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FFS is back with it's First Sequel!! Steel Panther Part 2!! Yes, we enjoyed this offensive 80's glam rock so much...that we decided a sequel was needed!! Warning!! Not for children or easily offended people.For comments or questions,... more

Join Conrad & Brent for another hour of the Fantastic Fantasy Show!! Tonight we will reveal the winner of the FFS sweepstakes, play some Summer Heights High Clips, and much, much, more!! For comments or questions we can be reached... more

Another night of Conrad and Brent's random thoughts and rants!! This week we'll be playing "Angry Boys" clips, Conrad's weird/bad movie of the week, and of course Brent's growing Hate List!! For comments or questions please email us... more

More random fun with Conrad and Brent... tonight we'll be having fun with 80's TV theme music, discussing our favorite 80's comedies with black leads, and much, much, more!!! For questions or topics, please email... more

Conrad & Brent are back in action with another edition of The Fantastic Fantasy Show!! Tonight's topics already failed New Year's Resolutions, and discusses how his cat caught on fire!! For topics or questions please email us at... more

Join Conrad & Brent for the 20th edition of The Fantastic Fantasy Show!! This show's topics include Brent's Parental Advisory, Clinical Strength ______, Heroin for Christmas,and so much, much, more!!! For topics or questions, please... more

Join Conrad & Brent for random thoughts and topics!! This Show's topics include fun with seeing eye dogs,inappropriate practical jokes, Brent's birth control plan, and much, much more!! For questions or topics you can email us at... more

On this week's show, Conrad and Brent will be discussing Brent's new "equipment", why Toby the dog has been humping the cat, and Conrad's oral surgery...also some "Steel Panther" clips! For questions or comments email us... more

Conrad and Brent will be discussing whatever the heck comes to mind... but for those that need some sort of idea, probably Thanksgiving, black friday, and sex toy races...seriously, google it, it's very real! But basically we have no... more

This is an edited show from 11/10, the show got cut short and happened during the PSU Scandal, so basically we discuss the scandal,Herbert The Pervert audio clips, and irresponsible blanket statements!!For topics or questions please email... more