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Food & Nutrition Experts are coming together to help moms raise healthy families. Ellen Briggs and Carolina Jantac, MS, RDN will bring in the experts to discuss all topics for better health of your family! Listen to the show live Thursdays 1 PM ET on!

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Tis the season for herbs. Basil, Oregano, Parsley, Sage, Chives, Mint and more. Easy to grow, easy to buy fresh, great for grilling and picnic recipes - summer salads, drinks and desserts. And, they are brilliant for your health. Dr. Keri... more

Get your hands dirty with your kids! Grow some of your own food. This will pay off in spades - health care in your back yard. Home grown organic fruit and vegetables taste better, are better for you and you save money. Best yet, your... more

SPF 30, 50, 80? Does one SPF really shield the skin of your children from the sun more than the others? What about the chemicals used to provide "protection" from the sun's rays? How the heck do you know which suntan lotion to put on your... more

Should you eat cheese, avocados, steak? They taste so good, but, will they make you gain weight? Expert and author Valerie Berkowitz, RD, Director of Nutrition and the Center for Balanced Health, will give it to you straight. She'll tell you... more

"What else would you call it, when a grower gives his chickens & turkeys a biochemical additive in order to make them grow faster? That's what nearly every other poultry grower in America does. " Antibiotics are used for multiple reasons... more

DIETS - skeptic, confused about the Atkin's Diet? Count yourself one among many. Dr. Eric Westman, MD, MHS Director of the Duke Lifestyle Medical Clinic, and two other notable doctors took time to research the value of the... more

Every BODY has Parasites, one of Dr. Valerie Saxion' s books, says it like it is...we are all at risk. We have to find more common sense & affordable ways to manage our health. Alternative Health practices really are healthy. You just need... more

:Everyone who eats dairy has a farmer. Do you know yours? It is a family? Where do they live? Are they local? Do they use ORGANIC farming methods. Meet Regina Beidler and learn why she cares about her animals and their feed. Listen... more

Autism is on the rise in the U.S. Three to six out of 1000 children have ASD. It usually appears before three years of age. These children have problems with social interaction, language and behavior which turns their lives upside down... more

Everything today is going green. Question is, how do you make your kitchen greener, especially when green is color kids (and adults) avoid when choosing foods? There also is the challenge of making your kitchen function with a... more
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