can make your fitness and life as fun as a video game How to get kids to level up in real life... more

Scott Gryzbek: Kvass, How to Make Fermented Foods, and Why Beer is Good for You Onto the show. Today we cover: What it was like to be Paleo before it was Paleo. A behind the scenes look at why food manufacturers and the... more

Yuri Elkaim: Raw Food Dieting, Where Vegans Go Wrong, and What Canadians Think of Canola In today's show, we cover: What holistic nutrition really means How vegans go wrong Conversely, why you don't feel great when you eat... more

Darryl Edwards, The Fitness Explorer: Being Skinny Fat, Primal Fitness, and How to Deadlift A Human In today's show we talk about: What it's like being a desk jockey who gets no sleep How to integrate play into your everyday life Darryl's... more

Alisa Vitti: Adrenal Fatigue, Reversing Low Libido, and What Men Should REALLY Know About Women In today's show with Alisa we talk about: Decoding the cycle for relationship success. How women can optimize their hormones.... more