• Child Safety: Learning to reduce child exploitation & victimization

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    Reducing Child exploitation and victimization: Our children are not for sale for commercial sex.  They are missing and exploited-some are victimized.  However, we can make a difference when we work together via education and training in child safety.  Topics discussed during the program.
    Child Sex Trafficking, Missing and Exploited, Internet crimes, aggravated abuse; sexual assault  and questionable parenting
    Awareness is our best defense

  • Beantown Pals with Katherine Dines and Patricia Shih, together!

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    Tom Hayes and children's, singer songwriter and recording artist, Katherine Dines get together with Beantown's Opera Star, Enzo Cannellini and children's singer/songwriter, Patricia Shih to explore the crazy world of Beantown Pals and Bucky and Betty's adventures. Katherine Dines is an award-winning children’s songwriter, recording and teaching artist who performs throughout the world.  Since 1993, her concerts have captivated children and family audiences, and her Hunk-Ta-Bunk-Ta® MUSIC cds (11 in series) have garnered over 30 national awards– including a Grammy nomination and a Platinum record. Her songs have been featured in Build-A-Bear Workshops, Disney’s 101 Dalmations Dog Songs, Hallmark greeting cards, and United Airlines and can be heard regularly on satellite radio stations. She resides in Denver, Colorado and continues to write songs for other clients, and expand Hunk-Ta-Bunk-Ta® MUSIC into other product areas such as books, toys, movies, the world wide web and television.
    In 2004 Patricia was honored with a Woman of Distinction Award in New York.A multi-instrumentalist, Ms. Shih  has six albums to her credit: two for adults, "Woman With One Closed Eye" (Glass Records) and "Leap of Faith" (Flying Fish Records); and four family/children's albums, "Your ImaginEngine!," "The Power of One" (NAPPA Gold Award & Parents' Choice Approved Award), "Big Ideas!" and "Making Fun!" (1997 Parents Choice Approval Award) on Glass Records. Her work is also included on three anthology albums: "Sharing Thoughts," "Early Ears" (Zoom Express, BMG), and "Rainbow Sign" (Rounder Records), which was honored by the American Library Association Notable Children's Recording Award, Parents' Choice Award, Parents' Prize, NAPPA Gold Medal, and the L.A. Times "Best of 1993" list.

  • Dr. Larry D. Carnes on "The Optimum Return Network"

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    The Optimum Return Internet Radio Network with Dr. Larry Carnes.
    Web Site: http://larrycarnesministries.org/
    Dr. Larry Carnes is founder or Larry Carnes Ministries, Inc. and Covenant Cutters Ministries International, non-denominational bible believing, bible teaching, and spirit filled ministries committed to establishing the Kingdom of God in the earth while empowering and transforming lives for Kingdom Purpose, and The Optimum Return.
    Dr. Carnes has a unique and dynamic call of God on his life to teach the Word of God with an anointing that refreshes and causes the Word of God to come alive as it impacts lives.  His teaching gives spiritual insight into God's Word as mysteries are unfolded and lives are empowered.
    Welcome to the OPTIMUM RETURN NETWORK!!!
    Listen in and share this powerful and timely teachings and messages from Dr. Larry D. Carnes; the programming will bless you and others, all around the world.
    Remember to Out Love, Out Forgive and Out Serve each other.

  • "Lean on Me"

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    Ever wondered about the order of mankind and the role he/she plays in it?  Well... tune in live to "Your 1/2 Hours Inspirational Program" to find out how you too can find the fulfillment you may have been searching for.  Tune in at drjessewalker.com or call in at (347) 857-1769 every Friday from 7 - 7:30pm.
    You can always lean on God.

  • Let's Talk About Cichlids - Dave Schumacher

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    On Friday April 25th at 8pm est, 7pm cst and 5pm pst, we welcome back the host of Let's Talk Cichlids, Greg Steeves and his guest Dave Schumacher,owner of Dave's Rare Aquarium Fish for a discussion on a favorite fish of many aquarium keepers, Cichlids. Please join Greg and Dave as they have a general discussion on cichlids.Welcome back Greg !!

  • Talking Paranormal with John Griffin

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    Uini Research believes that the paranormal field has great potential, but has been plagued by false paranormal teams, entertainment, a skeptic / believer mindset and lack of education. Uini Research looks to change how the field operates and how the field is currently viewed. We look to make the name "ghost hunter" a thing of the past. It is time for this field to obtain the professional image that has been long overdo. 
    Uini Research knows that this will not be an easy task, but we are willing to work through it no matter how stressful it may get. Uini Research does not only look to benefit the paranormal community, but is also focused on creating new jobs, donating money and time to great causes and provide the public with a new more professional image of the paranormal field.
    Uini Research will not compete with others. Instead, Uini Research will work together with people who are willing to work with this organization.
    Many people may say, one person or team can not accomplish this. I ask, "when will humanity stop making the same mistake over and over again?"
    A man once said the world was round. He was scolded for that belief, but one person made a difference. The Wright Brothers were laughed at for attempting to create a flying device. We now fly everyday. Society thought going to the moon was impossible. We have now visited the moon on several occasions. 
    Uini Research has proven that it is possible. Now the question is, when will you choose to unite? When will you choose to put your differences aside and work together? Uini Research has a vision to unite the field and benefit the public as well as the scientific community...and we will not stop until we have accomplished these goals!

  • test show

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    test show

  • Youth of Harvest

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    Coaching Youth into the Harvest!


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  • How's Your Mother and Daughter Relationship?

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    Dr. Bessie from the Mother and Daughter Bonding Network asks, How's your mother and daughter relationship? www.mdbn.org

  • UnCuffed Radio Show with host Coach Caprice Smith

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    Join Award Winning Life and Business Coach Caprice Smith and her amazing guest. UnCuffed is a new show focused on helping women to find and understand their purpose for achieving greatness. Special Guest Sindy Eugene
    Sindy Eugene is the Founder and President of Global Youth Empowerment Movement Inc.  Sindy is committed to empowering youth around the world to make their educational dreams a reality.  She is known as The Student Pathfinder and specializes in helping students chart their course through her My V.O.I.C.E Matters program series.  Sindy’s student development philosophy of education will inspire their passion for learning by equipping students with the necessary skills needed to hone in their own learning style and soar academically.  She makes learning practical, fun, energetic  and real ensuring no one learning style is left behind.
    Remember Coach Caprice Smith's motto: If you are not living your life UnCuffed, You are just not living!
    Sponsors: Slantress Magazine  Walls You Love  Chere Cofield Int  Coach Caprice Smith  Corner Woman

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