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Geek culture program about comics, movies, cos-play, conventions and all the things that makes geeks go round. Spreading the nerd! Contact us with your questions or comments at Be sure to call in to the show and voice your opinions.(646)721-9494 Wednesday nights @ 10pm!

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Mr. Green and Kitti Ninja are back in the "Podcast Booth" and talking over some of the new goings on in the ever expanding Nerd Universe including the press release of a certain concert we nerds "live long" for. Reach Kitti Ninja at... more

Fanboys Radio opens up on the latest additions to the Netfilx animated line-ups, discussion on Captain America: Winter Solider opening tomorrow, and Cos-play model, designer and business owner, Catherine Jones joins us on the line.... more

In this episode, Mr. Green and Kitti Ninja interview Dave Ryan from Red Anvil comics, Recap the horrible HORRIBLE movie known as Death Bed: The Bed That Eats, Share some convention news and discuss the ridiculous idea of a... more

Joined by our special Guest pro-wrestler and Geek Goddess, Nyla Rose, host Kitti Ninja and Mr. Green talk about the upcoming slew of movies that cater to the geek culture audience, the plans on a Jem Live action movie (It's Showtime... more

Mr. Green and Kitti Ninja talk about their Netflix movies and fall into the Netflix "Rabbit-Hole" discussing various fantasy, sci-fi movies that must be watched! We go into the 80's show, G.L.O.W (The Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling) and Kitti... more

Mr Green and Kitti Ninja talk about random Christmas Nerd Nonesense...including The Walking Dead video game (XBox360), The Random Factiod of the Week, and Ant-Man phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Mr. Green and Kitti Ninja's nerd-ology goes in depth on why does the fan-boy world gives DC's classic character, Aquaman such a hard time on being a lame super-hero. Plus a Random Factoid about the Superfriends cartoon.

Kitti Ninja and Mr. Green chat it up over Marvel's Live Action cinematic universe and DC's animated powerhouse movies. Plus the Cos-Plyer of the week and a RANDOM FACTOID on a "modern day-classic" movie!

Hosts Mr. Green and Kitti Ninja go back into talking about the geeky news following her return from her Summer Convention tour. Including discussing BanzaiCon, Anime, The Random Factoid, Thor 2 and the Cos-Player of the... more
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