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Food & Nutrition Experts are coming together to help moms raise healthy families. Ellen Briggs and Carolina Jantac, MS, RDN will bring in the experts to discuss all topics for better health of your family! Listen to the show live Thursdays 1 PM ET on!

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Family Coach, Pediatric Doctor of Psychology, Dr. Kenney is an expert on how foods positively and negatively affect the behavior of your children. FInd out how to avoid the negative mood foods. Learn from her what to feed your... more

How the heck do you know what your are really eating? Labels are confusing and most make you scratch your head. What is the truth about behind Food Labels? Kimberly Steward took the time needed to research and reveal what you need to... more

Cereal for breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner… there are some kids who would like this to be their daily diet. Most eat cereal for at least five out of seven breakfasts; most eat junk cereal. Fortunately, Barbara’s Bakery takes the health... more

Do your children have strong enough immune systems to fight all the viruses and bacteria floating around in the air and sitting on the surfaces in schools. Are your kids good hand washers during the school day? Can their young bodies... more

Who better than Healthy Recipe Moms to give us great ideas on filling lunch boxes and dealing with school lunches. Making lunches every day can get old fast. Often moms find themselves falling into the pattern of same ole, same ole.... more

Foods from Head to Toe Chart is just what it sounds like - a list of foods that feed different parts of your body. This simple chart has proven to be an amazingly effective tool in motivating kids to chose to eat healthy fresh foods. Sally and... more

Can you imagine two, three or four at once - all the same age? Double or triple the wiggling, running, jumping, laughing, crying, and hugging. Is it really that different from having two, three, four or more children in your home at time who... more

Only eats four things. Refuses to try new things. Won't eat any vegetables except for carrots. Eats only pickles and yogurt. Eats Fruit Loops for breakfast, PB sandwich for lunch, chicken nuggets and fries or pizza for dinner. That's it."... more

How many of you have tried GLuten-Free breads and felt like you were eating cardboard? How many times have you and your children dreamed of eating a sandwich again? Those of you who are dealing with Celiac, Gluten intolerance... more

GLUTEN-FREE. Does that mean it doesn't taste good? It sounds so healthy. Truth is, Gluten-Free is often really delicious. The Kid Kritics have verified this reality. One major reason is that Pamela was determined to produce yummy... more
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