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  • Back to School: The Backpack Every Teen Needs

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    While back-to-school spending is projected to increase this year, psychologist, Dr.Trevicia Williams explains the hidden things that parents need to provide teens for back to school success. According to Mental Health America, 60% of 8-11 year olds and 56% of 12-15 year olds say they learn "a lot" from their mothers about sensitive issues. 
    A healthy parent child relationship also improves academic success, helps to prevent risky behaviror and reduces likelihood teen pregnancy. According to the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancies, "Teens say parents most influence their decisions about sex and 87% say it would be much easier for them to postpone sex and avoid teen pregnancy if they were able to have more open, honest conversations about these topics with their parents."
    Many parents look forward to the sales tax holiday each year. While cutting back is a splendid idea when it comes to shopping, investing in intangibles such as the parent-child relationship is essential for success at home and school. That's why a  free back to school fair with special attention the the mother daughter (10-18) relationship: Real Beauty Inside Out: I A Mother Daughter Experience featuring the fun interactive seminar: I Love You But I Can't Stand You Right Now (TM) ($20 for seminar admits 1 mother and 1 daughter) will be held Saturday, August 16th at Brookhaven College in Dallas, Texas and Saturday, September 13th at the Marriott's Fairfield Inn in Houston, Texas. Moms can learn more at: http://www.realbeautyinsideout.com 

  • Child Safety Education can prevent Child Sex Exploitatation and Victimization

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    Topis to be discussed: Missing and Exploited Children; Child Sexual Assaults, Child Sex Trafficking, Internet Crimes against a child, Aggravated Physical Abuse to a child, and Questionable Parenting, the good, bad and the ugly.

  • Fireproof your Marriage with Jason and Rexanne

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    We started this sseries on YouTube in 2013 and have decided to expand our reach to BlogTalkRadio.
    God moved uss to use our marriage relationship as a ministry to help others improve their relationaships.  We base our shows on the book, The Love Dare, but we often teach from other books that we believe represent how God intends for hussbands, wives, and families to conduct their daily walk with Him.
    We welcome your calls, feedback, and questions.
    You can find us on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/FireproofYourMarriage
    You can view our YouTube channel here:  https://www.youtube.com/JasonRexanne

  • Teenage Stress

    in Youth

    Today's teens have a tremdous amout of stress to deal with because of all the pressures from home, school, and peers. For many it is the source of a life of problems that ends up setting them up for failures in relationships, jobs and being able to be productive and thriving adults. 

  • Katy Snakes with Kristofer Swanson

    in Pets

    On this episode of HTR we will be talking with Kristofer Swanson Of Katy Snakes. Kristofer was a guest speaker at the IHS in L.A. this last weekend. Katy Snakes specializes in snake removal and relocation, reptile education, and reptile breeding.
    Check out Katy Snakes facebook page at:


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    One of the adversary's favorite tactics is to magnify your short comings and short falls.  He will remind you of your past failures and deeds.  He will remind you of what others have said or done against you.  If you want to be free from the grilp of the enemy and the bondage he has been keeping you in, join us tonight and finally learn to be BROKEN NO MORE! 


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  • A Predator In Your Family?

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    Dr. Cathy Reimers, Ph.D., psychologist in New Jersey, and co-host Jennifer Russello, parent in New Jersey, continue the tough discussion on predators looking to exploit and sexually abuse our children, specifically predators in the child’s own family committing “incest”.  On our last show, we talked about the recent horrendous reports of children being abused and exploited by those in authority; teachers, coaches, priests, Scout leaders, even police officers.  Today we are going to talk about how more than half of all children who are sexually abused are abused by a parent or other relative.  Incest, or “familial abuse” is occurring at an increasingly shocking rate more than most people could imagine. Families have become experts at keeping such secrets. Join us to discuss how to recognize the signs of incest, how to protect our children, and how to help those who have been abused come forward.  A predator may be living in your home and it’s time that you know.

  • The Science of Happiness with guest Chris Neistroy the father of a Survivor

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    My name is Lori Purdy Faitel and I am a Traumatic Brain Injury Survivor. And I am your host for THE SCIENCE OF HAPPINESS.I suffered a TBI many years ago, when I was 24 years old. As I speak to you tonight I am 52 years old and very happy to share my age. Like many of us survivors after the TBI I was clinically dead 3 times so…. it is proper to tell that I almost did not live to be 25, which makes being over 50 a blessing!
    Back in the day, everything in my life was a dream come true. I was almost 25 years old,   had a recent promotion in business that inspired me with dreams for my future, I was attending college at night, I had recently moved out of my parents home for the first time, I had many friends and I was on the fast track to a future with the man I had been in love with for about 5 years. THEN on a beautiful sunny spring morning as I drove on the freeway to my job a construction truck dropped bales of hay onto my windshield causing me to lose control of my car, spinning off the road and into cement construction material. From  that point forward my dreams were taken away. I was diagnosed with a TBI, in a mild coma for 7 days and it took about 6 years of therapy and extensive study before I was able to function like an adult again. I understand that the world is not filled with happiness; But for an hour or so lets concentrate on things that help to create happiness.
    My guest Wednesday night will be  Chris Neistroy. A few years ago I was promoting The Book I wrote "Am I Brain Damaged?" at a local Networking club that is where  I met Chris. He is the father of a young woman who suffered Brain Injury. He has positive and happy things to tell of how her life is moving forward. Hopefully ,The Lady I am referring to Chrysa, Chris's daugther will join the show also.  Listen to Wednesday nite 8PM Eastern Standard Time to "The Joy of Happiness"

  • Philosophical Perspectives

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    The life coach, John Davis Marshall, along with other spiritual minded people of God, discuss how God seeks to create our philosohical perspectives. Individuals and groups have their views of family. Most often, the view is a “law” view. Even, the most conscientious compassionate ones host a law view of family. God has a view. Always, His view is a “grace” view. And as always, His view is the best view. Join with us in a discussion forum of life-enriching topics that will help us to create philosopohical perspecives according to a grace view. Indeed it is true, a better you begins with a grace view of God!

  • Bright Not Broken - Gifted Kids and ADHD Autism

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    Hosted by Diane Kennedy and Rebecca Banks, authors of Bright Not Broken and The ADHD-Autism Connection with Dr Temple Grandin. Diane is the mother of three twice-exceptional sons who has spent over 18 years advocating for special needs children. Rebecca, a veteran educator who has spent nearly a decade teaching in inclusive classrooms, is the mother of two twice-exceptional children. Together, Diane and Rebecca will examine the issues around twice-exceptional children—that is, gifted kids with hidden disabilities such as ADHD, Asperger’s/autism spectrum disorder, learning disabilities, and related conditions. Their unique perspective and fresh approach will help parents, educators, and healthcare professionals understand who these kids are, why they’re stuck, and how to help them. In a time when the diagnostic system is in flux and education is under fire, this program will look

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