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  • "Glass Ceiling" (Ladies Night!)

    in Dads and Family

    In what areas of life can people experience a 'glass ceiling'?? (This is a co-ed show hosted by "The Ladies in Red", so women could dial in and join the discussion!)

  • The Real with Sage Single Moms ~ When Our Children Have Special Needs

    in Moms and Family

    Last week on The Real with Sage Single Moms Ms. Jennifer Pink discussed dealing with behavior issues, but sometimes those behavior issues stem from bigger things like special needs. This week Sage Single Moms Patricia, Charlsei and Latoya discuss children with special needs with Teresa Wright Johnson and Contessa Louise Cooper.
    Teresa Wright Johnson is a true Entrepreneur, Mommy, and Lived Life Expert who for years has helped women, children, and families develop sound systems for educational and economic success. As a business owner, coach, mentor, and certified parenting specialist Teresa has helped thousands of people throughout her career. Teresa holds a business degree and certifications in mental health, early childhood, domestic violence, and parent education. Teresa is the CEO of TWJME Enterprises and MommyCare Parent Support Services. Teresa is coined The Queen of Balance and helps her clients learn how to effectively navigate their business and personal life.
    Contessa Louise Cooper’s rise to notoriety and influence is inspiring. Two years ago, she was an everyday consumer.  She kept journals, adding to the everyday experience of raising a family with an autistic son. She reflects a day in the life of being a single parent while challenging the educational resources available to autistic children. She pens every parent's love for a child of theirs while overcoming unique obstacles underestimating the support for children such as hers and others. Parents who have children with disabilities came to recognize Contessa as a resource aid and a champion. Her first book, “Mad At The World: How To Move On And Find Peace When You're A Special Needs Parent” made it the top of the Amazon Best Sellers list. She is currently writing a Handbook to Modern Dating and Sex for individuals with High Functioning Autism and a Parent's Guide to assist with discussing sensitive topics.

  • #059 Leopard Gecko Breeding and Where am I Going with This

    in Pets

    Tuesday June 6th, 2017 6pm Pacific 
    #059 Leopard Gecko Breeding and Where am I Going with This
    Ever wonder what it takes to breed leopard geckos for money? It's not a lot of money but you sure can start a small business. Hell, maybe you're motivated enough to make it a big business. There are a handful of whales in this industr and we will cover basic topics to make you at least a fish in this giant ocean of money. Prepare to step out of the "loving" hobby and into the cutthroat reptile industry. You have no friends, you have no time, it's geckos baby, yeah! 

  • Within The Chaos Special Guest Jacqueline Davieau

    in Family

    Jacqueline Davieau
    Is the author of the best-seller on Amazon, Inspiration From Above: My Son Guides Me From the Afterlife. She is currently working on the follow-up book to be titled Remembering Heaven which will be available in Spring 2018. Jacqueline tragically lost her oldest son in a car accident and has communication with him from heaven. She shares those experiences to help others and explain what she can about her understanding of the afterlife, including the soul journey and experience of God and his love.
    Jacky is a member of TRI-C Ghost Hunters based in Northern Ohio and has been part of many investigations plus filming projects.
    “I have always been a very spiritual person. I have spent most of my adult life searching for life’s oldest questions, what happens after our death? It took the tragedy of losing my oldest son to truly understand. My son has not only shown me the pure beauty of the other side but also gives me signals that he is here with me. His unconditional love is what keeps me inspired. I feel it is my purpose while living to restore hope and faith in mankind. With sharing my son’s story people can look forward to returning to our true home in Heaven. There is nothing to fear in death and we will all be reunited with the ones we love the most.”

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