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FAR ROCK LIVE is a multifaceted show. What I endeavor to do with my program is provide the listeners with information and speakers that will provide substantial insight on topics and issues that are relevant today. The goal is to provide information that will assist people in making decisions to enhance the quality of their life. I also use the show to highlight individuals who are unsung heroes and are making a significant difference in the lives of people here in Durham and elsewhere as it is brought to my attention. I may also provide entertainment in the form of featuring new artists who want a place to showcase their stuff, spoken word, socially conscious speakers and may also from time to time feature celebrity artists. I appreciate you listening to FAR ROCK LIVE, do call (347) 202-0207 to participate in the discussion. Also take a moment to SCROLL DOWN AND SIGN THE GUEST BOOK; it’ll be a way to leave your calling card! Don't forget to rate the show you listened to. Email: farrocklive@gmail.com

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Rapper - YAHINESS - Debuts songs from his new CD Stand On My Own II. This young brother is from Durham, and not only performs locally, but has his own label. He also produces and writes his music. He has been in the business for... more
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